Misconduct In Public Office Is An Offence At Common Law


Misconduct In Public Office Is An Offence At Common Law



via Misconduct in Public Office.

“The corruption that plagues society is a destroyer of public safety, peace & harmony, but when crime enters the arena of government, whether local, state or federal, it becomes especially diabolical & dangerous.”


Sun journalist paid HMRC press officer for budget details, court hears

Prosecution alleges Clodagh Hartley obtained information, leading to 2010 budget scoop, from Jonathan Hall.

Operation Elveden, which is the Metropolitan Police’s investigation into allegations involving the unlawful provision of information by public officials to journalists.

“This announcement relates to a file of evidence from the Metropolitan Police Service that was received by the CPS on 14 March 2013.

“We have concluded, following a careful review of the evidence, that Clodagh Hartley, a journalist at the Sun newspaper, Jonathan Hall, employed as a Press Officer at Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and Marta Bukarewicz, partner of Mr Hall and not a public official, should be charged with conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office.

“It is alleged that between 30 March 2008 and 15 July 2011 The Sun newspaper paid £17,475 to Jonathan Hall, mostly via Marta Bukarewicz, in exchange for the unauthorised disclosure of information obtained as a result of his employment with HMRC.

“The information provided included details about government plans, including upcoming but as yet unannounced spending and policy decisions relating to the 2010 Budget and the coalition government‘s deficit reduction plans. Information also related specifically to policy and decision-making within HMRC, including that relating to job losses and casework. Continue reading 

From the theguardian.com, the prosecution alleges that over a two-year period Hall was paid more than £4,000 by the Sun’s publisher, News International (NI), and that NI credited £13,000 into Bukarewicz’s account. She allegedly transferred the bulk of it, £12,000, to her boyfriend’s account and kept £845by way of a reward to herself”, the court heard. Hall has accepted that he supplied stories to Hartley for which he was paid. The case was adjourned until this Tuesday.


Closing Argument – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The position was drastically altered by the Crown Proceedings Act 1947 which made the Crown (when acting as the government) liable as of right in proceedings where it was previously only liable by virtue of a grant of a fiat .. Fore more about Absolute Immunity Continue reading 



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