Taiwan – Children And Young people

Taiwan – Children And Young people



Currently, Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, and some other minor islands effectively make up the jurisdiction of the state with the official name of Republic of China but widely known as Taiwan.

  • Capital: Taipei
  • Population: 22894384
  • Size: 35980.0 Km

Poverty of children and older adults: Taiwan’s case in an international perspective.

This paper examines poverty risks across countries and age groups with a special focus on Taiwan. Relative to Western countries, Taiwan has:

  • a moderate child poverty rate
  • a much higher elderly poverty rate

This might be explained by differences in social welfare efficiency, market income inequality and household composition. Taiwan notably differs from Western countries by:

  • enjoying full employment
  • a compressed earnings structure
  • a low rate of single-parent headed households
  • a high rate of older adults who live with family members
  • fairly inefficient social welfare
  • much less spending on social welfare

Click here to download paper (PDF)

Source: Taiwanese aborigines – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Department of Social Welfare,Taipei City Government

The Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government has one commissioner hired by the mayor to oversee general department affairs and to supervise department staff and two deputy commissioners to assist in department affairs. Continue reading


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