Japan to finally be compliant with Hague Convention on child abduction in April 2014 – The Japan Daily Press

Japan to finally be compliant with Hague Convention on child abduction in April 2014 – The Japan Daily Press

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The Japanese government is set to finally comply with the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction on April 1, 2014. Japan has taken the brunt of criticism from the United States and other European countries of being a “safe haven” for international child abductions. The treaty, currently with 89 signatories, has laid down rules and procedures for the prompt return to the country of habitual residence of children under the age of 16 taken to another country, if requested by the other parent. Japan’s compliance of the treaty will enter into force on the first day of the third calendar month after the instrument of accession is deposited with the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

There was strong criticism of Japan’s legal system before the law, because unlike other industrialized countries, Japan’s system does not recognize the concept of joint custody. This resulted in Japanese courts almost always forcing half-Japanese children to live with their mothers, and male parents who live in North America and Europe are then left without any choice – Japanese mothers usually end up with full custody of their children. When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the U.S. in February, the premier promised action and progress on Hague Convention compliance after official meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama.

waine-warren‘s insight:

The parents of a 5-year-old boy in Kirkland, King County inWashington State are battling for custody over the boy. Although the King County Superior Court has ordered both parents to seek permission prior to flying out of the country with their son, the mother has defied the court order and is believed to have fled to Japan to have full custody of their son.

“The defendant has ignored the conditions of the parenting plan and simply defied the court’s last order,” Deputy Prosecutor Benjamin Santos stated. In late July, Maximus missed a supposed weekend visitation to Morness. When the Kirkland police went to Kawabata’s residence, as requested by Morness, they found out she already moved out. “It appears the defendant has made arrangements to move all of her belongings to Japan. … There is little reason to believe this move is not permanent.” The prosecutors of King County also believe that she left the country and is unlikely to return as she only bought one-way tickets.


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4 Responses to Japan to finally be compliant with Hague Convention on child abduction in April 2014 – The Japan Daily Press

  1. towardchange says:

    Japan Cited 3 Times in U.S. Senate Resolution Condemning International Parental Child Abduction! http://wp.me/pXLdg-1pl

  2. thetimkai says:

    When Japan agrees to all the stipulations of signing the Hague convention. It needs to implement proper access to all the children who have been alienated and abducted and for the loving parents who have been denied human rights for all these years.
    It’s  clearly a human rights violation to deny a loving father/Mother all his/her precious years of spending time with his or her child.
    Whether they set up free counselors or some kind of equal rights for visitation………….. They need to grant proper access to the children with no political loopholes within the law. Thousands upon Thousands of Mothers and Fathers will come to Japan in hopes of seeing their children, who have also suffered the trauma of the vicious torment of being denied access.
     Children need to know, they were indeed loved, Whatever kind of Brainwashing that might have occurred by the Alienating or abducting parent taking advantage of Japanese law.
    Japan has continuously violated international law and has turned a blind eye to the fact that other countries and foreign people Love their children. The relatives of the children have suffered and the children need to now they have numerous relatives who have wanted to share and be a part of their lives, but have also suffered the torment of passing years of denied contact.
    Life is about Love and Life is about knowing you were loved. Life can be cold, Hope the children can feel the warmth of their Parents and Relatives Love soon.
    Tim Johnston Japan
    Kai Endo Japan

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