Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Houston CPS worker Michelle Robinson testifies during her trial at the Harris County Courthouse in October. Robinson was convicted of falsifying records, sentenced to a year probation and ordered to pay a $300 fine. Dave Rossman / For American-Statesman

When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there was no merit to the allegations and closed the case.

Except she didn’t. In October, a Harris County jury convicted Robinson for falsifying CPS records, concluding that she’d lied when she said she’d interviewed key sources in the case and that she left the young girl in danger. Robinson was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay a $300 fine.

It wasn’t an isolated case. Since 2009, at least 50 CPS workers have been caught lying to prosecutors, ignoring court orders, falsifying state records or obstructing law enforcement investigations, according to an American-Statesman review of state and court documents.

At least four former CPS employees are currently facing criminal charges for their alleged misconduct.  Continue reading



IN THE NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT  His Honour Arthur Anthony JUDGE RUMBELOW QC  A Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Northern Circuit.


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  2. Eileen Apple says:

    Here is one suggestion, get them all cell phones that MUST be carried at all times. If they do not have their phones with them and are questioned about something they automatically get fired since they cant prove where they are. Also make them make a call from where they are so it is logged they have their phone.

    • salazar5410 says:

      Actually some states are moving towards this and most states workers have their own work cellphones. In Michigan, they all have cellphones and the state is working on an app that will include checking in and out of homes for specific cases for the workers safety, but basically can track them too.

      • Bridget Doman says:

        Care workers employed by agencies going round people’s houses, looking after the elderly for example, have to ring a certain number when entering the person’s home from their landline if they have one, or at least they used to, and again when leaving so the company know where they are at all times and how long they’ve been at the house. They should do this with social workers and other ‘professionals’. As for sws etc lying and falsifying documents, making false claims to remove children, this is nothing new. I’m just surprised it’s being talked about as though it’s only been found out.

      • Kait Foxdale says:

        In Michigan the caseworkers here don’t care about their clients. And I am not talking just about DHS and CPS case workers. State workers are the worst, they sit on their butts lying all damn day.

    • Ted Wiley says:

      They all need to wear body cams. This removes all doubt on who said what to who and where.

      • Mike West says:

        No, body cams would be am invasion of privacy, as then enter people’s homes and speak to their children. You want to make a victim feel comfortable, especially children, so that they can speak freely. Many victims are afraid of their abusers and they repurcussions that can occur in response to filing a report. A GPS tracking cell phone is a much better solution. I use one for my job, but I work I a different industry. The technology is there, and has been for quite sometime, even dating back t the NextTel days.

      • dawnkaminski8 says:

        I hear that! And make it a mandated law too or there reports are no good. I wish that was going on from day one CPS workers lied on me I want Justice something needs to be done

      • Donald Blake says:

        agreed make them show a video of any and all contact they have with the acused or the children of the accused the these people are sick and will lie about answers you give to their questions and fabricate horror stories to slander your name to the public. 90% of these caseworkers are unqualified selfserving holier than thou cynical peices of human garbage who will leave one child to die in a dangerouse situation because they stuck on some personal hatred for people who may be look or act in a way other than what they deem “normal” i have alot of tattooes and by my own admission im a former drug addict but been clean since the day i found out my wife was pregnant . i am not a racist nor do i have any negative issues with people based on their race or religeon but the lady who showed up at my house was african american and persisted to tell me i was a white supremacist and my tattoes where only found on extremist racial gangmembers!! i do not belong to any gang period. im a firm beleiver that racism is ignorance of the highest level. this lady spent so much time trying to take my child from me who is as safe as safe can be based souly on my apearance and her immediate opinion of me. while two doors down in the same complex building there was a woman who was prostituting her 2 underage daughters for dope money and they had an open cps case on them but never stoped the lady or looked into it because the woman was the same color skin and didnt look “SCARY” to her. its un acceptable and i now know as should all of you reading this CPS IS RIDICULOUSLY INCOMPATENT IN ACTUALLY KEEPING KIDS SAFE THEY ARE STAFFED WITH PEOPLE WHO CARE NOTHING FOR CHILDREN BUT RATHER THEIR OWN AGENDA OR WHATEVER BENIFITS THEIR POCKETS

    • Faye Corbett says:

      very good idea, they still need more confirmation laws.

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  4. I had brain surgery almost 20yrs ago, i had been a licensed foster/kenship parent in 2003 until child aged out. I had been also for 16 months our worker passed and we got a worker from a non profit org. pchas, he was still on training had no kids but yet he lied said “i had brain cancer could not care for there very basic needs! Took them all 4 from there life, family (BIG), school they loved, friends everything they had he would not let them have, many lies! He got a therapist that was not licensed to do tests on me and wow the lies also! A lawyer i got well put it this way i filed a formal complaint with the chief disciplanary counsel in jeff city, they found it worthy enough my case is in front of the committe! Now theres the family judge that i gave a declaration of facts. ( i had no brain tumor, no seizure disorder, the truth from a therapist (msyd), which the first one was not a msyd! I have evidence of all this and so much more it is unbelievable! It has been 2yrs now since my grandbabys has seen any of there family! Ones fault should not keep them from 9+ cousins, well i had been with my husband 30yrs he passed 18 months ago! We have 4 kids 13 grandkids, i have 4 sisters,2 brothers. This is so unfair unjust lies and so much more i am 51 and i thank god daily for his strenght. I would love to tell my story and show the proof of curuption on cps worker, judge, lawyer and therapist! Please help me i miss we all miss and love OUR family! God bless. Joann stanley 417-434-2521 or 217 s. kentucky, carterville, mo. What would one do? Never on my life child abuse, neglect nor drug charges never!

    • Debi Sovelet says:

      God, that breaks my heart! I pray for justice, Father God, and mercy to this woman. Go angels of GOD now and bring her kids HOME to her, in the Mighty name of Yeshua HaMashia!

      • Janet Dobbins Welch says:

        We’re the children your biological grandchildren? Or foster children living under your care? I m sorry just really trying to understand it correctly.

    • danielle hill says:

      I have been in joplin mo for 2 yrs almost. April 20 2017 to be ezact. I have not ever been in trouble a day n my life. A few tickets but nothing else. No DRUG charges nothing. and because faulse accusations had been made on my ex from my mother they took my children from me in the ex-boyfriend has not even been charged they drop the charges if you have no proof and all he got out of it was a anger management class and the state still has all for my kids my two youngest boys then placed in six different homes in 2 years 6 year old boy been touched by it a 9 year old little girl kept him in the home where he’s been touched at I’ve had four different caseworkers in two years the paperwork that she’s asked for me she received got a new case worker and the new caseworker can’t find none of the paperwork that she received they won’t give me my kids for nothing and I walked there line everything they wanted me to do I’ve done the state of Missouri is jacked up when it comes to them taking your kids from you they say they’re here to reunite but they don’t they’re trying to adopt my kids out my old case worker K. This case for two years just to get them to where they’re adopted something needs to be done with Missouri Baptist Children’s Home that’s foster care I need help getting my kids back. Anyone knows how i can get help with this please contact me woth info 4174380089. Or u can email me please help its been 2yrs of pure hell

      • sandrad2 says:

        The state of Missouri, CPS, and Family Forward are all guilty of falsifying records, lying, and causing intentional harm to families and children!! When are we as a society going to recognize and deal with the people involved in the illegal kidnapping of children from families?? They should face swift and strict consequences for their actions!!

      • Gee Litherland Rhodes says:

        . My Daughter (Brandie) and Son-in-law (Corey) have been mistreated by the Missouri division of child services.. On Sept 16th their newborn twin daughters (AdaLynn & Indigo) were taken from them, based on allegations that are false. The girls are only a few weeks old and need the presence of their mother and father now more than any other time in their lives. Our family is experiencing extreme emotional distress due to this and the twins are suffering from being apart from the most important people in their lives. My grandson (James Dean) as well was taken from Brandie & Corey a few months ago and was to have weekly visits, with a designee for as long as they wanted and as long as everyone’s schedules coincided, this was ordered by the judge but the caseworker said it was against policy to have more than two one hour visits a month? This is incredibly traumatizing for James Dean to be taken away from his parents and family, confused and unaware of when he’ll get to see them again. He needs to bond with his twin sisters as well. The law states that, ‘Family comes first’ and not one member of my family was contacted by the caseworker, to care for the 3 of them. Nor did they enter the new address that they would be going home to. Information was not added to this case and procedures where not done right. I seen first hand how my daughter was treated from a place of authority by the caseworker, the day of court.
        My daughter has been emotionally and mentally attacked, they kept pertinent information from her and treated her like a child by taking away privileges that weren’t their’s to take away, limiting the amount of care she was able to receive because they were fully aware that at that time, she was going without a home until the babies are released. Brandie & Corey insisted to stay near the hospital till they could all go home together. I know that all of you who have children probably can’t even imagine what it would be like to have your child with you 24/7 and then have them taken away only to visit with them for 2 hours a month. I know our family is not the only family that this is happening to. Far too many are being separated and traumatized by this broken system, and we need to stand up and send them a message that they can no longer continue doing this to families. Please, if there is anything you can do to help, you will not only be helping our family, but giving hope to so many other families that this has happened to.
        As of Sept. 27 our family was able to successfully advocate for Indigo & Adalynn to be placed in the care of a loving family member, MaryAnn, while the girls remain to state custody. Brandie & Corey are able to now visit with them more frequently. We have advocated that James Dean be united with his sisters at MaryAnn’s home. The Missouri Dept. of Social Services, Children’s Division stated on Sept. 27 at the TDM (Team Decision Meeting) that they are fine with moving James Dean so he can be with his sisters and that they would file that motion on Mon. Sept. 30 for him to be moved from his current foster home, that was a week ago and still they have yet to file the motion for this to happen. We are reliant on them to file this petition, unfortunately they have not been swift in the past and are dragging their feet with getting James dean home with his family. James Dean should have been with family all along since the law says that they are to look into family placement first and foremost whenever possible. They had family member information but chose not to even try for family placement. On Sept. 25, Corey got to visit with James Dean, and during his visit with his son he noticed bruises on James Dean’s back & chest and a scare above his eye. Children’s Division was notified of these findings on the 27th. I tried to report this but I have no address or names of where my grandson is to report them! This situation continues to be incredibly damaging to the emotional, mental and physical well being of our family, ESPECIALLY to James Dean! He should have been with family from the start! We are grateful for the support that has been shown & particularly grateful to MaryAnn who has stepped up to provide a safe and loving home for the kids, even on top of all her own children. We are still in need of a private attorney to help us fight to get the kids out of state custody and returned home with their parents.

    • Gerrie Wilson says:

      This is getting more and more out of control. It has happened in my family, too, kids were taken away from family, friends, school. The kids have been through hell, all in the name of DHS and CPS getting more money from the State and the power…too many corrupt judges, caseworkers, etc. Unfortunately, they target the lower income families who can’t hire lawyers to kick their corrupt asses.

      • christinamenegay says:

        Yeah they took my child away because they didn’t think I could take care of them and I can I was taking care of him in the hospital and then it seems like they just lied under oath as well because when we were at the court and everything all they were saying was she’s not taking care of her son her Grandma’s not watching her take care of her son and so on and they lied under oath and I don’t know what to do on how to even get my kid back but right now he is in their temporary custody but he is with my grandma and my aunt but children services has temporary custody and I’m really mad about it

      • Kyla Mckenzie says:

        We have experienced the same type of things in Oregon. We even had one (out of 5) case worker get on the stand and testify that my husband & I were drug addicts (married over 30 years & I hold a high security job) When I filed a complaint with the state she made up 3 more stories. I proved it, but nothing was done, but they allowed weekly unsupervised visits (if we were as bad as they said why would we have unsupervised visits?) Our grandchild was left in our care, they came and said the other grandmother would like a visit and we could have the afternoon off, they gave her custody (foster status). After 2 years of this type of abuse of the laws we finally demanded that the neighboring county gets involved, last week was the first time in 2 years that we got an overnight visit, and now finally one of 2 that want to adopt, us & an uncle (not the other grandma) !

    • dawnkaminski8 says:

      Same thing happened to me in 2003 I had my surgery in 2002 this is what they do make up lies said the same thing I have brain cancer I had a pituitary tumor I sue them but my lawyer was corrupt to they’re all corrupt we should do a lawsuit together I still got time to do an extraordinary writ I should just use your case and we can both file because it seems to be a pattern of intent my number is 315-5316 5262 call me anytime

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  7. mrailslider says:

    I have court documents that contradict the charges against a mother with their own evidence and their own witnesses contradicting each other or admitting to illegal actions and even transcripts with missing pages that exonerate the defendant and they still took the parents rights

    • Alicia Rouse says:

      This is what we are going threw rn with my babys mine was taken from me and ripped my righs lied in court and we won the case but some how lost the kids now we are fighting for a appeal and still waiting when all i want to do is see my babys and hug and kiss them and all i did was take my kids to a so called friends house for a night. And she took my son for a week and beat on him droped him off at cps and told them i just left him and he was only there a hr if that was trying to get a job when i got the call that my son was in icu for me beatung on him when i was no where around there at that time so they opend the case on us found us not guilty of child neglect and was told if we got a two bedroom he will come home well we did so and the next week they ripped my rights idk how to go about this vut need to get people in to evansville Indiana and put a stop to the baby napping and give the people that did not do anything wrong there kids back. Always yellinv they on drugs but never done a drug test one on anyone here never did a home visit nothing its all bad here when they get they hands on your kids they already got them in a home thats talking about keeping your kids if they not sold by that night its so wrong worry about the meth heads and crack heads and the people that frfr beat on there kids or poping pills. Thats what they need to worry about they are fucked up and they know it. re open all cases. Thats the best thing they can do rn

    • Myco Tim says:

      Judge isn’t doing their job. Their testimonty is totally convoluted at that point and shouldn’t be credited at all.

  8. My daughter has been going through the same or somewhat of the same her children my grandchildren have been gone to foster care for five years the four boys were not suppose to be separated but of course they were the oldest one have been in the same home four yrs. they are very good to him but the other have been in 12 I mean 12 didn’t homes can’t come up with any reason why we have been through 7 social workers all that are so bad they don’t even know where the children are most of the time the Judge that is over the case is also the social workers uncle we are in Logan County Kentucky Please please Pray that something gets done about this case and will Pray for you all to fine justice.

  9. msmidol says:

    The problem is they know from the first visit what will be done. Even if it is just a tiny thing they know before they go if the child will be taken away. It is all set up and unfair.

    • Kyra Pittman says:

      This is so TRUE. It is DECIDED in the FIRST meeting and it is not a dual goal to reunite to the parent or adoption, it is terminate the parent’s rights and adopt to foster parent. Both win. I am sick of hearing about CPS workers low pay. It is a slave market where they are literally stealing the babies and kids from their biological families and selling them off to foster care. The workers get big bonuses and the adoptive parents get a good check till the child ages out at 18. The bigger the sibling group the bigger the checks. it is built into the ASFA act that Bill Clinton signed into law when he was President. This horrible, terrible law needs to be repealed asap. It is based on the Clinton’s moral philosphy that it takes a village to rear a child and family is unimportant. After all they view the common citizen as a “deplorable”.

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  12. Dodge Co took custody of my brothers grandchildren Ethan 2 Camron put them in a foster house the father and mother were given high praise and my brother and his wife complained to Social Services about the boys crying and begging not to go back, but they made them bring them back and said that they were just spoiling them. A couple weeks later the foster father beat Camron to death and Ethan was sent to childrens hospital. Social Services acted like they were the ones that the situation hit they never took responsibility for their part in the murder of Camron. They are all lairs and cheats in my eyes

    • Carolina Cruz says:

      Definitely, I agree with you 💯 CPS is nothing but lying, scandalous, black mailing bitches. They are running a black market I think bc in Versailles Kentucky %70 of that town has had their kids taken from them over lies and continued lies because the worker gets a fat check each child she keeps in foster care.

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  16. I need help In the state of Michigan in the US! I have no idea where to turn. My daughter was taken from me, “voluntarily” by CPS 3 days ago. I have been accused, based on her statements, of knowing about abuse and letting it go on for months.This is not true! I have not been arrested and have been given the opportunity to get a court appointed attorney, but I dont feel they will represent me well enough. Where do I turn for help? Any ideas? Just a lead to an attorney who will help someone who is low income! I need someone who will fight for me and my child!! PLEASE GOD LET THIS NIGHTMARE END!

    • towardchange says:

      Hello, how old is your child and what help is it you are seeking?

    • Based on your statement that “I have been accused, based on her statements, of knowing about the abuse and letting it go on for months” the issue IS according to your statement your own child is alleging abuse. This allegation as you can see is NOT taken lightly. Once that happens the courts and law processes MUST be initiated to protect the child. Any offending person involved will now have to PROVE their innocence or face legal charges. Somewhere in all of this lies the TRUTH and the courts will make sure it is revealed to protect the child who can not protect themselves. If you have to take the Legal Aid Assistance because you can’t hire a private attorney please obtain one immediately.

    • There is a parent help group through the Judson Center in Warren, MI. They do offer guidance, support, help with transportation, and classes. A cotact number is 586 573 1810. They are wonderful people. Also, attorney Norman A. Yatoma’s office is helpful. 248 481 2000. I wish you luck and success. Terry-Lynn.

    • salazar5410 says:

      Usually with CPS there has to just be a preponderance if evidence which has a lower burden of proof than criminal and civial court. Typically CPS only needs a 51% proof that there is some sort of abuse and unfortunately when a child tells the CPS worker something is going one CPS has to protect that child. If a child is telling the worker so and so is going one they have to make sure that child is in a safe home or away from the prepertrator. You have no choice but to proof what she is saying is false, but with CPS that child comes first.

      • Dawn Sunshine Fletcher says:

        if they really came first…. there would be a PROVEN abuse or neglect….. not this conjecture…. lies….. allegations…… and the not abused child or children are now traumatized…..and never ever the same….. why???? their sense of trust is gone for forever….they live in FEAR of being TAKEN again….. I have in my possession a LIE FILLED narrative…. written out by a doctor…. that was used to remove my 6 GRANDCHILDREN….. all are home…. NOT ONE IS THE SAME…. AND THE 4 OLDEST ARE NOW TERRIFIED OF THE DARK…. AND IN FOSTER CLUTCHES… 2 OF THEM BECAME SUICIDAL…..
        PROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF….. not fear of a caseworker… or social worker….. who has a bias…. against who a person voted for…. or religiously believes….

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  18. It’s pathetic that children have to rely on useless slugs like this to look out for their interests. This country has become a nation of clueless snowballs who take no pride in anything and especially not in their work. You are a disgrace!!

  19. I have proof of lies in court granddaughter was never neglected or abused, and I wasn’t charged with it…I did every thing they wanted me to do, and after i did, they put a motion in to stop giving me visitation. I raised my granddaughter since birth…they took her when she was about 16 months old because i was abused and it’s a long story…she was treated like a princess and very loved and very well taken care of…happy child The foster parents knew the social worker and wanted her….they got her….she has been with them from 2014 and she hasn’t been allowed to see me….for NO reason! There is too much to write here, but, point is…who you know and how much money you have, is what makes the decisions in the law…not the actual truth!

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  21. Patricia Hurtuk says:

    Go to facebook MIRACLE FOR JUSTINA. This could help a lot of folks.

  22. nuknuk Mrs. Amazing says:

    Hi my is Bianca i live in milwaukee wi thats my home town i had four kids that was takeing from me i did ever thing they as of me for them to play me out ofmy kids life i belive the case work play with the paper work i need help geting my four kids out so they can come home. I never got a second chance to be a mother to my kids and this is not fair at all

    • towardchange says:

      Hello did they take your children through the Court process?

    • Alicia Rouse says:

      baby girl i feel you on everything rn thats what they did to me and my babys omg someone please re open all cps cases not all them kids that is taken need to be taken they say they for the family they main plan is to get the child home but ctfu thats a big ass game they play get you to jump and play they games then oooo here is your kids hahaha nope jk jk elwe are taking them. Yea mine got taken on thanksgiving day. A week fron his birthday and if anyone is saying anything on here and they never been in anyone spot to have to fight for your kids then you have no reason to say a word about shit some of them mfs dont even have kids or know the first thing about taking care of one. Mu son was voming home for his visits lips all blisterd up talking about he put things in his mouth they lost my son here my son has had more things happen to him with them then he ever did with me never sick never had a want or a need always happy nit even a mark on him ever till they took him they are taking peoples kids and i got letters from foster familys that have quit takibg kids do to my cos worker asking them if they are looking to adopt. Even told her cps will pay her to take him and adopt him. So she quit the next day after they made her feel like she was stealing kids and paying for them and i have 4 letters saying the same thing and none have ever talked or knew about the next cps has lost my son gorgot him at my hose for hrs to the point i had to call my worker and ask when they was coming to get him or if they forgot about him smh. Never had the same worker when it comes to going to court tho never seen 1 worker that was from the last court heating they play and lie and use people my cps worker gave my son to his family and tild me he is going to quit his job and adopt my son and less then a week later they was ripping rights over paper work they never had no one knew anything even the new worker was like wtf happen and why. The new worker had it in her letters we was getting him home just to go to court to get him home and get told thay are taking him not sending him home. I need help getting my son home pleade if anyone can see this and knows anyone that will help please im on my hands and knees asking for help

    • David Whatsit-toya says:

      The answer to your problem is waiting for you at

  23. Stacy Sharples says:

    My story started I’m here in Erie County Pennsylvania In 1992, my 1st child was voluntary adopted due to me being 16. My sons were taken in January of 96, I started watching how my court documents for being written It makes you sick. I did everything I was court ordered to do Parenting classes Mental health Doctors Everything for my sons. When it came down to the involuntary termination of parental rights court hearing Child Protective Services lied I could have had my sons back. It was stipulated I never did anything of the court order For 2 years that they had my sons. 1998 I had another child My daughter was ripped away from me right at birth The next day after I gave birth. I requested for meetings I requested for a change of caseworker, I had letters From the state Government Nothing was never done. 2000 had another child out of state Came back to Erie Child was dropped on the floor and ripped away from me By the police And CPS. Parental rights were IVT’D from all 4 kids. We appealed one case 1998 It was denied by Superior Court My daughter was adopted To a family member I feel that was paid off. From 2001 To 2007 We had investigations launched Due to an adopted child being killed by the adopted mother. So this gave us a chance for the state to have our cases reheard. They were reheard nothing was ever done With the investigative report The state really didn’t care And they still don’t. 2007 CPS went back to court with me the adopted mother Contacted me About my oldest daughter being out of control and how bad she wanted to be with me So I agreed To bring my daughter back in my life As this took place I also was granted by the adoptive parents to see my 2 sons. My boys became out of control Locked up, Want to be with me, The family moved so then I had no contact. 2008 I had And another child She was not Detained At all I have raised her for 10 years. I have been a home health aide, personal care attendant, Direct care worker For 19 years. This just comes to show I’ve never been investigated or Reported On any type A child abuse, Child neglect, Elder neglect, Elder abuse Through the state of Pennsylvania. The FBI clearances Come from children youth and families In Harrisburg, Nothing exists. what is so sad Is that this case workers lie to the adoptive parents and they make up stories to make the biological parents look like crap It’s sad what I’ve gone through since 2007. Our due process laws and the court documents were falsified without proper seen evidence of abuse or neglect….

    • lashell76 says:

      This is so true and I’m in this same situationrt now I’m a loving grandmother, attends church ..loves god ,great morals n values ,and I’ve been humiliated, lied on,my court orders has been violated, n been fighting for 2 years to get my grandson outa foster care I’m the maternal grandmother.. I’ve dragged out with this case by childnet its outrageous.. Total disrespectful people..

  24. Mommyof5 says:

    They should be DE-FUNDED & doors closed forever!!! Asses should NOT have the rights to play God with peoples lives!!

    • Diana Glass says:

      I would like someone to come and do an investigation in Dale County , asap ! They have not done an investigation on our case , it’s wrong how this case has been handled , I want an investigation to make sure this has not happened to other people , please I’m not gonna put it on here but if you come to investigate , we all will show and talk , this doesn’t need to happen to real families that have been here from day one and be treated like this ! It needs to be investigated !

  25. David Whatsit-toya says:

    I am happy to announce the release of our new course “How To Get Your Children Back From CPS”. Find it at . It will answer ALL of your questions and comes with templates for your use. This course teaches you what to say and how to act. There is NOTHING like it anywhere else. THIS IS THE ANSWER YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

  26. Melinda Kreative Koins Parker says:

    Many of these caseworkers with the aid of their supervisors have knowingly falsified charges and court documents against parents for decades. They are more damaging to the kids that are removed from alleged abusive homes. Caseworkers and their supervisors should be held accountable with stricter consequences than mediocre fines and employee retraining of policy and procedures. It’s clear that CPS employees display abuse of power over families and the children and criminal charges is the leverage they use.

  27. 1QUEEN 7KINGZ says:

    They took my babies for false aligations in 2004

  28. King Sylent says:

    They did that to me saying that I neglect them and I never did in my life I need please help me idk wat to do can anyone help me

  29. Dana Lawhon says:

    The conversation that was probably had with these workers after court. Ok now court is over now back to work so you can pay those fines and learn to be better liars next time so you don’t get caught as we the system can only cover your ass so much.

  30. dede1684 says:

    CPS got in my life in 2009 they lied on me say that my family didn’t want my children my lawyer told me that I shouldn’t go to court on my last hearing because the judge was going to distinguish my rights and the only way to keep my Future Kids is to give up my rights to my three kids and when I used to come to visit my three children I wasn’t able to see my oldest son because they said that he didn’t want to see me I could never see all three of my children at the same time my lawyer told me to sign my rights over and I did because I didn’t know what to do because I was all alone in this situation and they knew that so they took advantage of me cuz I didn’t know the law and to make it worse it wasn’t even me that abused my kids it was my husband and I was the one that turned him in 2 the police to get help for me and my children but it all backfired and I was the one that got my children taken away for something that I didn’t do CPS is kidnapping people children’s for money or they are too lazy to go through the proper procedures to help families get their children back my email is if you want to know more about my story

  31. stacyqueen says:

    This Happen to me and the county still has never return my child .. Now my daughter is about to be 18 and my youngest is 15 today 1/29/2019 tote our hole family apart.. I’ve done everything I could but nothing got done.. please someone help me ..look me up on Facebook.. Stacy Queen or Stacy Hicks .. please someone I know there someone out there.. I pray for other going through this.. it changes your hole life..

  32. Dawn Marie McFarlane says:

    check into CPS in Tulare County California — they do this on a daily basis

  33. Jacquie McLeod of Lewis says:

    How do I report misconduct by a social worker here in California?

  34. Carolyn Coates says:

    It is sad that people of authority think they can not follow the rules. They think whatever they say goes. How many families have they ruined in the process.

  35. Rebecca Allen says:

    It is evident that these workers are under pressure. If they don’t move fast enough then they could be let go because they’re taking too long to close a case on the one hand. Then on the other hand they have to hurry and try to close the case to get to the next case because the cases are steadily mounting. So a good idea is to have cameras with them on their cell phones make it mandatory that they take pictures of the address when they get in front the door and inside as proof the address and all of it would be recorded that way there’s no room for lying or falsifications.

  36. protectthemnot says:

    all these stories r just so sad and they r taking peoples children saying they r protecting them from us and then our children r killed where they place them but nothing happens if u take a child to protect it and where u placed that child its killed somethin GH really needs to happen they r not protecting our children what about when they adoppt the chikd out and thats that never check the choldren after that my children were home schooled so they had noone to tell they were all physically abused by the mom and sexually abused by the man It literally makes me sick look how they protected my children well on top of that my daughter ran away and told but then he had used love as to y he was doing this would u not call that stolkholm syndrome they were brain washed he goes to prison but hes still contacting my daughter who was getting help for cutting and depression i asked y he was still contacting my daughter arent abusers not suppose to contact there victims they replied ur daughter wanted it lifted screw that im sure she did she was convinced for yrs it was all about love and wtf is wrong with these people u r a child advocate there for the child would they want a guy who molestrd there kid contacting them where is the protection so my daughter hung herself and she just turned 18 my baby gone 18 yrs and i had to see her in tje hospital brain dead and with a worker watching me now these assholes want to pretend to protect her they make me sick and i have other children who were adopted out also and when the judge said they were going to b home schooled i asked if they were qualified to home school my son who was in special classes cuz he was hard of hearing and was already behind because the dr kept saying nothimg was wrong with his hearing point being the judge told me i have b igger problems then that really now they need to open there eyes if i was so bad and didnt care i wouldnt b conserned parent now im so scared what if thwy r also being abused screw them noones going to love and take care of a child more then the parent and u r damned if u do damned if u dont if u re op ort ur ex for using drug as they take the kid then make u look bad for not protecting the kid and abuse same thing they turn it all around on u no matter what so theres no winning with them screw all these baby knapping child murderers thats what they r take ur kids and then put them with klllers

  37. Grace Tilly says:

    I had a horrible situation happen to my family in 2012 social services and cps came in and started a very horrible thing that should not have been started, they got mad that my husband and I demanded respect and they did not like that, they came up with all kinds of crazy lies, I mean my husband and I had jobs our children were happy, they had all of what they needed and some of what they wanted, we were a very happy and nurturing home. Well 2 weeks later out of the blue when I was getting my kids ready for bed they came and took them, my husband and I spent the next 8 months jumping through hoops even though we should not of had to, we had attorneys that disproved every single accusation cps made with proof and we had community leaders as our character referances and we had our family and our support system which had several business leaders as well as officers in the armed services and the judge still went with what cps said…my kids were asked what did they want out of all this and their responses were unanimous , We want to go home to my family. Now they have been home for over 4 yrs and they are still worried and scared that cps is going to come in and take them again, and there are habits that they now have and emotions that were not there before all of this happened….to anyone who will listen our home is supposed to be our safe haven, we are supposed to be safe from things like this and if we are not safe there then where are we safe, we are supposed to be able to protect our children from situations like these, this should not happen to all families it should happen to the ones where the children are being abused and not cared for it should be set up for the situations it was created for not for people that are power hungry and ill equipped.

  38. Debi Sovelet says:

    God, I brought back the children to everyone in my county with my words … I can do it here. I command angels of GOD to go now and gather these babies and bring them back to their families now in the mighty name of Yeshua HaMashia. Do it again, Lord … for all of them! YOU CAN, I give you praise! I praise your HOLY NAME!

  39. Christina Williams says:

    In Michigan, I am friends with a family that has the mothers’ new BF/husband hitting a 3-4yo girl with a belt and the buckle. She was taken to the ER twice now, and each time the mother and the abusive man are told that they are ALLOWED NON-SUPERVISED visitation, just like nothing ever happened. Now, tell me Where is the protection for that child? I told them to file a PPO against the abuser and the judge DENIED it. Stating that CPS said the case didn’t warrant such actions. Makes me friggen sick… I personally would refuse visitation and take it to a higher court, But even with hospital documentation and the little girl herself telling everyone what happened, and her story has never wavered.

  40. Rusty Williams says:

    She needs to lose her job also and be put on a no hire list for any children’s services!

  41. 4mykidssake312019 says:

    All these replies and concerns. When will all this come to an end? What do we all need to do? When this country is all about $. I heard that Muskegon County Michigan was the worst county to even report a child abuse/neglect case because nothing ever gets done. Are these CPS investigators in this type of field for the $ and not the compassion of the children? It apparently looks that way. What is considered abuse? Neglect is obvious, is mental abuse considered abuse? Because that is what my kids are enduring right now. By their alcoholic mother and money hungry step father. I don’t lose my faith, or hope, everything will come out in the open, hoping for the best.

  42. danielle hill says:

    have been in joplin mo for 2 yrs almost. April 20 2017 to be ezact. I have not ever been in trouble a day n my life. A few tickets but nothing else. No DRUG charges nothing. and because faulse accusations had been made on my ex from my mother they took my children from me in the ex-boyfriend has not even been charged they drop the charges if you have no proof and all he got out of it was a anger management class and the state still has all for my kids my two youngest boys then placed in six different homes in 2 years 6 year old boy been touched by it a 9 year old little girl kept him in the home where he’s been touched at I’ve had four different caseworkers in two years the paperwork that she’s asked for me she received got a new case worker and the new caseworker can’t find none of the paperwork that she received they won’t give me my kids for nothing and I walked there line everything they wanted me to do I’ve done the state of Missouri is jacked up when it comes to them taking your kids from you they say they’re here to reunite but they don’t they’re trying to adopt my kids out my old case worker K. This case for two years just to get them to where they’re adopted something needs to be done with Missouri Baptist Children’s Home that’s foster care I need help getting my kids back. Anyone knows how i can get help with this please contact me woth info 4174380089. Or u can email me please help its been 2yrs of pure hell

  43. David Beglau says:

    CPS is a freaking joke and fraud everywhere you go. I am fighting them now. My ex put a child up for adoption and I just recently found out about it. The new bf at the time was placed as the father. She was living with his parents and when the baby was born CPS came in and said she jad to put it up for adoption since she didn’t have a residence of her own. If she didn’t they would charge jer with child endagerment and neglect. She said that be wasn’t the father and CPS told her since I wasn’t in the picture anymore it didn’t matter. They had jer sign the paper work right after delivery while she was still under pain meds which in its self is illegal. Is every state as crooked as La or they worse.

  44. mooredawn says:

    Reblogged this on The jugdes and the cps are dirty people for lieing and takeing babys out of thier homes when they diid not need to and commented:
    When they came to get my babys from then till now they have aways down me wrong even though for three and a half year i have not done any thing ]wrong and the i passed every druge test that they gave me they just took my rights just he said he had hear say about me thhat was not true.

  45. katyork2015 says:

    We are having serious issues with CPS. Our kids have suffered many abuses in the hands of the state even being molested. PLEASE HELP

  46. Clifford Monroe says:

    Here’s a suggestion…. PAY THEM MORE MONEY! People are always full of rage and fury when they hear about kids being abused, their education and their health and welfare…. but want to pay the people who are responsible for those things PEANUTS!

  47. Carmen Hunter says:

    I wish They would come To Newark NJ I have a few that should be right with them smh they not there for nothing but a pay check.

  48. shinellea5 says:

    Can u help. I need some advice. My 4 children were wrongfully taken from me in 2014 placed with my ex husband after he showed up to my house with a knife and threatened to kill me because I was dating someone else.I had been asking for him to finalize the divorce for 5 years. One of my children whom is not my ex’s biological child went to live  with him after a warrant was issued for my arrest for not giving her to him willing she was there only a couple of weeks before getting an arrest record and was put into a group home. I was never included in any decisions made by the court and have been parentally alienated by the court and my ex husband she has now been in over 5 group homes she got pregnant at 13 and the group home took her to get an abortion. She has run away from every place they have placed her and the courts are talking about sending her to another state. She was 16 an pregnant. My son was living with his father but was removed after proven child abuse records came out and is now in a group home. He has been arrested over 6 times in 2 months. My 2 youngest were taken from school and i was given false information about the whereabouts of children for over 2 hours. My children are living in a studio apartment with their sickly grandmother whom cant care for them and their father who is gone 18 hours out of the day so he isn’t around to attend to them. My kids are being extremely neglected they are allowed to take showers only once a week, can only eat twice a day and are sent to school in dirty and too small clothes. I have been in court for 5 years fighting to get them back I have complied with all court orders I have been cleared with my background and my house has been assessed an approved for them to come home but the court is refusing to talk to my children whom have openly expressed to their lawyers, cps worker, teachers and therapist they want to live with me. My kids attorney and my ex husbands attorney are playing co counsel for each other which I thought was against the law what can I do? Me and my childrens rights have been violated and there has been family penal codes broken to keep my children away from me. The courts have used bias judgment to form decisions for me and my children and I need help. There has been one Judge whom I hold responsible for all that has happened to our lives. I am looking for victim reparations for the damage caused by taking my children away. I am seeking to get full physical and legal custody of all my children and I would like an open apology from all parties involved in my case. I have all evidence to support the above statement and more please contact me through this email thank you.
    As of  6 months ago my 11year old daughter was at her grandmother’s house and was not listening to her my daughter was physically drug out of the house by her 25 year old cousin the police were called a report was made and no xharges were pressed. During this time my daughter came to stay with she openly stated she wanted to stay with me and the police took her away against her will. I need help from anyone who can and are willing… I am now taking care of my granddaughter while her mother is in juvenile and the father is being investigated for domestic violence and assault on my daughter i need help please. My son has been arrested for domestic violence on his live in girlfriend. As of 01/14/2019 my daughter as been sent to yet another group home in fresno with my granddaughter and i am very fearful for the saftey of my daughter and granddaughter. My childrens lives have been are continuing to be ruined because of the city of san francisco. I want to sue for emotional distress, defamation of character, loss of jobs, and i want full custody of all my children back.

  49. Nikki Lynn says:

    I went to adopt 4 sisters in Indianapolis back in 2012/2013. The dcs worker was ordered by the judge not to leave until a visitation schedule was made. She just left after the court ignoring the judge. The DCS worker also threatened to throw me in jail when I was 15 minutes late dropping off the child when they had left her in my home for a month because “they had no place” for her even though she had her own room in my 3,800 sq ft house. The DCS worker straight up told me I was the “wrong” ethnic background to adopt these children. Come to find out 2 of the girls were raped by the grandson of their foster mother. So far 2 have aged out, never being adopted. They would have a had a safe, loving home to grow up in but because of that DCS worker their lives are far worse off now. The older girls were 14 and 15 at the time and told the judge they wanted to live with us… and the whole time they were saying this the guardian at litem was telling them they didnt.

  50. Micheal Fonda says:

    This is nothing new. This has been going on for years upon years.

  51. Pingback: Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents | Parents Rights Blog – GreatCosmicMothersUnite

  52. britt4063 says:

    Yes dcs does lie and takes kids that dont need to be taken they took mine for no reason need a good lawyer to sue the hell out of dcs they done me wrong i want them to go down

  53. britt4063 says:

    Dcs is a peace of shit

  54. Erin Warner says:

    Its the same out here in canada as well. For the right price people are willing to lie and destroy the lives of families especially the children.. My sister lost her kids because the accusations against my sister were never properly looked into about drug selling they only took the words of neighbours who had it in for our family when our parents lived in the area.. I haven’t been allowed to see or hear from my nephews and niece in 9 years. My friends are dealing with false accusations against them as well. Their son was taken and has been in care of a foster who weve found buses scrapes, scratches and just this week he was hospitalized because his fever soposidly caused him to have a seizure he is 2 years old…. Since being in fostercare he isn’t being proper cared for its obvious…. Another friend (whos NATIVE) her 2 kids were taken from her because her ex inlaws lied to social worker as well as in court and cps has one of their people (under their pay roll) made a false assessment that she has FASD, then they tried to take her 3rd child after she got into a relationship with her now other half also claiming her now bf has a disability when they couldn’t prove that they then told her that she wouldn’t be able to take care of all three kids.. Its been one lie and excuse after another. She still has her youngest because they don’t have proof that shes unfit as well as hes under the protection of his fathers band… Cps in states and Canada is so far corrupted its fucked up… Theres only so long their threats and greed will last… Because the truth always comes out… I hope their proud of letting go of morals replacing it with a damn price…

  55. lashell76 says:

    Need to do the same for Broward county in fort Lauderdale Florida Florida, I’m in a case now fighting for my grandson whom already was in my home since birth now fighting for 2 years to get him outa foster care ,y because of the lies of the advocate n guardian at LETEM n there supervisors ,,total lies n disrespect, violation of court orders,, n then the judges always take their sides ,,I don’t kno what to do can anybody ,please help me.with name is lashell

  56. Michael Cadena says:

    And if you think that CPS wont steal your kid and isnt involved in Child sex Traffickin. That it’s so bad your 12 year old daughter had to runaway and tell the news about it and then catch her again and make sure she doesn’t talk to anyone about it and that boerne police department and cheif Kohler will help her. Then watch this my daughter say it on the news and CASA,CPS, police , and texas rangers try to cover it up..oh YEAH MY DAUGHTER IS THE ONLY I HAVE FOUND WHERE A KID ACTUALLY MADE IT TO THE NEWS.

  57. Michael Cadena says:

    I mean I will click the link and I’ve investigated on my my on by their own documents how CPS will lie to steal your kids. And when your 12 year old runs away from them because she is being sex trafficked all over texas an all my EVIDENCE is on my face book. Just listen to my daughter say she was raped molested abused threatened all in CPS CUSTODY. And when she thought she was safe because was on the news now they are keeping her from everybody. The fact that my daughter is the the only kid that has made it to the main stream media is rare. I’ve exposed so much of the fraud even how judge use to be a CPS lawyer and setting you up from the very my beginning. Oh yeah they lie and say ariana is not saying anything about being raped but we all heard her on fox 29 news and mundo Hispanico

    Dad vs cps
    michael cadena

    My daughter Ariana Escobar

  58. Deborah January says:

    This has been going on for the past 15 – 20 years, they also have been known to place children in foster homes run by questionable people, even with known abusers and children have been sexually abused in foster homes. I can’t remember their names but there has been 2 people a congressman fighting the so called CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES dating back 10 years and
    before him there was a female politician also known to have been fighting them but who knows what happened to her. NONE OF THIS IS NEW.

  59. Darlene Yurcina says:

    That goes for here in Alaska. I and a lot other people here are going through the same here. It’s really sad to be accused for something that you didnt do. They only took one side and never cared what I said. That includes the judge I had as well.

  60. Kimberly Kimball says:

    My – Retired OPM FEHB mother was murdered by a HOSPITAL HHS social worker for refusing to defraud State MEDICAID – kickback conversion – U.S. DOJ / U.S. Attorneys are protecting the social worker from federal prosecution because the HHS social worker, is working for U.S.DOJ.
    U.S. DOJ -Treason , sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. Disloyality, violation of allegiance or duty, as to a government.
    U.S. DOJ conducting Federal Hospital Insurance Fraud
    Using Department of Health & Human Services, SOCIAL WORKERs for enactment of a grievance procedure T18CFR242CRIME, fully launched by the CLINTON Admn. U.S. DOJ – Janet Reno and ERIC HOLDER – PATIENT DUMPING, and allowing illegal billing, to Force illegal application for STATE MEDICAID Hospital Insurance KICKBACK Conversions.
    CRIMINAL PENALTIES FOR ACTS INVOLVING FEDERAL HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS SEC. 1128B. [42 U.S.C. 1320a-7b] (a) Whoever–(1) knowingly and willfully makes or causes to be made any false statement or representation of a material fact in any application FOR ANY BENEFIT OR PAYMENT under a Federal health care program (as defined in subsection (f)), (2) at any time knowingly and willfully makes or causes to be made any FALSE Statement or REPRESENTATION of a material fact FOR USE IN DETERMINING RIGHTS to such benefit or payment….
    DETERMINING RIGHTS — Federal Civil Rights …[ OPM FEHB – Sec. 900.401, Title VI of the CIVIL RIGHTS ] — For offenses resulting in death — [– HOSPITAL HHS social worker, interferance with patient care, enactment of a grievance procedure – T18CFR242CRIME, criminal denial of covered hospital & nursing facility benefits and services: OPM FEHB – HOSPITAL INSURANCE FRAUD – Patient Dumping – ), there is no statute of limitations.
    Sent: 11/12/2010 11:47:53 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
    Subj: RE: Color of Law – Imment Danger – HCFA Region 5 CMS
    Your email -[ – – government documents ]- has been received by the FBI Philadelphia Field Office, in order for the FBI to initiate an investigation of any complaint -[- Public Corruption – – Federal Hospital Insurance Fraud – – OPM FEHB and CMS MEDICAID – – Hospital Insurance Fraud -]- we receive, specific facts must be present –[- – T18CFR242CRIME — ]- to indicate a federal law within the FBI’s jurisdiction has been violated. It appears your complaint -[ WAS in 2002, 2003, 2004 …T18CFR242CRIME ]- needs to be directed to the Detroit Michigan Field Office.
    Thank you,
    Duty Agent
    FBI Philadelphia
    [Code of Federal Regulations] [Title 42, Volume 2] [Revised as of October 1, 2002 From the U.S. Government Printing Office via GPO Access [CITE: 42CFR417] [Page 682-775] TITLE 42–PUBLIC HEALTH HUMAN SERVICES – T18CFR242CRIME – PART 417 –HEALTH MAINTENANCE ORGANIZATIONS, COMPETITIVE MEDICAL PLANS, AND HEALTH CARE PREPAYMENT PLANS Subpart A–General Provisions Sec. 417.1
    Definitions. 417.2 Basis and scope.
    Subpart B–Qualified Health Maintenance Organizations: Services
    (g) Grievance procedures – Fully Launched in 1999 – – – T18CFR242CRIME
    $25,000 OPM FEHB Hospital Anti Dumping violation
    $25,000 OPM FEHB Nursing Facility Anti Dumping Violation and a
    $50,000 HCFA|CMS State MEDICAID Hospital Insurance Kickback conversion – approximately
    $100,000 = collected by U.S. DOJ and HHS OIG in ” Volentary Fines ” from Federal HOSPITAL INSURANCE Contractors, on * EACH defrauded Retired OPM FEHB, etal. Individual – forced: Patient Dumping & illegal billing ( domestic and financial terrorism ), into illegal application for HCFA|CMS STATE ( MICHIGAN ) Medicaid Hospital Insurance Kickback conversion ~ eligibility poor: Civil and Crime Victims Rights – DENIED T18CFR242CRIME.
    U.S. DOJ – National Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control – – T18CFR242CRIME – Task Force members: MIAG Jennifer Granholm, etal. – defrauding MICHIGAN – From 2000 to 2007, the median earnings of MICHIGAN workers increased 5 percent, from $25,910 to $27,096. During that time — [ Federal Health Care Offence – – T18CFR242CRIME / ANTI TRUST VIOLATION – – ] — ANNUAL health insurance PREMIUMS for Michigan working families [ OPM FEDERAL EMPLOYEES etal. ] Rose 17 times faster than median earnings — Unjust Enrichment for federal contractors.
    . — continuing a criminal enterprise
    False Safety Claims – JULY 27, 2010 — Statement of Christine A. Varney – Assistant Attorney General – – ANTI TRUST Division – CONSUMER FRAUD – – U.S. DOJ, illegal agreement – – with Federal Hospital Insurance Contractors – – T18CFR242CRIME — Blue Cross control of nearly 90 percent of the commercial health insurance market in the Lansing, MICHIGAN, area, Resulting in HIGHER –[– PREMIUMS – – – ANTI TRUST VIOLATION – ]– Prices, Fewer Choices, and a REDUCTION in the QUALITY of commercial health insurance plans purchased by Lansing area residents and their employers. The ‘acquisition’ also would have given Blue Cross the ABILITY to CONTROL Physician Reimbursement rates in a manner that could HARM –[– Hospital HHS social worker Enactment of a GRIEVANCE APPEALS PROCEDURE – ex: OPM FEHB program fraud – – criminal DENIAL of COVERED CLAIMS –]–the quality of health care delivered to CONSUMERS. We informed the parties –[– USDOJ Eric Holder – – Secretary HHS Kathlene Seblious – CMS Medicare|Medicaid Administrator – HHS OIG Daniel Levinson – – Michigan State Attorney General Bill Schutte, etal. MEMBERS / organized crime / of the National HCF Task Force – Who ARE and have been, Perverting and Obstructing the Course of Justice – since 1998 – T18CFR242CRIME ] – that WE WOULD FILE AN ANTITRUST SUIT TO BLOCK THE TRANSACTION, and the parties then -[- FALSE CLAIM – — Continuing Criminal Enterprise -]- abandoned the deal.
    OPM FEHB PROGRAM FRAUD – – T18CFR242CRIME — TITLE 5 > PART III > Subpart G > CHAPTER 89 > Sec. 8912. Prev | Next Sec. 8912. – Jurisdiction of courts – The district courts of the United States have original jurisdiction, concurrent with the United States Court of Federal Claims, of a civil action or claim against the United States founded on this chapter.
    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder – — USURPING – — 1. To seize and hold (the power or rights of another, for example) by force or without legal authority.
    IMMINENT DANGER — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder - — Office Of Dispute Resolution — [ — GRIEVANCE APPEALS PROCEDURE – T18CFR242CRIME –]– For Acquisition (ODR) — Nov 23, 2010 …for Acquisition (ODR) is the SOLE, Statutorily Designated TRIBUNAL for ALL — [– U.S. DOJ – – T18CFR242CRIME – illegal agreement with FEDERAL Hospital Insurance Contractors _ OPM FEHB – Health Alliance plan, Detroit – , MI – to defraud ALL federal health care programs and beneficiaries: using Hospital Dept. of Health & Human Services ( HHS ) social workers, for enactment of a government grievance appeals procedure – – T18CFR242CRIME: criminal denial of contracted Hospital & Nursing Facility Benefits and Services: Patient Dumping, to Force illegal application for CMS State|MI MEDICAID Hospital Insurance KICKBACK conversions -]– Contract Disputes.
    TRIBUNAL 1. Law a. A law court. b. The bench where a judge or other presiding judicial officer sits in court. c. The place where a session of court is held. 2. A committee or board appointed to adjudicate in a particular matter. 3. Something that has the power to determine or judge: the tribunal of public opinion.
    FRAUDULENT INSURANCE ACTS – MICHIGAN – – Insurance fraud is a FELONY in Michigan.
    2010 – – DEFRAUDING the State of MICHIGAN, etal. continues – — HHS – Kathleen Sebelius spoke to reporters and answered questions about A NEW REPORT on Health Insurance PREMIUM INCREASES [ anti trust violation ], including requested increases in Connecticut, Maine, MICHIGAN – – T18CFR242CRIME, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington. The report comes shortly after Anthem Blue Cross announced plans to raise rates on its California customers by as much as 39 percent.
    2017 — HR372 – – End the – CRIMINAL ACT OF CONGRESS – – Federal health care offense – – Anti-Trust Exemption for the Health Insurance Industry ……….. Continuing a Criminal Enterprise – – Federal health insurance Fraud.

  61. crystalbanks36 says:

    There are families in Michigan that are getting their Rights terminated and I feel as if they shit and I’ve had their rights terminated so my needs to look into Ottawa County and Muskegon County CpS

  62. Gaunzoe On The Beats says:

    Cps took my kids after there mom shot her boyfriend in the head, 2 months later cps gave her custody back from me the father, even with her getting back with her boyfriend in the same house she shot him in sadly before she got my kids back cps went to do one last visit & found my kids mother dead march 5th 2019 at 1pm. This cps system is horrible….

  63. Kimberly Gheen says:

    I am a mother who dealt with cps workers who lied and lost her babies over something that wasnt even in my control.. I want justice myself but not sure how to go about it

    • Kimberly Gheen says:

      I need someone to hear my story and tell me where the justice is at.. 4 years ago i checked myself into rehab got mixed up with the wrong people. I ask my brother to watch them so i could get help..well within a month my brothers wife beat my daughter almost killed her i did everything they ask me to…(cps) they made me turn over all rights to my children…they said i never followed any case plans and such..crazy part is they can prove i was clean since my first dayof rehab and still clean.. Well boils down to they letthe woman who beat my daughter still see her son but i cant see talk or nothing with mine

  64. Deborah Connor says:

    Tyler Blackmon, Rebecca Blackmon, and Bryce Blackmon, are in the custody of foster adoptive care. Ron and Carole Blackmon, fatsos in Lake Dallas, Texas, have been abusing them for years. We have hired attorneys, and done everything to get them back. Our legal system is so corrupt. Tyler, call me. Grandma, Deborah Lynne Connor 801-654-3140

  65. SassyMarchell Warren says:

    Yes that’s all they do. plus most of them is taking kids from a loving home I know one that’s on my son, girl friends case right now she’s working with my grandkids grandmother they have became close friends and that againt the law and i reportedand i bet they haven’t check it out but she’s still on the case

  66. Mary Joe Hertzog says:

    Pasco County Florida has a few lying CPS workers plus those Guardian ad litems.. My grandchildren was removed from her aunts care because they did not like her…she waa the mother of 3 and did all to provide a loving home and went out of her way to take in her niece and they lied so much…she had her niece from 1 month old to 11 months.. Before this had never had cps called on her…while having the child cps called 3 times..they took child away though left her children tho claimed the home was dangerous.. Now that child removed cps not been called once…2 of the cps calls was done by the worker on the case.. Plus she was caught in multiple lies before the judge and waa not questioned by the judge once…..ww lost my granddaughter because they claimed financially her Aunt could not afford long term…do they know the future. And if the everyday things and love is there should she have been taken…we are not promised tomorrow….just sayin

  67. Khalilah Clardy says:

    OMG. PLEASE. I need help. My children has been in the system since 2014. My caseworker committed perjury in court and I can prove it. She falsified court documents and tampered with evidence and I can also prove that as well. I have 4 children in the system and I am desperate to have them home. I was supposed to have an appeal but that was back in 2016 and they have never issued me a court date. They screwed over my family and it is not fair. Please somebody. ANYBODY!!!! Who do I contact? Where should I go? I am in Houston Texas. We want to go back home to Minnesota. PLEASE help us. You can call me. (346)-350-8241. If I dont answer, text or leave a message. Thank you.

  68. Jerry Chism says:

    investigate harrison county indiana dcs they do this alot. They tried to railroad me with false allegations and whenit was all over they just didnt want me (the father) having custody. They allowed my teenage daughter to send nudes to grown men and do nothing to her but lock them up. They ignored my plea for help and instead tried to make me the criminal just bec im a man

  69. Sabrina Laporte says:

    So wish someone would come investigate Elkhart county child protective services.. as for case work n casa workers lied to courts smitting for case closures when parents don’t have anywhere to live nor do they really press charges on parents who do major armchair kids broken arms legs skull fracture they’re quick to do reunification not making parents liable for their actions knowing children r not n going n safe environment

  70. dcheesbro5 says:

    Hi my name is Destiny I had a cps worker that put my kids and I back in a home with our abuser when I wasnt supposed to live with him and now the new worker wants us out ive been threated by the old worker 3 times to take my kids away for stupid reasons and then I put my foot down and said they r not loud to come to my home again then my daughter and son spoke up about the abuse again while they was mental hygiene arrested and the hospital opened a new case and I asked for help and they deined it and told me they r not gonna help me til I move out of our abusers house. But its hard to find a place to live that department of social servers will help pay the rent on the amount they will pay is $800 a month and I need atless a 4 bedroom house that allow dogs. Every landlord statement ive turned in before I had to come to this house was deined cause it was over their budget all cps does is give me. More workers. I need help I should have to deal with this all the time does anyone know who I can turn too cause the new worker supervisor even threatened to take me to court over this when I have no other place to go I left my home for a night and my abuser has fell down my basement stairs while we wasnt home and All they can say is they will help with a deposit if I can find a place. I need help

  71. rose12303 says:

    If some people didn’t make false reports to CPS. (James) they would have enough time and resources to respond to people who truly need help. Then there wouldn’t be cracks for cases to fall through.

  72. Stephanie Lynch says:

    Reading all these stories has really got me shook up. So heres mine.. we were recently accused of abusing my 3 yr old daughter, who social workers coaxed into saying that i hit her. Then, there was supposedly a bruise, she was taken to the emergency room and the doctor said she was fine. Cps then took pictures of the bruise and supposedly sent it off to forensics in Louisville, Ky. Now, its has been confirmed and a case has been opened. The bruise was caused by playing, she fell, it was an accident! Oh, and CPS claims to have used a “special filter” when the pics were taken. We didnt abuse our baby! But how can we prove it?! Its their word against ours. Amother thing, if abuse was comfirmed, then why hasn’t the CPS removed her from our care? Is this social worker lying to me? Im terrified that they’re going to take my babies and there’s nothing I can do. I live in Pikeville, Ky and it seems like CPS is everywhere here taking kids from good parents and ignoring the families that really need help. Oh, and they have made my life so hard since this started! I have to constantly be supervised and can’t move into my own place with my kids! I cant even go to the grocery store by myself with my kids without being transported and supervised by my brother who works 6 days a week and doesn’t have time for that. Its much more complicated than just that, I need help!! I do not trust these people, especially not now!

  73. Lynne Stevenson says:

    i haven’t seen my granddaughter in four years or heard from her they refuse to tell us any thing not even if shes ok they took her through lies and even tho we proved there lies the judge still went with them that was four years ago and they still lie now they are indeed monsters out to destroy families and children’s lives i hope that one day they will be court out and pay for what is going on

  74. Michael Gene Ross says:

    CPS is a Rogue Entity

    Nationwide, there are State run agencies who are supposed to be protecting abused children in dangerous situations. Each State has many different titles for them. All of them are main stapled as CPS (Child Protective Services). For example, in Texas they’re known as DFPS. (Department of Family and Protective Services) While there is an important need to find abused children and to protect them, the current system is only finding a small percentage of those truly abused children. The rest of their statistics that guarantee a high departmental income are from families who never abused their children. Where they get this income and the sources of information will be posted after the next paragraph. I am not calling for an abolishment of CPS. What I am petitioning for is an overhaul and restructure to bring them in line with lawful investigation practices, to maintain Constitutional Rights and proper training for Agents who never had children, and psychological evaluations to find and replace the Agents who were themselves abused as Children and see abuse in every home regardless of the situation. This is not, I repeat, not a rare occurrence. I will supply statistics to support this and how this has escalated. I will also supply the sources. Departmental income has become more important to CPS and their offices than actually finding abused children and protecting them. Each and every time they remove a child from the home, they g et paid from the Federal Government. Here they are: 1. Public Law 93-247 known as the Mondale Act of 1974. 2. Public Law 96-272 known as the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 3. Social Security Title IV-E funds. The ASFA- Public Law 105-89 known as American Safe Families Act of 1997 is one of the most horrific laws on the books today. While it sounds nice in the title, when you get through the legal jargon, what this means is so wrong. If you ever had a child removed from your house by CPS, even UNFOUNDED and you are innocent, they will take that child in minutes after the child is born! Babies are highly adoptable and the Federal Government pays out $6,000 to the CPS office who conducts the legal kidnapping and gets them adopted quickly without regards to the biological Mother and her family. Since she was investigated once, they do this in the “best interests of the child” as she is a “potential” abuser. The largest targeted type of families are folks with low incomes, children on SSI and are minorities. If you even have one of those three issues, you are a target for CPS to illegally investigate you. While these things are a surefire magnet, they have been known to do illegal investigations against families if they were reported falsely with malicious intent. Example is an ex-wife wants to get even with her ex-husband and his new family, she could report them and put them through Hell.Why are the reasons CPS Agents actually find so little true abuse? 1. Agents who never had children and don’t understand that a few toys in the corner of the room is not a hazardous mess. 2. Agents are not trained in real evidence recognition. In fact, no Agent in CPS has any training in evidence, the Constitution or criminal justice. They are given anywhere from 3 to 6 months of training, being taught that it is ok to break into a Home without probable cause or exigent circumstances. 3. Agents are trained to use subjective speculation and not objective factual reporting. 4. The Agents do not get psychological evaluations. A number of Agents who were abused as a child themselves see abuse in every home they go into, even if it’s not there. 5. Most States do not require Agents to have a degree in Social Sciences. Any degree will do, doesn’t even have to be related to the field. 6. The Agency has no checks and balances. A field Agent can lie to a judge or police officer with absolutely no proof and have it entered as factual evidence in a court of law! 7. Agents are trained to believe they are immune from the authority of the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment. They violate this in every investigation done nationwide.Here are the statistics and sources to support these facts:Number of Cases per 100,000 children in the United States. These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN) in Washington.CPS- Physic al Abuse (160) Sexual Abuse (112) Neglect (410) Medical Neglect (14) Fatalities (6.4)Parents- Physical Abuse (59) Sexual Abuse (13) Neglect (241) Medical Neglect (12) Fatalities (1.5)As you can see, children are abused far more in care than at home. The calculated average is for every 1 abused child removed from an abusive home, there are 17 unabused children removed from loving non-offending homes nationwide.Constitutional Violations and Court Rulings that CPS Ignores to this very day! 1. It’s unconstitutional for CPS to conduct an investigation and interview a child on private property without exigent circumstances or probable cause. – Doe et al, v. Heck et al (No. 01-3648, 2003 US App. Lexis 7144) 2. All CPS workers in the United States are subject to the 4th and 14th Amendment – Walsh v. Erie County Dept. of Job and Family Services, 3:01-cv-7588 3. Police officers and social workers are not immune for coercing or forcing entry into a person’s home without a search warrant . Calabretta v. Floyd (9th Cir. 1999) 4. The mere possibility of danger does not constitute an emergency or exigent circumstance that would justify a forced warrantless entry and a warrantless seizure of a child. Hurlman v. Rice (2nd Cir. 1991) 5. Police officer and social worker may not conduct a warrantless search or seizure in a suspected child abuse case absent exigent circumstances. Defendants must have reason to believe that life or limb is in immediate jeopardy and that the intrusion is reasonable necessary to alleviate the threat. Searches and seizures in investigation of a child neglect or child abuse case at a home are governed by the same principles as other searches and seizures at a home. Goodv. Dauphin County Social Services (3rd Cir. 1989) 6. The Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures extends beyond criminal investigations and includes conduct by social workers in the context of a child neglect/abuse investigation. Lenz v. Winbu rn (11th Cir. 1995) 7. Making false statements made to obtain a warrant, when the false statements were necessary to the finding of probable cause on which the warrant was based, violates the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement. Aponte Matos v. Toledo Davilla (1st Cir. 1998)What can be done to change this for a better, more healthy Child Protection System? I. Child Abuse is a Crime, not a touchy feely civil complaint and should be investigated as a crime. II. Have the abuse allegations investigated by a Detective or Police Officer, who are trained for this as a career, whereas CPS workers are not. All investigations are joint ones with said Officers of the Law and with warrants properly issues under probable cause. III. Re-train Agents to respect and obey the laws of the Constitution of the United States. If a family is guilty of abuse, a legal investigation will find it. IV. Repeal the Mondale Act, Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act, Title IV-E rewards to CPS fro m Social Security and the American Safe Families Act. Remember, they are not what the title sounds like and has been the root core of many loving homes losing their children to a system that will abuse them. V. Make CPS legally investigate those who sign up to be foster parents. They do not do this today, and many foster parent who want the money for fostering them are actually child abusers who never get caught! VI. All interviews to be audio and video recorded just like it happens with the police! VII. Hold CPS Agents and foster parents and the records keeper responsible for every child who vanishes or dies in their care for their location. VIII. Also investigate the person or persons reporting the abuse, and if done maliciously with intent to disrupt a family, prosecute the reporter to the fullest extent of the Law regarding making false claims to Government Agencies to affect an unnecessary and costly investigation. IX. Abuse is a Crime, guarantee the accused retain th eir right to face their accusers in a court of law. As the system currently is, this is not done. X. The Children are to be tracked on a weekly basis, so no more children vanish in the system. XI. If a disabled, mentally retarded or sick Child is put into Foster Care, the Child’s current Physician will need to provide a copy of the diagnosis and treatment, and medications, if any, will be provided as prescribed by the Physician. All appointments must be kept while in Foster Care. Any violations without a very good reason will result in the Foster Parents losing their certification for Foster Care. XII. If a Foster Child dies while in Foster Care, there will be an Investigation by the FBI and all parties responsible for the Death of a Child will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. XIII. There will be a National Database where all known abusers are recorded and can be accessed by Law Enforcement. Everyone who is found not guilty won’t have their Convictions and Abus e Reports listed. It will be illegal to keep records of any sort on innocent individuals or families. If they are convicted in a court of law by a jury of their peers, then the report of abuse they are guilty of will be the only report listed.Currently, none of this is done, and innocent families who are not guilty of anything are losing their Children based on the word of others where there is no burden of proof for Prosecution, for the sake of getting Federal Funds for tens of thousands of dollars. The few truly abused children are ending up in a system where they are worse off than where they came from, even to the extent of being killed. Also, the innocent children who are never abused are also killed.Injustice against one American is injustice against all Americans. Help us put the Justice back into Child Protective Services and get them focused on finding and saving abused children. It’s time we removed them from the profitable business of tearing loving non-offending families apart.

    I believe the idea is correct but the current agenda is putting our children in harm’s way.This is supported by the abuse of my daughter even after CPS Psychologist reported sexual misconduct. This rogue entity needs to be looked after by an oversight committee to monitor all decisions handed down by all parties involved and held responsible for their action’s damages caused. We the people who it affects have to stand up and address this issue, without fail.

    Sincerely, Michael Gene Ross

  75. aggiebrotzman says:

    They need to come and investigate Hazleton children and youth starting with Alison Miller
    And Katie Neauber luzerne county children and youth are so corrupt it is worse than kids for cash with the judges everyone in the Hazleton office should be fired

  76. snt07151717 says:

    Please help, this has happened to me & many other’s in Laurens county South Carolina. Where can I get help with getting help for this, falsified documents, drug tests, forged signature, lies after lies, not properly investigating?!?!

  77. April Nicole Pointer says:

    I have lost all 5 of my children due to Canadian County Caseworkers lying in court, not abiding by their own policies, or state or federal laws. My children have now been adopted, and I haven’t seen them in 4 years. I did EVERYTHING they asked of me. They convinced my ex husband to divorce me, they convinced him to sign over his rights, my mother was supposed to get them, so many things that were told to my children that were lies. Because the courts took so long to process anything, and because DHS never complied with the Judge’s order, and because my children had been living with the same foster mother for so long, I made a decision to sign over my rights so that they could remain where they were. I didn’t want to upheave their lives again, like they did when they were taken. I have learned now that a child died while in custody of Canadian County DHS, and under care of that same caseworker. I feel for those parents tremendously. I know that my children are alive, at least. And perhaps some day, I might be able to be in their lives again. It’s just so tragic that this happens to so many families.

  78. Tamara Behmlander says:

    We have that’s issue and have proof of it. Send to my email wow they are unbelievable what leights they go through to ruin peoples life’s makes me an very angry person been going on for a long time

  79. jeannie339 says:

    My name is Jeannie Cobb and l have written to judges and even the mayor and governor and nobody cares its not right what cps did to me in my fight for custody of my grandaughter l spent every dollar l had for lawyers and when l ran outta money the lawyers were gone l used my life insurance But l would do it again fighting to get my grandaughter back l pray and ask God why did cps do all the under-handed and lies and cover-ups Baltimore Maryland CPS is corrupt and nobody gives a damn l am a grandmother who loves and cares about her grandbaby l took to facebook writing praying l wish l could be given the opportunity to stand before my peers to speak and be heard and l know if l was allowed this l would get help and finally be heard But nobody cares do you ? Would you give me this chance l am begging to be heard please help me l have alot to say l even wrote my story its all true will you listen please l beg of you l love my grandbaby so much l will fight as long as l have breath in my body Please let me speak.

    • Sharyl Morris says:

      hi my name is lashell and i truly understand ive been going to court now for 2 years +fighting for my 2 grandkids ,my daughter did everything she was asked to do ,the child advocates n supervisors,n guardian at litem all falsely told lies and still are,violated court orders,failed to bring up truth,its crazzy ,i dont kno were to turn to because like u said nobody is caring that these people are taking our kids n family away from thier own family who is fighting so hard to bring them home and rather place them for a fee with strangers,,this is unbelivable i go back to court on june 5th 2019 coming up ,,going to trial for my own grandson to come home smh probably need to picked in front of the court house or something take it to the news people i dont kno im praying and asking god on what to do here…hoping n praying that i bring my grandson home because they have already adopted off my grandaughter to a foster family,but the order is that i still get to b in her life so i get her twice a month for overnight visits which im grateful for but i fought with all i had to get my grandaughter home upon also spending money on a lawyer which im still doing now to get the grandson home..this is sooo stressfull n takes alot from your life ..just to fight for these kids which is your family ..they treat me like a stranger trying to get the kids m treat the foster parents like thier the family .sooo backwards,,please if anyone can help us with these cases please do so im n broward county florida,fort lauderdale,,im preety sure miami families are experiencing the same problems with their childnet workers as well…

      • Karen Riley says:

        What I have come to find out in 8 years of my advocacy is that this was all set up decades ago by the Democratic party – Bill and Hillary Clinton sealed the deal back in 1997 by placing the bonus incentives to kidnap our children through the “Safe Families Act”. From this tactic; they managed to corrupt many other programs as well for profit – Medicaid, SSI, food stamps, Va assistance, etc… and twisted our Constitutional laws to benefit them not the people who it was intended for. President Trump is feeling the extent of this right now. The Democratic party wants and needs to stay in power and continue milking the American people to keep them rich and out of reach from any accountability. To stop them; the people must come together and expose them for their crimes, not relying on the one sided in-pocket media for help as they have made it more than clear that they will only report what the govt tells them to report and not the truth. Our children are being indoctrinated in our schools and colleges to believe what the govt wants them to believe. England did this long ago, keeping the poor poor, uneducated, only believing what the monarchy told them to believe. It was illegal for peasants/poor people to read or acquire any type of education, the people were easier to manipulate and control that way. Society has been so dumbed down that they can’t see the solution to this madness is right in front of their faces and can put an end to all of this in just one sweep of a majority vote. This was voted in people, and we can collectively vote it out of existence, all it takes is determination and making it happen. We have the power – per our own United Stares Constitution – to impeach any form of govt foreign and domestic for treason against the people. They took an oath to uphold the laws of our Constitution and to serve and protect the people, and are not doing that. Instead we are their cash cows, breeders of their merchandise, no different than cattle that are sold at auction for profit. Until we all stand together in every community, every state, and demand justice and accountability, keep electing these vultures into their corrupt cushy positions, nothing will ever change for the better, but only get far more worse. I suggest that you learn your first 11 Amendment rights and how to apply them, because it is the absolute key to your success in beating these criminals. Family Courts are not even courts, they are corporations operating under corporate minutes/orders they have written for themselves that has nothing to do with the actual laws or our Constitution/Civil Rights. It is set up to do exactly what it’s doing, ripping kids away from their homes and families. The people have the power and ability to change it, but it’s a matter of getting them to come together to do so.

  80. kimmyf73 says:

    I have the same similar situation with CPS what can I do

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  82. ahnj2014 says:

    This is what happened to me only they falsified in order to take my daughter and give her to an adoptive family. They are corrupt all the way around and put children in more harm sometimes as well. My daughters adoptive family was accused of knocking her teeth out by her and they did nothing about it even moved the adoption faster.

  83. Nicole Gonzalez says:

    Yeah they are lying bc my cps lady is trying to say I dont take my daughter to her appointments and I always going and I have proof .

  84. Diana Glass says:

    I would like someone to come and do an investigation in Dale County , asap ! They have not done an investigation on our case , it’s wrong how this case has been handled , I want an investigation to make sure this has not happened to other people , please I’m not gonna put it on here but if you come to investigate , we all will show and talk , this doesn’t need to happen to real families that have been here from day one and be treated like this ! It needs to be investigated !

    • harleychic2070 says:


      On Feb 7,2019 when this Nightmare started.  My name is Michelle Adams. My daughter is Amanda Adams. The mother of Kaylie10, Chloe9 Jacobs, Summer6 and Sadee5 Helms. Amanda Adams took my granddaughter Kaylie is 10 to Meadows Hospital because she had stole some money from us. (Scott and Michelle Adams) It wasn’t just that she had been acting out and that was out of character for Kaylie. So Amanda called Meadows and told her to bring her in for an evaluation.  Upon sitting there while they talked to Kaylie the WORST fear a mother would hear is that she had been sexually touched by the father (Brent Helms) of Summer and Sadee. He not only did this to Kaylie but to Chloe also. CPS Stephanie Clephane was called per procedure when a child states something like that. Amanda signed a form stating Brent Helms would stay away from the girls. Amanda went home with just Summer the other girls Kaylie and Chloe went to their dads for the weekend. Sadee stayed with her Aunt (Tabitha Adams).  Amanda didn’t get home from taking the girls to Suzie Place (child accuracy Center) it was after 430 am on the 8 of Feb. She was very tired.  Amanda is also a very hard sleeper. Amanda was awaken by Stephanie Clephane and 3 officers in her bedroom. Had no clue Brent was even there he had a key to get into the house. So she took Summer. Amanda was very upset and was screaming at Stephanie and even smacked her window Summer was in the car. Any mother that was trying to protect their babies would do the same. The way Stephanie made it sound she never seen a mother act that way. If Amanda was that bad she would of been arrested.  I was called because my youngest (Tabitha Adams) was going to take the girls but she has 3 of her own and had prior CPS case. My husband Scott Adams and I said we would take them since were a big part of their lives since birth. We live for all 9 of our gbabies.  Amanda was assigned Heidi a caseworker from CPS for whatever reasoning Amanda asked for a different caseworker. She then got Kari Magno-Perez. That’s where this nightmare started for us. (Scott and Michelle Adams) Kari had come over to our house my husband was the only one home She had sd that my husband Scott was hostile because she wanted to see the house and he sd the food is in the pantry and their beds where down the hall. Kari said she needed to see the whole house. Scott sd she didn’t need to go in our room because that’s out private space and that Stephanie and Heidi already has seen the house. So on Thurs May 30th there was a court hearing and that’s when Kari had asked Judge Galvin to remove the girls and place them with Brent Helms dad and step mom. (Barry and Bonnie Helms) the judge told them no and we would meet that Monday.  Brent had supervised visits that night.  Abbey from Family Solutions picked the girls up. I received a call from Kari starting she  had more evidence and she was removing the girls from my husband and I. I proceeded to tell her she couldn’t do that because the judge said they were to remain with us. Kari Perez was also to check my son and his fiancee so the girls could be placed with them. She has yet to do that. I was so hurt I love my grandbabies.  I was worried all weekend not knowing how they were doing.  Sadee and Summer had not been around Brents father and step mother not only that they were an hour away. They went from Ellettsville to Dugger In There home is here in Ellettsville. So on Friday 31st of May we hired an attorney. Lisa Anderson. She tried to get the girls back to us and even get Kaylie and Chloe since they have always been together. Also cause there dad (David Jacobs) had tested for meth and hadn’t been taking drug screens.  Kari had lied and made up lies. Judge Galvin had cited with CPS and sd they would remain with Barry and Bonnie. Kari and the CPS attorney (Danielle Rossner) was smiling. They are discriminating against our family. My husband and I have lived for our grandbabies and only getting to see them 3hrs a month and not even able to talk to them on the phone. Brent Helms lies and manipulates is a true meaning to Narcessist. He left for 4wks with a letter to the judge, mom and dad the day he was suppose to show up for court. Brent comes back and gets to see the girls right away supervised. A little bit of information about him he has abused my daughter physically and mentally, tried to control her he is a cheater. Brent has 6 kids by 4 different women. Has given his rights up to 3 of them. The 4th child he hasn’t seen since last year in July. When Sadee was 2 he spanked her so hard that he left his hand print thru her diaper.  Sadee had mentioned on July 1st that her daddy was coming to see her at Barry and Bonnies house without Abbey the one that supervises his visits.  He needs to have phychological evaluation. No one knows this man is a time bomb. Since then Kari has put in a petition for Brent Helms to get unsupervised visits. Are you kidding me he was the one that was touching lil girls and was also accused of touching his oldest daughter by Megan Jahn. Kari Perez isn’t making sure my gbabies are safe. I have everything to back up what I have wrote. My daughter has reached out to the Regional Manager -Laura Fair local Office Manager Elizabeth Bullock no results. She even called up to Indy and talked to Angel Owens on several occasions still nothing is being done. I just want my gbabies safe and that isn’t being done. 


      Grandmother who loves her babies

      Michelle Adams 

  85. frances abatzis says:

    pictures on a cell phone of a grown man in a teen girls bedroom morning and night on TOP of her–along with a short video of him in his underwear at the bed sitting down–DISMISSED in Pierce County–CPS accepted this man ( mother’s live in boyfriend) was helping 13 yr old practice for a play!! Closed case based on “Children have cell phone to call police if they feel in danger”

  86. Karen Monitz says:

    Unless you have worked at a social service agency you can’t say they don’t care.They wouldn’t have gone into the field if they didn’t care. Although I agree mis judgement occurs, I believe they try their best. The amount of pressure, liability, and time constraints placed on these workers is undeniable. The burnout/ turnover rate is high. The caseload size is unmanageable. The system is broken,. It would be nice if there was No reason that CPS had involvement in the first place. The story starts at home.

    • towardchange says:

      Hello absolutely nonsense!
      By the time they have completed their training they would come to understand the field of child protection is a sham. The good people upon completion of their training walk away from child protection or those good people who stay eventually leave. People enter social work degrees to pay for their mortgage because they are tired of dead end jobs.

    • renee7776969 says:

      Sorry but you are wrong , the workers here believe what they are told , and will cover up mistakes, and lie , they believe they can do anything they want because they can , i have proof of all the wrong doings that they have done to my grandchildren, and they have told me that they will not fix any of the mistakes that was made by the worker they said that if they admitted the wrong doings then it could open up a can of worms for other case’s , i was told that i was fighting a losing battle that they alway win , i would give all i have to anyone who will hear our story and do something about what they did to my whole family , all because the worker was sleeping with my son in law , the sheriffs office, the district attorney office ,the governor his self was all on our side but not one had the authority over the department to do anything , and in my daughter’s file all they had was notes from the worker maybe 2 are 3 pieces of paper , in our file we had over 2 hundred documents but nothing mattered, you know nothing about the department , sorry

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  88. suttonbaby says:

    Can anyone point me i the right direction the southbend dcs has treated my family horrible too my son falsfied documents i have all the accurate paper work showing my son shls not be ttokn

  89. yoshiitheguru1975 says:

    My whole case with CPS was tampered with they never took paternity, Moms didn’t show up 4 times and she even been a unfit mother lost kids to CPS, but because her family works in The Cleveland Ohio, Cps offices they got me paying for a baby that I haven’t even seen since the birth. But every attorney I attempt to get , they down with the messed up system in Ohio . I know it’s a Big lawsuit and Investigation for Officials who need to I investigate, So if theres anyone who would help to gets things investigated please contact me asap.

  90. Jeff Sallaway says:

    would give my right arm to have my story brought to the court and the caseworker that lied and falsified records brought to Justice. I fought and won against this corruption now I wish I could find a lawyer that would take on the corrupt CPS people here in Florida

  91. hostileharlie says:

    I actually have a case worker I could throw on the table on this one, she put me through hell for no reason still have all my paper work and witnesses to her lying, to the point my counselor got me a new case worker

  92. George Clark says:

    as a father of 3, by 2 different woman, i watched my ex wife get away with kidnapping of my youngest child who she has no biological ties to, along with getting away with parental abduction of my oldest 2 children, has been caught in several lies regarding abuse and neglect on the children, changes boyfreinds very often, and have proved myself several times in family court, have had every cps report unfounded, yet i am still looked down upon and she gets away with continuing to try and push me out of their life’s, what is one to do when the courts and cps dont want to see the truths that are right infront of them, but yet they ignore them..???

  93. lauraclark1968 says:

    Need to check out Hill County in Hillsboro Texas too. A lot of lying and falsifying records here too. Took a baby on a lie and adopted her out when I could prove they lied.

  94. lauraclark1968 says:

    Do not let CPS workers in your home or on your property! They are not your friends. They receive 3,000.00 per month for each child they remove from their parents! You do not have to let them in!

  95. renee7776969 says:

    Please tell me who done this investigation, we need justice here in mobile alabama , and there is know one here who will fight the department of human resources, the department will lie ,and they break many laws and do not care because they are above the law here in mobile alabama , they have control over the Judges, they do not do any investigations its all about who you know and the color green , please help again with any information, of anyone who will fight ,i have all the proof of the corruption, thank you ,

  96. alabamabigmike says:

    It’s quite simple actually, whoever dispatches them to a case should document the time complaint received, who was assigned and time assigned, time enroute, time on scene, time cleared and disposition. All case workers, should be issued a body can just like police are issued. This covers them by recording a video of the intire incident, and institute a policy for instant termination if the bodycam is deactivated for any reason before conclusion of assignment.

  97. craigallen1985 says:

    When I was 5 years old I got put in cps it was a good thing for me at the time but once I got put into homes most was horrible I got lock in my room could not eat with the family I was with was given a milk jug to use the bathroom in. I was made out to be bad kid. Most dont know this but there is a level system that they place you at level 1 is the lowest paid level-5 is the highest paid so naturally the people in the home will make me out of a file so they can make more money try to tell my caseworker what was going on they did not believe me and this was a numerous homes that kids were mistreated like me just so lazy people can get a check

  98. Reccless Shorty Productions says:

    OK so didn’t read all the comments but if a case has been closed but it has long term effects on people can they still sue can they still participate and have a say in the fact that the system is so corrupted i got did so foul when i dealt with cps all the lies and false accusations they put things in my case that were completely irrelevant to the case all kind of stuff happen i won the case but it was all a bunch of bs

  99. bigcskinner says:

    Arizona is also dirty

  100. Tina Candy says:

    washington state needs a change

  101. towardchange says:

    Reblogged this on Toward Change and commented:

    When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there was no merit to the allegations and closed the case.

  102. towardchange says:

    “Once, a supervisor actually changed a worker’s documentation to state that the worker interviewed the children when they actually did not,” she said. “That supervisor was caught as the printed documents did not match up with the things changed in our computer database. … They both still work for the agency.”

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