Key Areas In England for Human Trafficking

Key Areas In England for Human Trafficking

WHAT WAS THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY?  The Black Panther Party was a progressive political organization that stood in the vanguard of the most powerful movement for social change in America since the Revolution of 1776 and the Civil War.

via Black Panther Party – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Key areas in for are:

  1. ,
  2. ,
  3.  (in alphabetical order).

Stop the United Kingdom from selling our children it cannot be a right to commit a crime against humanity.

Northamptonshire police force do traffick children on a regular basis 

Are children placed in care, because they are of African descent?

Of course they are.  All about ethnic cleansing and making money at  the same time.

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About towardchange

Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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