Stuart Hall convicted of indecent assault

Stuart Hall cleared of rape but convicted of indecent assault

Ex-BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has been cleared of raping two girls. Artist impression of Stuart Hall sat in the dock as verdicts were returned. Source 16 May 2014 Updated at 18:24

4-yr-old placed in foster care of suspected paedophile – Council tries to cover-up.

“The investigations into the allegation made by (the girl), and the indecent images, lacked urgency, rigorous interrogation and analysis. Active questioning and challenge, and full attention to detail, were not evident. Child-protection procedures were not followed through in a timely way when (the girl) made the disclosure about being grabbed around the throat.”

Of the decision not to remove her from the house as soon as the police informed social services of the child-porn allegations, the report stated: “There was clear thinking and professional reasons as to why she was not removed earlier. When clear evidence was established, she was removed the same day.”

Police investigated the foster father for two weeks before visiting his home to seize computers.

He fled the house following that visit, when his wife removed her wedding ring and informed him their marriage was over. Two days later he was found dead in his vehicle. He has not been arrested or charged with any offences.

Incest victim fights to keep offender away from child.

A Delaware mother who gave birth to a child after her uncle molested her has spent months fighting to limit the man’s contact with the child and to have the man charged with sex offenses.



IN THE NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT  His Honour Arthur Anthony JUDGE RUMBELOW QC  A Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Northern Circuit.


Ngozi Godwell vs Northamptonshire Local Authority

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