Australian Constitution and Common Law

Australian Constitution and Common Law

Did you know there is no such thing as “Constitutional Rights”? The Constitution does not give you any rights. Your Rights are given to you by God, your Birthright, your Inheritance, Sovereign, and cannot be restricted or taken from you.


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via Australian Constitution and Common Law Being Trampled On.


1. Every human-being is sovereign. You are a sovereign man or woman first and foremost.

2. A sovereign human is defined as a natural flesh and blood sentient man or woman who has “supreme authority or jurisdiction within themselves, independent of any outside authority/jurisdiction.” In essence sovereignty means the right of self-determination or self-government.

3. A sovereign human is with an unalienable natural law, divine law, common law/indigenous law and human right and liberty (freedom) of self-determination, freedom of conscience, free will and freedom of choice in how they live their individual lives.

4. A sovereign human’s primary duty of care and obligation is a moral and/or ethical one not to intentionally or negligently cause injury, harm, damage or loss to another sovereign human’s life, liberty or property. No sovereign human has a right to impose their conscience and will over another sovereign human without their voluntary consent or agreement.

5. Every sovereign human is with the following unalienable natural law, divine law, common law/indigenous law and human rights and liberties:
5.1 My right to not consent (dissent) against any laws that I as a sovereign elector judge as deficient, unjust, or repugnant to my good conscience, or conflict with my natural law, divine law (bible codified law), common law, indigenous law or constitutional rights and liberties.

5.2 My right and liberty of political sovereignty and political liberty pursuant to the Preamble, Covering Clauses and section 51:35 of the Federal Australian Constitution.

5.3 My right and duty of objection and peaceful political protest against any deficient, repugnant, unjust, or unconscionable laws my elected political representatives and agents may create on my behalf. My right of peaceful political protest is recognised at law within Magna Carta 1297 the Imperial Acts Application Act 1922 & 1980 (VIC); Bill of Rights 1688; Section 51:35 of the Federal Australian Constitution, and section 28 of the Federal Crimes Act 1914.

5.4 My right of conscientious objection against any laws that conflict with, or are repugnant to my good conscience pursuant to natural law, divine law (Bible codified law) and Section 116 of the Federal Australian Constitution. Section 116 recognizes the existence of God, the right of conscientious objection, conscientious belief and the right to conviction of one’s spirit and beliefs.

5.5 My right of self-defence against any laws that may cause me injury, harm, damage or loss, and/or to protect and defend my interests, and/or are not in the best interests of my community.

5.6 My right of freedom of communication and expression on any matter which affects my life and interests.

5.7 My right of freedom of communication on government and political matters pursuant to the High Court judgment of Levy vs State of Victoria (1997) and an implied Federal Constitutional right (s.51:35)Continue reading →

Levy v Victoria 1997) 146 ALR 248



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