Increase Transparency in the Family Courts

UK FAMILY COURT JUDGES VIOLATE AND DENY HUMAN RIGHTS OF CHILDREN – There is a clear need to increase transparency in the family courts, putting the views of children centre stage. Once a child is proven to be ‘Gillick’ competent the child must be allowed to attend Court to give their views to a Judge. Guardians ad litem should not in any circumstance give evidence on behalf of a child that will decide the fate of the child.

About towardchange

Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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44 Responses to Increase Transparency in the Family Courts

  1. towardchange says:

    “The Florida Bar has proposed a new rule to eliminate coverage of court proceedings by citizen journalists. The Bar’s proposed rule prohibits anyone other than an official court reporter or an employee of a traditional media outlet, as defined by Florida Statutes § 90.5015, from using any device which can make video or audio recording from being brought into a court including laptop computers. Of course, the proposed rule allows the courts to continue to record you, but unfortunately, the courts usually don’t want to give up their own recordings without a fight even though they are required to do so.”

  2. Most children know EXACTLY what they want. They do not need ‘gillick competency’. They just need the chance to be listened to.

    Why there are sooooo many adults around who seem to have forgotten that they were children, too, who wanted to be heard, is beyond me…

    Am just trying to be the voice for 5 children and a baby that were snatched from Gloria Musa and her husband…

  3. towardchange says:

    Sabine we understand the point about children wanting to be listened to. This blog is about the family court system and the fact that many professionals who are involved in the system do not listen to children, because if they did many of the cases placed before the Courts would not be there. The result is less profit for the family court system and less Government funded child trafficking. Thank you for raising some valid points.

  4. towardchange says:

    “If a person was deprived of the right to bring a criminal complaint to a grand jury that person was reduced from the status of a free citizen to no more than a slave. To deprive a whole class of the community of this right, to refuse their evidence and their sworn complaints, is to brand them with a badge of slavery; is to expose them to wanton insults and fiendish assaults; is to leave their lives, their families, and their property unprotected by law. It gives unrestricted license and impunity to vindictive outlaws and felons to rush upon these helpless people and kill and slay them at will, as was done in this case.” Id at 599.” ~ United States Supreme Court Justice Joseph P. Bradley , Blyew v. U.S., 80 U.S. 581, 598 (1871)

    This very principle is applicable to the topic discussed on this page. Take away a child’s voice you enslave them!

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