Another Father Is Convicted Of Masterpiece Damage

Another Father Is Convicted Of Masterpiece Damage

A Fathers4Justice campaigner from Sheffield has been found guilty of damaging one of the country’s most famous paintings.

Paul Manning, aged 58, stuck a picture of his son on to Constable’s The Hay Wain which is on display in the National Gallery in London.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard Manning was restrained by a security guard while trying to superglue the picture of his son to the painting last June.

A restoration expert said it took 25 minutes to remove the picture, and another four or five hours to apply a new coat of varnish.  The court heard the estimated damage to the painting was £300.  Source

Via A FATHERS’ Rights Campaigner Who Defaced A Portrait Of The Queen Sentenced To Six Months Jail By A British Judge.

Today on Facebook Paul thanked the many people who had come to support him at his Trial in London.

Paul wrote, he is back in court again on 20th of March.  A probation officer who will serve their recommendation report to the Court, so that they can decide on sentencing.  He has have no idea what that will be, but stresses that he does not want a fine,  because he no cash to pay the fine (who does?). Paul goes on further, by asking, if his supporters  can come to this hearing, he  will be grateful. Of course, Paul fully understands if people are unable to make to this event (I mean hearing).

Closing Pauls spreads his love to  all and thanks  his  son Elliott for being the angel of a son he is and promises Elliott that the fight will go on. Paul’s, message to all dads out there who miss their children … Fight on!

Some people may ask the question how does super glue help one fight in the family court?

Would time and money be better spent arming oneself with the law/legal knowledge?

Sometimes, publicity works wonders and others may shout with glee, ‘it is better than dressing up as a superhero’.

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