For Richer, For Poorer, Till Death Does Us Part – Even If We Divorce.


For Richer, For Poorer, Till Death Does Us Part – Even If We Divorce.


One recurring theme is a failure to accept that sometimes marriage does not work.  Instead of these politicians and judges looking at how to keep families together, why not look at how to help families live separately without all the anger and the game playing and the loss of finances that damages all involved.   Another oversight of these discussions is an over emphasis on the importance of the first marriage.  What about second marriages?  Henry VIII invented divorce so that people (well men then and well, actually just him) could marry more than once.  Perhaps the first one did fail, the second one could be successful, and the marriage could last decades.  There could be children of that marriage that go through life with two happy together parents, exactly what the government wants.  Except divorce law penalises second marriages, it places children of first marriages higher than those of subsequent marriages.  What damage does that do to society?  Men are often left paying for the first wife for years, if not the rest of his life.  (Murderers only get 25 years to pay for their mistake!!!)  Also as we have no fault divorce, the first wife can get this no matter how her behaviour was in the marriage.

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Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Rita and John’s Marriage Certificate (Photo credit: mary hodder)

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  1. towardchange says:

    Lawyers getting a taste of their own medicine
    Top barrister’s wife wins £215,000 payout from husband she divorced 25 years ago

    The former wife of a leading barrister has won a £215,000 payout 25 years after they divorced. Art historian Philippa Vaughan, 66, who separated from her husband in 1981, today succeeded in appealing a judgment to refuse her a lump sum after her £27,175-a-year in maintenance was cancelled last year. Sitting in the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Wilson said the judge was ‘plainly wrong’ to conclude Mrs Vaughan could adjust without undue hardship to the termination of the husband’s periodical payments by selling off her assets.

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