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Foster Care

Foster Care

Foster care is the term used for a system in which a minor who has been made a ward is placed in the private home of a state certified caregiver referred to as a “foster parent”.  The state via the family court and child protection agency stand in loco parentis to the minor, making all legal decisions while the foster parent is responsible for the day to day care of said minor. The foster parent is remunerated by the state for their services.  Foster care is intended to be a short term situation until a permanent placement can be made:

  • Reunification with the biological parent(s)
  • When it is deemed in the child’s best interest. This is generally the first choice.
  • Preferably by a biological family member such as an aunt or grandparent.
  • If no biological family member is willing or able to adopt, the next preference is for the child to be adopted by the foster parents or by someone else involved in the child’s life (such as a teacher orcoach). This is to maintain continuity in the child’s life ~ Wikipedia

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Family Law Courts

Family Law Courts Family matters are dealt with in the Family Division of the High Court, by district judges in County Courts and in Family Proceedings Courts. What Family Courts deal with Public law Private Law Adoption Marriage matters Domestic … Continue reading

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His Honour Judge Arthur Anthony Rumbelow, QC

His Honour Judge Arthur Anthony Rumbelow, QC Is styled His Hon Judge Rumbelow, QC.  Education: Salford GS, Queens’ Coll Cambridge (Squire scholar, BA) Career: Called to the Bar Middle Temple 1967 (Harmsworth exhibitioner and Astbury scholar); recorder 1988, Deputy Judge of the High Court … Continue reading

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Judges | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog

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Family Law News, Family Court System, Social Services, United Kingdom, United States of America, Parental Rights.

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Family Law, Global News Update

Family Law, Global News Update Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada via Family Law, Global News. Beverley McLachlin had no career goal and little self-confidence when she went to university in the 1960s, let alone the … Continue reading

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BBC News | UK | Why Stephen?

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Why did the murder of Stephen Lawrence attract the media attention, when hundreds of other cases like it did not?

waine-warren‘s insight:

The black-led pressure group, the Anti Racist Alliance (ARA), were now able to ‘sell’ Stephen Lawrence to the white public in an unprecedented way.

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Northampton Borough Council: Trial of Ngozi Angeline Godwell at Wellingborough Magistrates’ Court On 10th April 2014 At 2.15pm

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Around 2003 or thereafter I called the police to make a serious complaint. Since then I have never looked back.

I have since learnt that my experience of the police is happening up and down the country. From victim you will become offender. You may very well lose your children.


Think, pray, then close your eyes, before you pick up the telephone to dial 999 (in Northamptonshire even if you do dial 101, police will make a statement stating you did  dial 999)  and then pray for a miracle that the police do not make matters worse. 

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Things Your CPS Agent Won’t Tell You – Baby LK Report For April 6th 2014 – YouTube

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Things Your CPS Agent Won’t Tell You – Baby LK Report For April 6th 2014 For these stories and all the lastet dirt on the child protective industry visit htt…

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Family Law Act Must Be Changed Make Child Safety The Priority

  Family Law Act Must Be Changed Make Child Safety The Priority See on – Parental Responsibility WHEN it comes to family violence, there is a huge gap between the rhetoric and the reality. We all want women and … Continue reading

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UK Human Rights Roundup

UK Human Rights Roundup Top of the agenda on the foreign front were an ongoing dispute with the EU over London’s plans to annul EU human rights regulations and introduce its own human rights bill as well as a series … Continue reading

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‘I was determined to go back to social work, to prove he hadn’t ruined my career’

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When Claire Selwood first met Graham Burton, the man who stabbed her six times and left her for dead, she had no idea of the threat he posed. She describes him as a “shadowy figure”, who was rarely present when she visited his home. “I thought he was odd, but I had no reason to believe I was in immediate danger.”   Selwood first encountered Burton in 2006, when she was allocated as the social worker for one of his three daughters. The case had already been deemed too complex for a less experienced colleague; Selwood had qualified in 2002 after around 20 years’ experience in the voluntary sector and was by then a senior practitioner in Durham council’s child protection service.   “The family lived in an atmosphere of fear, controlled mainly by the father, but also the mother. The children were led to believe that anyone outside the family circle was dangerous,” explains Selwood. Both parents were “very avoidant” and would simply move away if they thought social workers or other professionals were interfering in their children’s lives.   There were a number of other factors that made the daughter’s case more complex, many of which cannot be reported for legal reasons. She had been taken out of school years earlier and part of Selwood’s role was to get her back into the system. It was agreed in court that the girl should be placed in a specialist school. “The family really weren’t happy that she was out of their control,” says Selwood. By the time Selwood turned up to a meeting to review the placement in October 2006, tensions were running high – but she had no idea of the danger she was in.

waine-warren‘s insight:
“Burton was sentenced in June 2007 to a minimum of 11 years and eight months in prison after being found guilty of attempted murder at Newcastle Crown Court. In 2010, an independent investigation panel commissioned to look into the case by the North East Strategic Health Authority concluded that “the complete failure of those health professionals to communicate the fact that threats had been made directly towards Selwood denied Durham council’s children’s social care [department] the opportunity to take steps to protect their employee, and Selwood was denied the opportunity to protect herself, with catastrophic results”.
That is what happens when social workers pick on defenceless and innocent parents. The real culprits, based on proven and factual evidence are then left to kill their babies, children and professionals. By the way, when the defenceless and innocent are picked on, usually to cover-up police and social workers harassment (they so love the people who are doing well on their own, defying all negative stereotypes) then becomes a game of bring the family down; whilst hitting their targets. You see it is easy for social workers and the police to pick on the defenceless, but those who smear chocolate on their children to hide injuries and come from tough families, who would not think twice about smashing your windows in,  the cowardly police and social services leave them alone.
What occurs next?
Millions of taxpayers money  framing the defenceless and innocent, by creating the scenario to make the parent appear, exactly in the manner they have been slandering the parent/s to be. Just to keep their jobs. All corrupt councils best read the story and understand it is them placing their employees at risk and cause those tragic situations.

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Mental Health Teams In Police Stations And Courts Scheme Goes Live

Mental Health Teams In Police Stations And Courts Scheme Goes Live The areas across England that have been selected to test the new model are: London, Wakefield, Coventry, Merseyside, South Essex, Sussex, Leicestershire, Dorset, Sunderland/Middlesborough and Bristol.  During the trial … Continue reading

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