On The Run Child Snatch Mum Vows NEVER To Return To UK For Fear Her Precious Children Will Be Taken Away


On The Run Child Snatch Mum Vows NEVER To Return To UK For Fear Her Precious Children Will Be Taken Away

Source: I Want My Baby Back

A mum on the run in Northern Cyprus with her two young sons has vowed not to return to Britain because she fears they will be taken from her.

Amelia Warnes, 24, defied a High Court judge who expressed “grave concern” for the welfare of Charlie, five, and Kaiton, two.

She insisted: “The kids love it here, they’re happy and healthy. I’ve done nothing wrong.”

Amelia and husband Jason, 26 – father of younger son Kaiton – had been on holiday with the boys when they learned they were “in trouble” with social services.

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AdoptionLand: From Orphans to Activists


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via Supreme Court to examine Indian Child Welfare Act requirements in adoption dispute.

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