God Save Our Gracious Ben Fellows

God Save Our Gracious Ben Fellows

Not their God, Our God!
By Joy A Thorn on Friday 31st July 2015

Ben has been proven innocent of trying to pervert the course of justice by writing his statement for the police and 10 out of 12 people could see this by the ‘preposterous’ evidence presented by the prosecution. they realised Silvia Young was completely ”mistaken” when Ben’s defence showed clear evidence that Ben had an acceptance letter from her school and a number of contracts and letters from her after she said she did not know him at all! The police were shown to bully Ben into writing the statement in the first place where evidence was shown that he had clearly stated a number of times he did not want to do so.

We now know for afact if Ben did not record telephone conversations and video meetings with police in his home he would not be a free man now. The cook report team, well they were involved with a powerful sting designed to bring down the entire tory party,.. outing a video of a little grope by the chancer Kenneth Clarke, in an environment where Ben had been warned to expect it by their own admission was not going to get the results they wanted… so they ditched it as irrelevant to their agenda seems the obvious answer to why they denied all knowledge of the video existing.

Ian Greer wrote a statement saying he had never met Ben originally, then he changed the statement because he had mentioned meeting Ben in the book he had written about the sting operation…. Oh dear! Ben Fellows was the only person to have brought any material evidence to the court proceedings, only his mum was brought in as a defence witness. What a star Stephanie Fellows is, if she had not catalogued and kept on file all of Ben’s contracts and accomplishments as an actor.

None of the prosecution witnesses had any thing on record at all. Ben’s case proves how vital it is to have video evidence to get a fair trial. I watched as people who were initially against Ben saw the light, saw the set up and embraced a learning curve. Ben has stated publicly he will say no more about Kenneth Clarke and the vultures have swooped on that point I notice, from comments

I have read under various online articles about Ben being found not guilty… well I dont blame him after what he has been through… plus the fact that now this has happened anybody else out there who has encountered this man who thought he was above the law can come forward knowing the neon question mark above his head is getting brighter and brighter. Last thing, just because Ben has said he wont be mentioning Kenneth Clarke again does not mean he is not going to continue with the cause… the rest of us can mention Kenneth Clarke as much as we like and use this case to prove that all police interviews need to be videoed and all parties have the right to do so or justice may not be really achievable.

Ben, you have cracked open the fabric of the establishment in your case Regina v Fellows. Massive respect for 10 special people! God Save our gracious Ben Fellows! Peace and Love and Power to the people!

About towardchange

Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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    At leats justice has been done – and been seen to be done in this case.

  2. towardchange says:

    He didn’t know it at the time but Ben was the newest member of a deeply sinister and secret club in which young and vulnerable innocents like him were passed around and abused like playthings.

    The leaders of this shameless parade in this plastic world were – indeed still are – household names.

    Incredibly he says he was bedded by a current female BBC employee working in children’s entertainment when he was just 15 and snorted lines of cocaine with one of Britain’s best-loved stars who is still regularly seen on television.

    He was propositioned by married actors and thespians with a penchant for boys and was almost raped in a grubby hotel room by one of the biggest TV stars of the Eighties.

    Slowly, he saw friends get seduced by the excitement and thrill of endless parties and backstage passes.

    They were drawn into a seedy world of rampant sexual abuse, horrific excess and empty promises and although he dabbled for a time at least with drugs he decided to stop the ride and get off.

    He says: “From the age of 15 I was a regular at Stringfellows, Café de Paris and the Atlantic Bar & Grill. I attended scores of celebrity parties and private functions.

    “As a child actor you are not responsible for your actions, you’re naive and vulnerable, so saying no when powerful

    industry people are telling you to take drugs was not an option when the implication was that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be hanging around for too long.

    “The list of extremely well-known actors, casting directors, directors, producers, writers and executives who abused me, or attempted to abuse me sexually, while I was a child actor would make the public sick.”

    Ben was one of the lucky ones. Many of his friends from his time as a child star are now deeply troubled individuals.

    An intelligent man, now aged 37 and a successful filmmaker living in South London, Ben has taken more than 20 years to fully understand the world he once inhabited.


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