Crystal Cox is NOT A Journalist Is This Good News?


Crystal Cox is NOT A Journalist Is This Good News?

Crystal L. Cox, Whistleblower Media.

Crystal Cox is NOT A Journalist Is This Good News?

Makes an interesting story.  Crystal Cox, a Montana woman who calls herself an “investigative journalist,” was slapped with a $2.5-million judgment last year for defaming an investment firm and one of its lead partners. Cox had taken control of the Google footprint of Obsidian Finance and its principal Kevin Padrick by writing hundreds of posts about them on dozens of websites she owned, inter-linking them in ways that made them rise up in Google search results. It ruined Obsidian’s business due to prospective clients being put off by the firm’s seemingly terrible online reputation.  Forbes, 4/02/2012 @ 12:33PM

Crystal L. Cox, Whistleblower Media

Click here to read more >> This Domain Name Seized from Crystal Cox.


Crystal L. Cox, December 19 at 11:35pm

The Obsidian Finance Group V. Crystal L. Cox Appeal is still moving along, we are in the Ninth and have had 2 rounds of document filings, I have several “Pro Bono” attorneys in this matter, the lead attorney being UCLA Professor, Constitutional Rights Lawyer Eugene Volokh. 

However, in the execution of a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement I am still Pro Se in this matter. The Plaintiff won a $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement against me, an Independent Investigative Blogger in a major defamation case based in Portland Oregon Now on Appeal in the Ninth Circuit, a little over a year ago.

The Plaintiff has deemed my “Right to Appeal” as an Asset and is executing a Sheriff’s Sale to Take this Asset from me in order to pay my $2.5 Million Dollar Judgement.

So who would be interested in buying the “Rights” of Obsidian V. Cox Defendant Crystal L. Cox?

Crystal Cox

As for Cox, Johnson says that even if the court had ruled that she didn’t have to reveal her source, she likely still would have had to reveal the source if she wanted to prove her statements were true and therefore weren’t defamatory. In other words, the shield law, even if applied, might not have shielded Cox from the $2.5 million judgement she’s been ordered to hand over.

Crystal L. Cox, Whistleblower Media, Poking a Big of Fun at Big Media.

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