Early intervention In The UK

Early intervention In The UK

Our commitment to early intervention into families where children have been identified as at risk has played a vital role in resolving many problems before they escalate to a level where children need to be removed.  ~ Westiminster

Source: Why Westminster is bucking the trend in children’s care proceedings

Early Intervention Foundation will shortly be publishing details of a wide range of early intervention programmes which focus on parent child interaction in the early years, addressing attachment, cognitive development and social and emotional skills. This will be a useful resource for commissioners as many of the interventions have evidence of effectiveness. The work of making the UK an early intervention place for families and communities continues.”
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We do not need statistics to prove what common sense does reveal, however if one must:

Not only do statistics show that children in care do not reach their full potential, but care proceedings can be both time consuming and costly, so each child we save from the care system represents a significant saving to the council taxpayer’s purse. Particularly in an age of austerity, early intervention and a rapid resolution of family problems often prove the most cost-effective way forward.

~ Nickie Aiken,Thursday 16 February 2012

SCOTLAND – The statutory social worker’s role in prevention and early intervention with children

In terms of definition, ‘prevention’ refers to activities to stop a social or psychological problem arising in the first place. ‘Early intervention’ is activity aimed at halting the development of a problem which is already evident. Thus the distinction between the two terms relates to the stage of problem development, rather than age of the child or length of time the child has been known to a particular agency. To Read More Click Here >>

When you say no access to health and education..you really mean no access to government health and education. So what? That could only mean the child will probably grow up smarter and healthier. The only suitable change is for government to get the hell out of people’s lives until they are invited.

Here the problem does lay, invite them in and watch the faeces hit the fan!

Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption


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