Nick Davies — Secrecy imposed on the exposure of alleged child abuse – news and feature

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Policemen, social workers and prominent public figures have been accused of belonging to a paedophile ring which indulged in a relentless campaign of physical and sexual abuse in children’s homes in North Wales.

The names of the alleged members of the ring have been given by witnesses in public sessions of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, but they have been suppressed by the tribunal’s chairman, Sir Ronald Waterhouse QC, who has threatened the media with High Court proceedings if they print them.

The Guardian today publishes for the first time detailed evidence about the alleged ring which is said to have been based in Wrexham, in North Wales, and to have infiltrated local children’s homes over a 20-year period. Witnesses claim that members of the ring used their connections with police and social services to conceal their activities. All of the accused have denied the allegations. Those who have been named to the tribunal include:

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Lord A was a powerful man: he had a considerable private income; he was a senior freemason, a respected patron of the arts and a champion of good causes; he became a familiar figure in the corridors of power both in the City of London, where he sat on the board of one of the largest companies in Britain, and in the political world, where he became an influential figure in regional politics. His son, however, was a very different creature.

His son drifted into the low life of Wrexham, in North Wales, where he made his home. He drank, he mixed with a group of people who were in and out of prison and, most of all, he hung around the red-brick public toilets by the bus station in King Street. According to evidence which has been given behind a screen of anonymity at the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, Lord A’s son was a paedophile.

In July 1979, Lord A’s son, then aged 25, had an alarming experience. He woke up in a room in the Crest Hotel in Wrexham to discover that all of his clothes and possessions had been stolen – by a young boy with whom he had been having sex that night. This boy, who was then two years below the age of consent and was supposed to be in the care of the local authority, has now told the tribunal that Lord A’s son used him for sex “on numerous occasions”.

Lord A’s son had no doubt at all about how to handle this theft. He went to the police and not only named the treacherous boy but explained quite openly why it was that they were sharing a room. A contemporary note made by the boy’s social worker records that the police were aware of allegations of “homosexual activities” between the boy and Lord A’s son. The police investigated. The outcome was clear: the boy was convicted of theft and sent to a detention centre for three months; Lord A’s son was never charged with any offence at all.

Under normal circumstances, Lord A and his son would both by now have been identified in the press as their names surfaced in the proceedings of the tribunal, which has been holding open sessions for eight months. The public would have joined the tribunal in making a judgement about whether Lord A’s son escaped prosecution simply because there was insufficient evidence (he later told police that his claim to have had sex with the boy must have been “a figment of the imagination”) or whether Lord A’s son was right to boast, as one convicted paedophile told the tribunal, that his influential father could intervene to protect them.

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4 Responses to Nick Davies — Secrecy imposed on the exposure of alleged child abuse – news and feature

  1. towardchange says:

    Over the last few years I have come across many stories about the paedophile activities of Lord Alistair McAlpine of the famous UK construction and road building family. I mention this in The Biggest Secret, and I am not the only one to indentify him far from it.

    The British investigative magazine, Scallywag, has accused him several times of being involved in a paedophile ring (including his part in the child abuse scandal in North Wales) and also of masterminding the huge, multi-million pound money laundering operation behind the Tory party during the Thatcher years when he was her party treasurer.

    Lord McAlpine is also active in Australia and further afield than just the United Kingdom.

    I spoke to a member of a private investigative team working on the North Wales abuse story four years ago who said they had established that Lord McAlpine, a notorious paedophile to insiders, had been involved. They had spoken to some of those abused and they had named McAlpine.

    An anonymous correspondent to a website also posted these allegations about McAlpine in October 1999 while the Waterhouse Inquiry into the North Wales abuse was still going on. Obviously I have no way of confirming the details at this time, except to say that it fits my own research very closely:

    The above piece was written by David Icke.

    ” Perceptions” ‘CPS’ note :- Analysis of CPS outcomes show they choose to limit their sex-prosecutions to “disturbed” working-class offenders damaged by paedophile abuse by “authority”: protected VIPs. Majority of possible prosecutions against primary offenders – elite paedophiles – are suppressed by CPS. Conclusion:- virulent & powerful paedophile organization is protected & kept alive in Britain by corruption at senior level within Home Office, judiciary & CPS.

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