Child Guardians Dropping Connecticut Custody Cases


Child Guardians Dropping Connecticut Custody Cases.

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Many court-appointed child guardians in Connecticut are withdrawing from child custody cases or declining to accept new ones amid criticism from some parents calling for reforms in the state’s family


Some guardians  also have been subjected to personal attacks in hearings before the state legislature, on the Internet and in lawsuits filed against them.


West Hartford attorney and guardian ad litem Jeffrey Mickelson (MY’-kehl-suhn) says the attacks on guardians are a reason he’s not taking new cases.

waine-warren‘s insight:

I disagree with the mischaracterization that the reason the GAL’s are leaving are because of attacks by parents. This makes it look like the GAL’s are being unfairly targeted. Please take a look at the January 9, 2014 Task Force Public Hearing Testimony. 60 courageous souls stood before the Task Force and told them about the many laws that the GAL’s have broken which have caused them to lose their financial well being and access to their children. The acts of these 60 or so persons has emboldened 100’s of other persons previously too scare to talk to come out of the woodwork and talk about the crimes that the GAL’s committed in their cases. The GAL’s are running because they are being exposed for the crimes they have been allowed to commit. Can you please write a story that looks at both sides of the situation not just based on one biased GAL? ~ Hector Morera

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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it.



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Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second. For years I have campaigned for the rights of children and their voices to be heard.
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6 Responses to Child Guardians Dropping Connecticut Custody Cases

  1. margerry says:

    Sure would, if I could find one ! The GAL’s here in Alabama are most definitely a big part of the problem. Many are retired school teacher’s whom furthered their education after their retirement from education kicked in then became lawyers that barely know the law and just sit around taking state cases. Guardian ‘s and court appointed for criminal cases, that they consistently lose for their clients. Here in Al. the criminal must pay the court appointed attorney if their case is lost. No incentive to win and Jimmy cracked corn , they don’t care ! Also so many of them end up with beautiful new offices along with their beautiful new houses and cars and the mass adoptions on the front lawn of the courthouses jsut to shove it in the parents faces as over two hundred adoptions took place in one day in a county of 14k people. I can and would love to name names and testify, may end up dead here in rural Al. , but if it would end the reign of terror they impose on so many , I would do so . Please ask me too, I will. Margerry S.

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