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Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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  2. Is Your Lawyer Having Problems Helping You
    With Custody, Visitation & Parental Alienation ?
    ………………….By Joseph Goldberg ……………

    Did you know that the DSM-5 published by the
    American Psychiatric Association has a NEW
    diagnosis called CHILD PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE.
    There is a description of this dynamic, and one
    very good example of child psychological abuse

    If you have read any of my other articles on my
    Facebook page at:
    Parental Alienation Consulting Services or visit-
    ed my website at
    then you should enjoy this one, maybe the best.

    I can’t begin to tell you how many times parents
    have contacted me for help after switching lawyers
    for the 2nd or 3rd time. It’s a really big problem
    trying to find a lawyer to help you, right ?

    Have you ever asked yourself, “ Why is the link
    between visitation, custody and parental
    alienation so confounding to my lawyer ?
    Have you ever said to yourself, “ Are there any
    lawyer’s that really understand parental alienation
    who can help me ? ”

    Those are good questions to be wondering about.

    Now what would you say if I said, “ You’re wasting
    your time looking for a lawyer to help you ? ”

    Do you know what questions to ask to determine
    if a lawyer is the right lawyer ? Many people think
    they know but if you’re having problems with
    visitation, custody and or parental alienation you
    would be very wrong. For that same reason you
    may have decided to just let someone you trust or
    depend on suggest a lawyer and based on that you
    hired the lawyer. That’s also a big mistake.

    What if I said, “ There are also lots of lawyers
    who CAN help, who are all around you, but
    don’t expect them to know much about parental

    You are probably a victim of a lawyers sales pitch
    if he or she told you :

    “ Of course I know and understand parental
    alienation. I’ve had a few of those cases
    and yeah, they’re tough cases, but I can tell
    you how I helped the clients and how I
    can do the same for you.“

    “ Don’t worry about parental alienation I am
    a father’s right’s lawyer. “ or “ I mainly help
    women so don’t worry about it. I deal with
    these cases all the time. “ or ” oh parental
    alienation ? We don’t use that term because
    parental alienation syndrome isn’t accepted
    by the courts. “

    That is such hogwash and lawyers also confuse
    the terms parental alienation and parental alienation
    syndrome which proves they don’t know what
    they’re talking about ( they’re just fast talking you. )

    Much as it may be difficult for you to accept,
    you’re wasting time looking for a lawyer on
    your own, and its a bigger waste of time and
    money trying to find some lawyer to prove your
    child is a victim of parental alienation.

    Let me explain why.

    Parental alienation is a dynamic studied by social
    science researchers, psychologists & psychiatrists.
    Not lawyers. A lawyer would not be able to tell a
    judge the differences between parental alienation,
    real abuse and enmeshment nor the difference bet-
    ween a “ pure case of alienation“ from a “ hybrid
    case.” Expecting to find a lawyer alone to prove a
    case of parental alienation is folly. One might also
    say it’s an act of shared psychotic disorder to want
    to believe it.

    With that in mind, I made up a short list of some
    of the things lawyers will do wrong in handling a
    case involving visitation, custody and or parental
    alienation. ( This is just my top ten. OMG there’s
    so many other good ones I could add. )

    1. They may focus on financial issues and put the
    parent-child relational problems on hold. This is
    great for the alienating parent because it gives
    the alienator more time to program and turn the
    child against the other parent; all under the radar
    of the targeted parent and his or her lawyer.

    2. They may suggest mediation or arbitration in
    an effort to resolve visitation and custody issues
    or, to resolve financial issues. Mediation/arbitrat-
    ion will never resolve problems relating to
    parental alienation. This stalling tactic is also
    costly so if you endorse this approach with the
    belief it will possibly save you money, you’ll be
    dead wrong !

    Don’t let your lawyer talk you into this or you’ll
    be prolonging the suffering of your child(ren) in
    need of a therapeutic intervention.

    3. They will suggest filing motions for contempt.
    A motion for contempt requires a high standard
    of proof and allows the alienating parent more
    time to intensify the parental programming. Even
    IF you win a motion for contempt the alienator
    isn’t likely to suffer a serious consequence. The
    costs to prepare for such a hearing and attend one
    leads to clients running out of money.

    When you run out of money or low on money a
    lawyer will toss you to the curb and say, “ Sorry
    about that I have to withdraw and leave you pro
    se. “

    4. They will encourage you to bring in a guardian
    ad litem ( or the OCL ). These professionals will
    add substantial costs and some of them accept
    at face value what they hear from the child and
    the alienating parent. They’re also difficult to get
    rid of once they become court appointed. Only a
    lawyer unfamiliar with parental alienation would
    suggest bringing in a GAL ( or the OCL ). It they
    can persuade you to approve this then they get to
    bill you for additional time to have meetings and
    discussions with the GAL, and opposing counsel.

    5. Your lawyer will reinforce the parental alienation
    by allowing your former spouse to select all of the
    mental health professionals for counseling. That’s
    a mistake of gigantic proportion. The alienator
    will go doctor shopping and select a therapist that
    buys into their narrative of the problem, and only
    if they show support for the alienator, will the
    alienator agree to use their services. ( Note: Avoid
    a play therapist. They are the worst choice for any
    counseling of children in high conflict divorce. )

    6. Your lawyer will try and select a therapist for you
    without concerning themselves about the form of
    counseling needed. As an example, they’ll endorse
    your child having individual counseling. That’s just
    plain stupid ! ( Read Gottleib’s book: The Parental
    Alienation Syndrome ).


    Multiple therapists are a waste of time and money.
    A child exposed to parental alienation or already a
    victim of parental programming will get worse not
    better in individual counseling. If you let a lawyer
    guide you down this road, they’ll be in therapy with
    a mental health professional that thinks you are the
    problem, not the alienator.

    7. Your lawyer fails to include points in the wording
    of a court order to address the predictive behaviour
    of the alienating parent, the empowered child and
    the future events that could disrupt the continuity &
    success of reunification counseling.

    The failure of your lawyer to include the specificity
    of important provisions needed in court orders will
    torpedo your case.

    What is the point of going through all the time and
    expense to get an order for counseling to repair the
    relational problems within the family, if nothing is
    said in a court order to deal with efforts by an alien-
    ating parent ( or child ) to interfere with or obstruct
    the therapy or, fail to follow treatment recommend –
    ations of the therapist ?

    Lawyers think that all they need to do is concern
    themselves with getting an order for the counseling.
    They pay no attention to what happens if there is a
    threat to the continuity of the counseling ( because
    they do not know how to litigate parental alienation
    cases, alone ).

    Lawyers need help. They cannot do it ALONE.
    They need litigation support from experts that under-
    stand parental alienation and this expert is also going
    to need expertise in legal strategies that have been
    proven effective and successful in these type of cases.

    Note #1.
    Only Parental Alienation Consultants have this kind
    of expertise. Go to Facebook page – PARENTAL
    some of the articles posted there. It will educate you
    about consultants and how to find one that can help
    both you and your lawyer.

    8. The lawyer you hire selects a mental health
    professional to do a custody evaluation or he or
    she allows your former spouse or his or her
    lawyer to select the custody evaluator. This
    is one sure way of getting a final report that
    works against you.

    If a lawyer tells you that they know who to
    recommend for a custody evaluation they’re wrong,
    they’re always going to be wrong on this point. But,
    if they get you to select the custody evaluator they
    will extract a lot of money out of you for all this work,
    and you do not need custody evaluations to help
    validate parental alienation and improve visitation
    and custody conflicts.

    There are other ways less costly to deal with all
    these issues and ways that are most of all better
    for the children.

    How would you feel if you were told to have a
    surgery you didn’t need ? Even if you could afford
    a custody evaluation how are you going to feel
    about wasting a year or more to deal with the court
    ruling on the recommendations of the evaluator at
    a costly trial while your child(ren) continues to go
    witHout a therapeutic intervention to assist them ?

    Sometimes you DO need a custody evaluation and
    sometimes you don’t. A lot depends on the specifics
    of the case – only a parental alienation consultant
    can shut down a lawyer’s costly legal approach if it
    is unnecessary.

    Sometimes lawyer’s need to be restrained from their
    own poor judgment in these cases and they are not
    about to admit to you any of THEIR shortcomings. So
    it will be up to you as a client to get the right
    professionals assembled and working together in a
    way that IS productive AND cost efficient.

    9. Your lawyer hardly returns your calls, seems at
    times confused about the facts of your case and
    accuses you of sometimes being the problem. It
    never surprises me how unaccountable lawyers
    can be when they have only their clients to look
    over their shoulder. Lawyers will also never do
    some of the work that is required to help you in
    part because they have neither the time nor real
    knowledge how to vet the right professionals to
    assist you with your case.

    10. It is often times another family member that is
    paying the bill and so the lawyer caters more to
    their demands and expectations than yours. Nor
    will these family members have any better idea
    of how to litigate the case or know how best for
    the lawyer to assist your child(ren).

    Targeted parents are victims of more than just a
    child’s rejection, they are victims of lawyers preying
    on the very vulnerabilities they openly display.
    Once you give over all control to your lawyer, you
    have lost your case and more than likely your children
    being reunified with you in the future.

    With all this going against you how do you find the
    right lawyer ? Can a lawyer with little or no real un-
    derstanding of parental alienation be transformed
    into a good lawyer that can help ? If so, how ? You
    want to know, right ?

    Find and have a consultation with a parental
    alienation consultant. And hope that they have
    some availability to take the case because
    good professionals are highly in demand and
    you need to appreciate that.

    Note # 2:
    Before the naysayers start commenting about how
    self-serving it is to promote my profession ( or my
    services) let me mention that I’m not the only parental
    alienation consultant out there AND there are big
    differences in the types of services provided by these
    parental alienation consultants. It is important to
    compare those differences before selecting a consultant.

    Note # 3
    You might be thinking that a lot of lawyers don’t like
    me because of what I am saying but you’d be wrong !
    Lawyers love me. They appreciate my input and they’re
    all to willing to learn a few things that make them an
    even better lawyer. Once the decision has been made
    to select a consultant and inform your lawyer of this he
    or she embraces this litigation support.

    So to sum it up, you won’t find the perfect lawyer but it
    is possible to take any number of good lawyers and trans-
    form them into better lawyers by arming them with a
    parental alienation consultant that can provide them with
    input and strategies to turn things around.

    Your lawyer can’t do it ALONE.


    Do you really think that YOU can do it, ALONE ?

    Look around and I am sure that you will find a loving
    spouse, a significant other, a grandparent, or some other
    extended family member trying to help you because they
    see what this is doing to you. Don’t let them down being
    stubborn about getting – the right help or a penny wise
    and a pound foolish as the saying goes. In the long run it
    is cheaper and smarter to do things the right way the 1st
    time …or you’ll be one of those people I am talking about
    who ends up going to their 2nd and 3rd lawyer.

    Visit my website at
    and my FB page, Parental Alienation Consulting Services.

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