Saving The Men Who Live In Fear Of Domestic Violence

Saving The Men Who Live In Fear Of Domestic Violence

Last updated on Thursday 28 January 2015

Plan for Province’s first domestic violence shelter for men


Honorary Secretary of Citrah Catherine Harper

A representative of a Carrick-based domestic violence charity has spoken of plans to launch the Province’s first shelter for male victims.

Catherine Harper is the Honourable Secretary of the Citrah Foundation, which provides support, information, counselling, advice and temporary accomodation to families suffering the effects of domestic abuse.

The charity is in discussions with the Department for Social Development (DSD) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) over plans to provide a shelter in the East Antrim area for men seeking to escape abusive relationships.
“What we have is a whole section of the community which is not being provided with the same service as the rest,” Catherine told the Times.  Read more

Policy and evidence

SafeLives emerged from an urgent need to find better ways to help victims of domestic violence.

We gather evidence and we spread great new approaches across the UK. We use our knowledge and expertise to influence local and national policy, transforming the lives of families affected by abuse. We work with everyone who wants to stop domestic abuse.


More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, yet they often ­struggle to find support and feel ashamed to look for help. But there is hope, thanks to the UK’s growing number of refuges exclusive to men.

Workers at Montgomery Family Crisis Centre, which has run women’s refuges for decades, realised there was a need for men-only centres 10 years ago when a man with head injuries turned up at their office.

“He’d had his teeth knocked out by his wife that morning and didn’t know where else to go,” recalls operations manager, Jane Stephenson. “There was a child involved but there was nothing that we could do for him at the women’s refuge.

One of the volunteers offered him her spare room until he got back on his feet. But the incident prompted senior workers to take action.  Want to read more?  Click here to read full story>>>

The United States is becoming a safer place for everyone except battered women. New York has had the fewest number of homicide victims since 1963. In the first half of 2009, the homicide rate in Los Angeles fell by nearly 30 percent, in Atlanta by 14 percent, and in Boston by 10 percent.1  Notwithstanding this downturn, for example, in Massachusetts during the first half of 2008, domestic violence led to the deaths of 19 women. Domestic violence deaths nearly tripled in that state — from 15 in 2005 to 42 in 2007, causing Gov. Deval Patrick to declare a domestic violence state of emergency. Continue reading →


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