Public Law Children Act Adoption Cases

Public Law Children Act Adoption Cases

UK – Benefits for families and children.

This information applies to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you get benefits or tax credits because you are on a low income.

Maternity, paternity and adoption leave and tax credits.

If you or your partner are on maternity, paternity or adoption leave, you may still count as being in work for Working Tax Credit purposes. It’ll depend on what your usual working hours were before you went on leave, and the length of time you’re off work.

Working Tax Credits – Foster Carers Allowance.

This tax credit extends to self employed people (so the relief is available to foster carers) and you do not need to have any children in order to make a claim (although if you have a child – not including a foster child – then your entitlement will be higher to help with childcare costs).

USA – Federal Adoption Tax Credit after 2011.

2012 — The tax credit will be $12,650 per child. Families who adopt children with special needs will be able to claim the full credit regardless of their qualified adoption expenses. Other adopters will have to have qualified adoption expenses.

Below is a section from Justice Pauffleys judgment. The key principles which underpin the workings of the family justice system. I mention just three – first that wherever possible, consistent with their welfare needs, children deserve an upbringing within their natural families (Re KD [1988] AC 806; Re W [1993] 2FLR 625); second, that the local authority’s duty should be to support and eventuall…y reunite the family unless the risks are so high that the child’s welfare requires alternative provision (Re C and B (Care Order; Future Harm) [2001] 1FLR 611); and third that orders ratifying a care plan for adoption are “very extreme” only made when “necessary” for the protection of the children’s interests, which means “when nothing else will do”, “when all else fails.” Adoption “should only be contemplated as a last resort” (Re B [2013] UKSC 33; Re P (a child) EWCA Civ 963; Re G (a child) EWCA Civ 965).

Married same-sex couples gain equal tax benefits.

Edie Windsor took her tax dispute to the Supreme Court and won a landmark ruling in June


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Note From The Author: Children Of African Descent



IN THE NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT His Honour Arthur Anthony JUDGE RUMBELOW QC  A Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Northern Circuit.




First Hearing On Friday 29th November 2013

Final Hearing On Wednesday 16th April 2014

Handing Down Of Judgment Monday 28th April 2014 at 10AM

via His Honour Judge Arthur Anthony Rumbelow, QC.


Ex-judge Ciavarella gets 28 years in children for cash case


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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it.

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