Vulnerable child repeatedly raped by social worker while in Northamptonshire children’s home

A social worker repeatedly raped a boy who was in his care at a children’s home in the mid-1990s, a jury has heard.

The man is accused of raping and sexually assaulting the boy, who was aged between 12 and 14, while employed as a key worker for vulnerable children several years ago. He has denied the charges.

David Ryan, prosecuting, said: “The circumstances are the complainant was a resident at this certain establishment, which was a children’s home which provided education for adolescents.

“The defendant was a social worker within that establishment and as such, the prosecution say, he was in a position of trust and abused that position in his sexual abuse of this young boy.

The boy, now in his late-20s, first revealed the sexual abuse to a prison officer in March last year, the court heard.

The defendant has been suspended from his current role as a council social worker.

The trial continues. I must point out here they go again. When the Northamptonshire Chronicle and Echo is not taking backhanders from the family court in favour of false reporting it is then condeming a man who is not yet proven guilty.  This photograph is taken from the local paper.  A full facial photograph of the defendant.  What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Then, if one is proven innocent the Chronicle and Echo will change the story without any supporting evidence on the instructions of the establishment.

I will like to point out unlike London, Northampton town does not have a local community paper or radio station.  It may appear to the outsider  there is an independent newspaper and local radio station.  All owned and maintained by the local authority.  The independence is just an illusion.    The local radio station runs a mile when it comes to reporting injustices promoted by the establishment within the community.

Vulnerable child repeatedly raped by social worker

In The Matter of Minor G A Child In The Royal Court Of Justice

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