Moscow Uses Irish Adoption Threat To Block Use Of Magnitsky List

Moscow Uses Irish Adoption Threat To Block Use Of Magnitsky List

Russia has threatened to block Irish adoptions of Russian children if the Dublin parliament adopts a US-style “Magnitsky List” imposing sanctions on Russian officials.  Moscow barred US citizens from adopting Russians in retaliation for the US Congress passing the Magnitsky Act last December, marking a chill in transatlantic relations. The act imposed visa bans and asset freezes on officials allegedly connected with the 2009 death in jail of the anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.

Dima Yakovlev Bill

Dima Yakovlev BillDima Yakovlev Act, or anti-Magnitsky law is a law in Russia that defines sanctions against U.S. citizens involved in violations of the human rights and freedoms of Russian citizens. It creates a list of citizens who are banned from entering Russia, and also allows the government to freeze their assets and investments. The law suspends the activity of politically active non-profit organisations which receive money from American citizens or organisations.  It also bans citizens of the United States from adopting children from Russia. The law was signed by RussianPresident Vladimir Putin on 28 December 2012 and took effect on 1 January 2013.  (Federal law of Russian Federation no. 272-FZ of 2012-12-28).

Adoption Law

Opponents of the law says that it victimizes children to make a political statement and to make matter worse the anti-Kremlin opposition has exploited the ban as further evidence Putin and the parliament has lost the moral right to rule Russia. However, the Kremlin has used the adoption law to further discredit the opposition as unpatriotic and on the American payroll. The adoption ban was in retaliation of the US targeting Russians in human rights abuse and addresses the some 19 children out of 60,000 children killed while in the care of American adoptive parents over the past two decades. The bill was named after Dima Yakovlev who was a toddler who died in 2008 when left in a car for hours in the boiling heat.
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An American woman who returned her adopted son to his native Russia as though he was a defective item to be shipped back to a department store.

Seemingly happily matched at a Siberian orphanage last year, authorities were stunned to find that Torry-Ann Hansen of Tennessee sent her adopted 7-year-old son Artem Saveliev back home to Russia by himself with a note demanding the adoption be annulled, the U.K. 

Murder charges being expunged for father of slain Russian-born adopted boy

The Russian Foreign Ministry critized courts in the United States on Thursday for applying what it says are “double standards” in dealing with Russian child abuse cases.

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Russia’s Anti-Gay-Promotion Law Must Be Respected – IAAF President

MOSCOW, August 8 (R-Sport) – International Association of Athletics Federations  president Lamine Diack said Thursday that Russia’s controversial legislation banning the promotion of homosexuality to minors “has to be respected” but will have no impact on the upcoming world athletics championships in Moscow.

World leaders, gay rights activists and athletes have been clamoring in recent weeks over the law, signed by President Vladimir Putin in June, and denouncing Russian officials and issuing calls to boycott the Sochi 2014 Olympics next February.

On Thursday, Diack, the 80-year-old longtime leader of the International Association of Athletics Federations, brushed off the suggestion that the rising international uproar might cast a pall over – or, worse, interrupt – the championships, Russia’s first major international sport competition ahead of the Olympics.

“I don’t have the feeling that there will be a problem,” Diack told an IAAF press conference ahead of the championships, which start August 10.


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