Social Worker Who Bragged On Facebook About Getting Children Put Into Care

Social Worker Who Bragged On Facebook About Getting Children Put Into Care

Siobhan Condon, 41

The Health and Care Professional Council found Miss Siobhan Condon guilty of misconduct and the local authority decided not to renew her contract.

However, she has not been struck off. Instead, she must be closely monitored by a line manager for a year.

Tory MP Simon Burns yesterday questioned the leniency of the punishment, saying: ‘There are some very difficult cases … where there are no winners and it seems incredible that someone in a position of trust and responsibility should post information on Facebook … to gloat is totally inappropriate.

‘I find it quite staggering and do question whether simply monitoring someone who does this is right.’

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via Social Worker’s Facebook Brags About Getting Children Put Into Care.

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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it.

Social workers taking the right care decisions, say Children’s Guardians. Really?

There is no such thing as immunity.

Case Studies:

  • Florida, United States Of America.
  • Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

IN THE NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT  His Honour Arthur Anthony JUDGE RUMBELOW QC  A Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Northern Circuit.


IN THE MATTER OF MINOR G (a Child) in the Royal Court of Justice.

Closing Argument – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The position was drastically altered by the Crown Proceedings Act 1947 which made the Crown (when acting as the government) liable as of right in proceedings where it was previously only liable by virtue of a grant of a fiat .. Fore more about Absolute Immunity Continue reading 



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