Child Trafficking  – Northampton Borough Council


Child Trafficking  – Northampton Borough CouncilNorthampton family court section may have closed, yet all the staff are still there shirking in the background.

Source: Child Trafficking Secrets and whatdotheyknow.

Very interesting and insightful information, presented below.

Child Protection or Child Trafficking

From: LS Palmer

18 January 2011

Dear Northampton Borough Council,

The standard letter from the Department of Education states:

“The law is clear: children should live with their parents wherever
possible and, when necessary, families should be given extra
support to help keep them together. In most cases, support from the
local authority enables any concerns to be addressed and children
remain with their families.”

S17 of the Children Act places a duty on Children’s Services to
assist families in need.

Please could you provide a year by year breakdown since 2003 of how
much of your budget has been allocated for assisting families in
need and give general information as to what that budget is spent

Please could you further provide a year by year breakdown of how
much of your budget is allocated to families subject to ‘care

Please confirm you abide by the following laws:

1. All families subject to care proceedings have had the benefit of
a Residential Family Assessment before the child’s permanent
removal in accordance with L (A Child) and H (A Child) [2007] EWCA
Civ 213 which held:

“before removing children from their natural families and placing
them for adoption with strangers the court should be astute to
ensure that the case had been fully investigated and that all the
relevant evidence necessary for the decision was in Place, Art 6 of
the ECHR required it…..There would of course be cases in which a
s38(6) assessment would be a waste of public funds: parents who had
inflicted injuries on their child but had failed to acknowledge
their responsibility or a woman who did not accept that a
paedophile partner was a risk to the child”

2. All parents who are guilty of abusing/neglecting their children
to the extent that nothing short of removal from the parents will
protect the children from SIGNIFICANT HARM have been convicted of a
criminal offence for abuse/neglect and have been referred to the
Independent Safeguarding Authority.

Please provide a positive or negative affirmation in relation to
the following statements:

3. That since removal of children from the parents no child in the
care of the Local Authority has:
a. Suffered sexual abuse
b. Suffered physical abuse.
c. Suffered emotional abuse.
(In this respect data referring to convictions/complaints of
misconduct of social workers/foster carers/care workers and
statistics relating to child suicides/children running away would
provide the relevant assertion as to whether or not children were
suffering ‘in care’)

4. That since removal of the children from the parents no child in
the care of the Local Authority has been used for medical testing
or registered on any program by the NIHR, MRCN or any other medical
research program without the explicit consent from the biological

5. That since removal of the children from the parents the children
have been raised in the same faith they would have been raised in
if they had not been removed from their parents.

6. That no child has been returned to the care of the local
authority post adoption.

7. That no child in the care of the Local Authority has been
criminalised, ie gained a criminal record having not previously had
a criminal record while in the care of their biological parents.

Yours faithfully,

LS Palmer

Northampton Borough Council did not have the information requested.

Child Trafficking Secrets.

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Sir Martin James Narey Director Details.


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I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it. 


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