Doctors Committing Suicide


Doctors Committing Suicide

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Richard Alan Gardner (April 28, 1931 – May 25, 2003) was an American psychiatrist known for proposing the controversial hypothesis of parental alienation syndrome (PAS) in 1985.

Gardner’s observation of a “parental alienation syndrome” focused on how one parent may misuse the powers of socialization to turn a child against a once loved parent. Gardner’s labeling of alienation processes as a “syndrome” remains controversial among psychiatristspsychologists and therapists.  PAS has not been recognized by the American Psychiatric Association or any other medical or professional association. It has been extensively criticized by scientists and jurists, who describe it as inadmissible in child custody hearings based on both science and law. Gardner’s claims that PAS is scientifically valid and legally admissible are not widely supported and PAS is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. DSM-5 Task Force Chair David Kupfer and DSM-5 Task Force Public Representative James McNulty have written letters to concerned professionals that PAS will not be included in DSM-5. Continue reading 



Richard Gardner, 72, Death; Cast Doubt on Abuse Claims

The cause was suicide, said Dr. Gardner’s son, Andrew, who said his father had been distraught over the advancing symptoms of reflex sympathetic dystrophy, a painful neurological syndrome.

Dr. Gardner, who testified in more than 400 child custody cases, maintained that children who suffered from parental alienation syndrome had been indoctrinated by a vindictive parent and obsessively denigrated the other parent without cause.

In a contentious child custody dispute in the suburbs of Pittsburgh a few years ago, three teenage boys begged a family court judge not to force them to continue visits to their father because, they said, he was physically abusive towards them. Rather than believe the boys, the judge relied on the testimony of an expert witness retained by the father, a Columbia University professor of clinical psychiatry, Richard A. Gardner.

Gardner insisted the boys were lying as a result of brainwashing by their mother and recommended something he called “threat therapy“. Essentially, the Grieco boys were told they should be respectful and obedient on visits to their father and, if they were not, their mother would go to jail. Shortly afterwards, 16-year-old Nathan Grieco, the eldest of the brothers, hanged himself in his bedroom, leaving behind a diary in which he wrote that life had become an “endless torment”. Both Gardner and the court were unrepentant even after the suicide, and it was only after an exposé in the local newspaper that custody arrangements for the two surviving boys were changed.



Doctors who commit suicide appear to be under-treated for mental health problems, despite their seemingly good access to health care, a new University of Michigan study shows.

It may appear that they are trying to cover up and protect the predators in the system once again

Do not take advice from superficial hastily-written articles posted to the internet by lawyers, mental health professionals and “internet journalistsfor marketing purposes. Many of these are posted to commercial directory and “magazine” websites that exist to sell advertising, and others are filler (sometimes mass produced) with “buzz words” and vague banalities for the law firm or mental health firm’s own website(s). 

How often have you made a request to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for a therapeutic assessment or for help to be provided for a child currently subject to care proceedings, only for the request to be declined? From reading the Family Law Week blog, I gather that this happens all too often, with the blogger’s experience that CAMHS typically refuse to offer services to children in care proceedings. Sometimes a refusal occurs when CAMHS want placement stability to be evident before embarking upon assessment or intervention and that is certainly the ideal situation.

When the damage of placing a child/ren in care is sealed, they have made the child vulnerable and they can all now make cash.

Experts in Child Care Proceedings | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog

  • The Family Court System can be a nice little earner for the psychology department, they already make a shed load of money from local authorities for bullshitting about parents. they will make even more from local authorities by making paedophiles look like saints. Also, the Government is wanting more foster carers and of course their assessments will swing in their favour.  This is not debatable.  These assessments are also psychological and tough.   Yet, people are still are able to sexually abuse children in their care.  You will not eradicate this,  no matter what.Furthermore,  the family courts system is giving children to strangers for profit based on the reports of self proclaimed experts.    Once a child is placed in the family court system, the child is then just a number.  If your name is ‘general public’. Child for profit.  Subsidized services  by the tax payer are not going to improving state run programme. 
  • Did family court expert Dr B Mahendra commit suicide? 


 via Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption.

IN THE NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT  His Honour Arthur Anthony JUDGE RUMBELOW QC  A Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Northern Circuit.


Ngozi Godwell vs Northamptonshire Local Authority

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Closing Argument – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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