2012: Year of Our Shame » Yvonne Hutchinson

2012: Year of Our Shame » Yvonne Hutchinson

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This all sounds like a grizzly situation far removed from our civilized country and bearing no relevance to the UK.  Not so.  In my mind there is something even more brutal and abusive about our own widespread practice of forced adoption than China’s appalling practice of forced abortion since a relationship, often a loving one, has already been formed between mother and child.

Forced adoption, where babies are often removed at birth or as young children from distraught and traumatised mothers and placed for adoption by secret courts and target-driven bureaucrats, is surely one of the worst human rights abuses still perpetrated in the UK.  For me the London Olympics have been marred by this awful practice that is going largely unnoticed and unchallenged.

I’d been conditioned by the media with horror stories of (the relatively rare) child abuse cases like Baby P.  So, like most Brits I had automatically attributed guilt to parents who had their children removed.  It wouldn’t have occurred to me that the state was subjecting people who needed its support most to widespread abuse.  The reality is Children’s Services across the country, terrified of the next ‘Baby P’ media frenzy, are routinely getting things horribly and devastatingly wrong.    My naive trust in the state was completely shattered after meeting a young Nigerian mother.

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