Rolf Harris Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse

Rolf Harris Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse


THE jury in Rolf Harris’s child sex abuse trial didn’t get to hear from a further nine women who claim the entertainer harassed them, including one alleged victim who says she was groped on live TV.

Another potential witness claims she was working as a barmaid at a party for the broadcaster Michael Parkinson when Harris kissed her in front of his wife Alwen (

Rolf met his wife, Alwen, a Welsh-born sculptress and jeweller, at the Royal Academy of Arts, where they were both exhibiting paintings. They married in 1958, with a dog as a bridesmaid. He says he saw a kindred spirit in Alwen’s shyness, because underneath his performance persona 2008

By Europe correspondent Barbara Miller

Later, Harris would tell the court he had long feared his past would catch up with him, not, he said, in the form of criminal charges, but by way of an exclusive story splashed over the Sunday papers.

He said the brother of the main complainant in the case, a friend of his daughter, had threatened to go to the papers when he confronted Harris after hearing his sister had had a sexual relationship with him.

Harris claimed the relationship was adult and consensual but said worries that the affair would hit the headlines hung over him from that point onwards like a sword of Damocles.

In the absence of public confirmation from the inventor of the wobble-board himself or his agent, who had gone to ground, and in the face of threatening letters by his lawyers about the consequences of naming Harris, no-one ran the story, even after well-known and respected blogger Guido Fawkes dared to do what the mainstream media would not.

In just a few days’ time the great television star will be sent to prison.

His performance in the stand, it now seems, will be his last for quite some time.

Parents Rights Blog may continue with the story of Rolf Harris after his sentencing.

Seventh Cyril Smith Victim To Sue Rochdale Council

A seventh alleged victim of Sir Cyril Smith is suing Rochdale Council.

The man claims he was sexually abused by the late Liberal Democrat MP – at the time a Labour councillor – while at the Cambridge House boys’ hostel in the 1960s.

Lawyers working on his behalf say it is ‘astonishing’ no action was taken when he reported the assault to police at the time.

Moving On To Max Clifford

Max Clifford and Stephen Less owner of Secrets lap dancing chain at a Children Charity Dinner. why is it always children’s Charities? A touch of the Savile’s. Source:

Max Clifford has been sentenced to eight years in prison, of which he must serve at least four in jail.

Judge Anthony Leonard QC gave the publicist consecutive sentences at Southwark Crown Court today (May 2), after he was found guilty of eight counts of indecent assault on women and girls aged as young as 15 between 1977 and 1985.

via Stuart Hall convicted of indecent assault.

Max Clifford: The rise and fall of the sleazy Mr Fixit for the rich and famous

He manipulated the truth for a living and was living a lie at home, seducing women and abusing young girls

Guilty: Max Clifford leaves Southwark Crown Court on Monday

Image expert Max Clifford presented himself as a Surrey boy done good – while he manipulated the truth for a living, Clifford was living a lie at home, seducing women and abusing young girls.

Two years later, Clifford appeared on news programmes to comment on the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal, and said in the 60s and 70s young girls threw themselves at stars, who had “never asked for anybody’s birth certificate”.

Those words left Clifford’s victims so enraged they finally found the courage to call police.

Ian Puddick ‏@ianpuddick You have to see this. New #Banksy #MaxClifford ‘I can Make You Famous’. 6:56 PM – 29 Apr 2014




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8 Responses to Rolf Harris Found Guilty Of Child Sex Abuse

  1. towardchange says:

    The master spin doctor, 71, had arrived to begin an eight-year stretch for sex crimes, with “a serious attitude problem” and “a load of books on prison law”.

    “He will go to Rye Hill (an open prison) when it re-opens, as a sex offenders’ unit.”

    “He walks about with his shoulders hunched and looks very down. To some he looks a broken man but it is hard to say whether this is the case ”

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  4. towardchange says:

    The court also heard from a woman who claimed Clifford had impressed her parents with celebrity tales and went on to abuse her from the age of 15.

    She said she was driven to contemplate suicide when he falsely told her he had a photograph of her giving him oral sex, and in 2011 sent him a letter claiming he had made her life “a living hell”.

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  6. Disgraced celebrity publicist MAX CLIFFORD has lost a court fight to overturn his eight-year prison sentence for sex attacks on a string of young women.
    The former public relations guru was jailed in April (14) after he was found guilty of eight charges of indecent assault concerning incidents dating back to the 1970s.

    He lodged an appeal against the length of the prison term in August (14), but a judge threw out the case in a brief hearing at London’s Court of Appeal on Friday (07Nov14).

    Announcing the ruling, the judge Lord Justice Treacy said, “In the judgement of this court, the sentence passed was justified and correct.”

  7. towardchange says:

    The judge said that due to the historic nature of the offences, Clifford was charged under an act from 1956, which set the maximum term for each charge at two years.

    Under later legislation passed in 2003, the maximum term would have been 10 years. Max Clifford had been allowed out of prison to attend his brother’s funeral four months after being jailed for eight years after being convicted of indecent assault.

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