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Troubled family court system needs urgent overhaul, report says

Beverly McLachlin

Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada

OTTAWA—Families going through the turmoil of separation or divorce should get swifter access to informal mediation services and to more user-friendly family courts, a major new report recommends.

The report, from a committee chaired by Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell, says family breakdowns are so prevalent and access to family justice has become so complex that it is a “serious and urgent problem” in Canada, demanding an all-out shift by the legal profession, the judiciary, and governments, as well as by individuals themselves.  Read More Click Here>>

Institute of Global Law

French Legal News – Family Law

On 29 October, a decree stipulating measures for the enforcement of the 26 May 2004 Act on Divorce was adopted. This decree reforms procedural provisions relating to divorce and marital separation of the Code of Civil Procedure, as well as provisions relating to proceedings before the family law judge. The decree gives the judge an important role in counselling and provides that compensatory property settlements may be temporarily enforced before the final decision. Furthermore, this decree provides that unlawful international displacement of children falls within the jurisdiction of the family law judge (see legislation May 2004).

Law student volunteers are preparing to assist those who cannot afford legal advice following major cuts to the legal aid system, according to reports in the UK. 


Volunteers to cut clients’ legal bills

Complex issues

Judge Ross Duggan, designated family judge for Staffordshire, told the newspaper:  ‘The judges of Stoke-on-Trent County Court are very impressed by the scheme. Trained volunteers in our court on a daily basis will provide a valuable source of -support for many court users.’
One student, 23-year old Rachael Mellers, said that ‘with the right advice, people will be able to cope with complex legal issues’, while 21-year old Simon Aggarwal added that the scheme will help to ‘support people to give them the confidence to cope with the legal process.’

Read More Click Here>>

President of the Family Division (UK)

The Family Division of the High Court deals with cases ranging from probate (wills) to the most difficult and sensitive situations involving families.

Royal Courts Of Justice - The Strand - London
Royal Courts Of Justice – The Strand – London (Photo credit: nick.garrod)

Who is the President of the Family Division?

The former President of the Family Division, and Head of Family Justice, was Sir Nicholas Wall. On Thursday 20 December 2012 10 Downing Street announced The Right Honourable Lord Justice Munby appointed as President of the Family Division.

Her Majesty The Queen has been pleased to approve the appointment of The Right Honourable Lord Justice Munby as President of the Family Division with effect from 11 January 2013.

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