Justice Secretary, Jack Straw’s Response On Baby P’s Mum

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These were terrible crimes, unspeakable almost beyond words. The whole country has been deeply affected by the case of Baby Peter.

It will now be the role of the prison service to monitor these offenders within prison.
The judge has been clear about the minimum terms they must serve and such decisions must be for the judiciary.

Beyond that time they will only be released if the Parole Board decides after a rigorous safety assessment that it is safe to do so.
If the Parole Board thinks they are not safe to release, they will remain in custody until such time as they are, whenever that may be.

The Government will do everything in its power to protect children.

We introduced the law of familial homicide in 2004 – with a maximum jail term of 14 years – to make sure that where a child was killed, but the evidence is unclear who in the household was responsible, a prosecution may still be made.

The Government also introduced indeterminate sentences such as that received by Baby Peter’s mother to ensure that the most serious dangerous offenders are kept in prison until they can be safely managed in the community.
All life and indeterminate sentence prisoners must serve a minimum punitive period of imprisonment (tariff) before they can be considered for release.

They will then only be released if the independent Parole Board is satisfied that their continued detention is no longer necessary to protect the public.

A large proportion of IPP prisoners, as well as life sentence prisoners, serve more than the minimum period of their tariff.

We have greatly toughened up the sentencing system, which is one reason why prisoners are serving longer sentences and there has been a record increase in the prison population.
“In any justice system, sentencing has to be a matter for the independent judiciary.”

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2443532/Baby-Ps-mum-free-in-3-years.html#ixzz23t9v8PIw


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