False Abuse Claims Are The New Court Weapon, Retiring Judge Says

False Abuse Claims Are The New Court Weapon, Retiring Judge Says

Allegations of child sexual abuse are being increasingly invented by mothers to stop fathers from seeing their children, says a retiring Family Court judge.

Justice David Collier, retiring from Parramatta Family Court at the end of the month after 14 years on the bench, sees unprecedented hostility infiltrating the Family Court, and a willingness by parents to use their children to damage one another.

”If a husband and wife really get down to it in this day and age, dirt flies,” Justice Collier said.

The worst are those mothers who direct false allegations of abuse against former partners.

”When you have heard the evidence, you realise that this is a person who’s so determined to win that he or she will say anything. I’m satisfied that a number of people who have appeared before me have known that it is one of the ways of completely shutting husbands out of the child’s life.

”It’s a horrible weapon.”

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Justice David Collier. Photo: Sahlan Hayes

Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, stated, “For years, we have heard from outraged parents whose children have been subjected to invasive questioning and embarrassing physical examinations at school and elsewhere, without the parents’ knowledge or consent. These cases are a critical opportunity to restrict unchecked governmental power and reassert parental authority.”

via Supreme Court Weighs Parental Rights Abuses by Social Workers, Police.


A former state social worker pleaded not guilty to criminal charges that she falsified records in child abuse and neglect cases.

Margaret “Geri” Murphy, 60, entered the plea in Anderson Circuit Court. It was her first court appearance since Murphy’s Aug. 2 indictment on nine felony counts of tampering with public records related to cases she investigated between 2006 and 2010.

The Anderson County grand jury returned a nine-count indictment  against a former state social worker who is accused of falsifying records in abuse and neglect cases.

The grand jury indicted Margaret “Geri” Murphy, 60, on nine counts of tampering with public records in her role investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Attorney General Jack Conway said.

Judge Charles Hickman sentenced 61-year-old Margaret “Geri” Murphy to five years in prison following her guilty plea in May to nine felony counts of tampering with public records in connection with her role as a front-line worker investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect in Anderson County.  Prosecution of this case was handled by General Conway’s Office of Special Prosecutions at the request of Laura Donnell, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 53rd Judicial Circuit representing Anderson, Shelby and Spencer counties. The Attorney General’s Department of Criminal Investigations (DCI) began investigating the allegations against Murphy after receiving a complaint from a citizen who had Murphy assigned to a court case involving her family.  “Geri Murphy’s actions were unconscionable,” General Conway said.

“Ms. Murphy had a responsibility to investigate allegations of child abuse or neglect and to take action to protect children from these heinous crimes. She failed to execute her duties and to protect Kentucky’s youngest and most vulnerable citizens. The sentence handed down today sends a critical message that damaging the integrity of the Cabinet’s system of support for child victims will not be tolerated.”

Reports of child abuse and neglect are assigned to a social worker to investigate and determine whether the abuse or neglect is substantiated or unsubstantiated.   In one case involving a report of sexual abuse of an infant by the mother’s boyfriend, new allegations of sexual abuse against the boyfriend were made after Murphy provided false facts and unsubstantiated the original report of abuse. Police expressed the belief that Murphy’s inaction allowed the sexual abuse to continue.   In another case, Murphy documented that children had denied being abused in a foster home, when in fact they had given authorities details of the abuse. As a result of Murphy’s falsification of the facts, the children remained in an abusive home until another complaint was filed and investigated by another social worker, which eventually led to the children being removed from the foster home (source).

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    I am neither for or against any parent when they are trying to get custody of a child! As far l am concerned children need both parents, to have a loving environment to grow up! When one parent or other uses any form of coercion or other unfair means, just to get their own way, this parent is no longer doing this for the child, but for themselves! So the fact that this time mothers are using child abuse to get their own way, comes as no surprise to me! What is next the need to win at all costs, and dam the children! It is time to put the child first and themselves, last! Then God will put the parent first and show them the error of their ways!

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