Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

Houston CPS worker Michelle Robinson testifies during her trial at the Harris County Courthouse in October. Robinson was convicted of falsifying records, sentenced to a year probation and ordered to pay a $300 fine. Dave Rossman / For American-Statesman

When Child Protective Services received a complaint that a Harris County father had choked his teenage daughter, caseworker Michelle Robinson said she hurried to the house, conducted a thorough investigation, determined there was no merit to the allegations and closed the case.

Except she didn’t. In October, a Harris County jury convicted Robinson for falsifying CPS records, concluding that she’d lied when she said she’d interviewed key sources in the case and that she left the young girl in danger. Robinson was sentenced to a year of probation and ordered to pay a $300 fine.

It wasn’t an isolated case. Since 2009, at least 50 CPS workers have been caught lying to prosecutors, ignoring court orders, falsifying state records or obstructing law enforcement investigations, according to an American-Statesman review of state and court documents.

At least four former CPS employees are currently facing criminal charges for their alleged misconduct.  Continue reading



IN THE NORTHAMPTON COUNTY COURT  His Honour Arthur Anthony JUDGE RUMBELOW QC  A Circuit Court Judge Assigned to the Northern Circuit.


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Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second. For years I have campaigned for the rights of children and their voices to be heard.
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31 Responses to Dozens Of CPS Caseworkers Caught Lying, Falsifying Documents

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  2. Eileen Apple says:

    Here is one suggestion, get them all cell phones that MUST be carried at all times. If they do not have their phones with them and are questioned about something they automatically get fired since they cant prove where they are. Also make them make a call from where they are so it is logged they have their phone.

    • salazar5410 says:

      Actually some states are moving towards this and most states workers have their own work cellphones. In Michigan, they all have cellphones and the state is working on an app that will include checking in and out of homes for specific cases for the workers safety, but basically can track them too.

      • Bridget Doman says:

        Care workers employed by agencies going round people’s houses, looking after the elderly for example, have to ring a certain number when entering the person’s home from their landline if they have one, or at least they used to, and again when leaving so the company know where they are at all times and how long they’ve been at the house. They should do this with social workers and other ‘professionals’. As for sws etc lying and falsifying documents, making false claims to remove children, this is nothing new. I’m just surprised it’s being talked about as though it’s only been found out.

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  4. I had brain surgery almost 20yrs ago, i had been a licensed foster/kenship parent in 2003 until child aged out. I had been also for 16 months our worker passed and we got a worker from a non profit org. pchas, he was still on training had no kids but yet he lied said “i had brain cancer could not care for there very basic needs! Took them all 4 from there life, family (BIG), school they loved, friends everything they had he would not let them have, many lies! He got a therapist that was not licensed to do tests on me and wow the lies also! A lawyer i got well put it this way i filed a formal complaint with the chief disciplanary counsel in jeff city, they found it worthy enough my case is in front of the committe! Now theres the family judge that i gave a declaration of facts. ( i had no brain tumor, no seizure disorder, the truth from a therapist (msyd), which the first one was not a msyd! I have evidence of all this and so much more it is unbelievable! It has been 2yrs now since my grandbabys has seen any of there family! Ones fault should not keep them from 9+ cousins, well i had been with my husband 30yrs he passed 18 months ago! We have 4 kids 13 grandkids, i have 4 sisters,2 brothers. This is so unfair unjust lies and so much more i am 51 and i thank god daily for his strenght. I would love to tell my story and show the proof of curuption on cps worker, judge, lawyer and therapist! Please help me i miss we all miss and love OUR family! God bless. Joann stanley 417-434-2521 or 217 s. kentucky, carterville, mo. What would one do? Never on my life child abuse, neglect nor drug charges never!

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  7. mrailslider says:

    I have court documents that contradict the charges against a mother with their own evidence and their own witnesses contradicting each other or admitting to illegal actions and even transcripts with missing pages that exonerate the defendant and they still took the parents rights

  8. My daughter has been going through the same or somewhat of the same her children my grandchildren have been gone to foster care for five years the four boys were not suppose to be separated but of course they were the oldest one have been in the same home four yrs. they are very good to him but the other have been in 12 I mean 12 didn’t homes can’t come up with any reason why we have been through 7 social workers all that are so bad they don’t even know where the children are most of the time the Judge that is over the case is also the social workers uncle we are in Logan County Kentucky Please please Pray that something gets done about this case and will Pray for you all to fine justice.

  9. msmidol says:

    The problem is they know from the first visit what will be done. Even if it is just a tiny thing they know before they go if the child will be taken away. It is all set up and unfair.

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  12. Dodge Co took custody of my brothers grandchildren Ethan 2 Camron put them in a foster house the father and mother were given high praise and my brother and his wife complained to Social Services about the boys crying and begging not to go back, but they made them bring them back and said that they were just spoiling them. A couple weeks later the foster father beat Camron to death and Ethan was sent to childrens hospital. Social Services acted like they were the ones that the situation hit they never took responsibility for their part in the murder of Camron. They are all lairs and cheats in my eyes

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  16. I need help In the state of Michigan in the US! I have no idea where to turn. My daughter was taken from me, “voluntarily” by CPS 3 days ago. I have been accused, based on her statements, of knowing about abuse and letting it go on for months.This is not true! I have not been arrested and have been given the opportunity to get a court appointed attorney, but I dont feel they will represent me well enough. Where do I turn for help? Any ideas? Just a lead to an attorney who will help someone who is low income! I need someone who will fight for me and my child!! PLEASE GOD LET THIS NIGHTMARE END!

    • towardchange says:

      Hello, how old is your child and what help is it you are seeking?

    • Based on your statement that “I have been accused, based on her statements, of knowing about the abuse and letting it go on for months” the issue IS according to your statement your own child is alleging abuse. This allegation as you can see is NOT taken lightly. Once that happens the courts and law processes MUST be initiated to protect the child. Any offending person involved will now have to PROVE their innocence or face legal charges. Somewhere in all of this lies the TRUTH and the courts will make sure it is revealed to protect the child who can not protect themselves. If you have to take the Legal Aid Assistance because you can’t hire a private attorney please obtain one immediately.

    • There is a parent help group through the Judson Center in Warren, MI. They do offer guidance, support, help with transportation, and classes. A cotact number is 586 573 1810. They are wonderful people. Also, attorney Norman A. Yatoma’s office is helpful. 248 481 2000. I wish you luck and success. Terry-Lynn.

    • salazar5410 says:

      Usually with CPS there has to just be a preponderance if evidence which has a lower burden of proof than criminal and civial court. Typically CPS only needs a 51% proof that there is some sort of abuse and unfortunately when a child tells the CPS worker something is going one CPS has to protect that child. If a child is telling the worker so and so is going one they have to make sure that child is in a safe home or away from the prepertrator. You have no choice but to proof what she is saying is false, but with CPS that child comes first.

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  18. It’s pathetic that children have to rely on useless slugs like this to look out for their interests. This country has become a nation of clueless snowballs who take no pride in anything and especially not in their work. You are a disgrace!!

  19. I have proof of lies in court granddaughter was never neglected or abused, and I wasn’t charged with it…I did every thing they wanted me to do, and after i did, they put a motion in to stop giving me visitation. I raised my granddaughter since birth…they took her when she was about 16 months old because i was abused and it’s a long story…she was treated like a princess and very loved and very well taken care of…happy child The foster parents knew the social worker and wanted her….they got her….she has been with them from 2014 and she hasn’t been allowed to see me….for NO reason! There is too much to write here, but, point is…who you know and how much money you have, is what makes the decisions in the law…not the actual truth!

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  21. Patricia Hurtuk says:

    Go to facebook MIRACLE FOR JUSTINA. This could help a lot of folks.

  22. nuknuk Mrs. Amazing says:

    Hi my is Bianca i live in milwaukee wi thats my home town i had four kids that was takeing from me i did ever thing they as of me for them to play me out ofmy kids life i belive the case work play with the paper work i need help geting my four kids out so they can come home. I never got a second chance to be a mother to my kids and this is not fair at all

  23. Stacy Sharples says:

    My story started I’m here in Erie County Pennsylvania In 1992, my 1st child was voluntary adopted due to me being 16. My sons were taken in January of 96, I started watching how my court documents for being written It makes you sick. I did everything I was court ordered to do Parenting classes Mental health Doctors Everything for my sons. When it came down to the involuntary termination of parental rights court hearing Child Protective Services lied I could have had my sons back. It was stipulated I never did anything of the court order For 2 years that they had my sons. 1998 I had another child My daughter was ripped away from me right at birth The next day after I gave birth. I requested for meetings I requested for a change of caseworker, I had letters From the state Government Nothing was never done. 2000 had another child out of state Came back to Erie Child was dropped on the floor and ripped away from me By the police And CPS. Parental rights were IVT’D from all 4 kids. We appealed one case 1998 It was denied by Superior Court My daughter was adopted To a family member I feel that was paid off. From 2001 To 2007 We had investigations launched Due to an adopted child being killed by the adopted mother. So this gave us a chance for the state to have our cases reheard. They were reheard nothing was ever done With the investigative report The state really didn’t care And they still don’t. 2007 CPS went back to court with me the adopted mother Contacted me About my oldest daughter being out of control and how bad she wanted to be with me So I agreed To bring my daughter back in my life As this took place I also was granted by the adoptive parents to see my 2 sons. My boys became out of control Locked up, Want to be with me, The family moved so then I had no contact. 2008 I had And another child She was not Detained At all I have raised her for 10 years. I have been a home health aide, personal care attendant, Direct care worker For 19 years. This just comes to show I’ve never been investigated or Reported On any type A child abuse, Child neglect, Elder neglect, Elder abuse Through the state of Pennsylvania. The FBI clearances Come from children youth and families In Harrisburg, Nothing exists. what is so sad Is that this case workers lie to the adoptive parents and they make up stories to make the biological parents look like crap It’s sad what I’ve gone through since 2007. Our due process laws and the court documents were falsified without proper seen evidence of abuse or neglect….

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