Access to legal services

Where to go for legal advice 

The Community Legal Service (CLS) brings together organizations offering legal and advice services into local networks.  These networks are organized and supported by Community Legal Service partnerships, which are made up of representatives of the Legal Services Commissionlocal authorities, and other funders and providers of advice in civil matters.  

The Criminal Defense Services replaces the old system of criminal legal aid and provides services to people accused of crime. Both of these schemes are under the jurisdiction of the Legal Services Commission (LSC) created under the Access to Justice 1999 to replace the legal Aid Board.

Citizens Advice bureau (CAB)

The CAB provides free information and if the staff are unable to help they will refer people to the most appropriate local authority local agency, e.g. a solicitor who deals with that particular kind of dispute. in some area there are neighborhood Advice Centers, which are modelled on CABs but have specialist (including qualified lawyers) to advise on some legal issues.

Law Centers

Normally there will be qualified lawyers as well as other advisers available at law centers.   The advice is free, and the centres normally offer specialist advice on housing and employment matters as well as on welfare benefits.

The UK Establishment
Support London


In The Matter of Minor G A Child In The Royal Court Of Justice


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  13. towardchange says:

    There are the key words, local authority?

    You can donate from £5.00 upwards, or anything you can afford. Your donations will be used for the maintenance of the community Parents Rights Blog

    Nine out of ten Citizens Advice Bureaux (92 per cent) are finding it difficult to refer people to the specialist legal advice they need since cuts to legal aid came into effect last year, the charity has found.

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