Season’s Greetings And Best Wishes For The New Year 2016

Season’s Greetings And Best Wishes For The New Year 2016

By Cheryll Botha.

As I lay me down to sleep
I think of those upon the street
No matter who or what they are
Their lives are uncomfortable, uneasy, by far

They know not the joy of Christmas cheer
Instead they live in constant fear
So please dear friends, give a thought this year
For those in need, who have nought to spare

Our festive season is not theirs to share
And my heart is sore for what they bear
Animals, children, men and women alike
Whether, lost, displaced or alone at night

I wish them all, a home, a haven
Food a plenty and comforts a laden
And as I spend this holiday season
With loved ones and friends for a special reason
My heart will think of these desperate souls
And may THEIR wishes come true as the New Year unfolds

Bloggers Who Are About CoverUps!

Again the year 2015 did prove bloggers are able to self organize, and attach oursselves like leaches to specific issues, challenges, corporations, organizations and whatever. The intelligence minutemen of this century.

Never before have the eugenicist within social services and the CPS, felt so exposed. 2016 will be another devastating year for them, as we continue to campaign not for reform, but to create the terms and conditions for a systemic DISMANTLING process to begin.

Parents who record child protection meetings: what social workers need to know.

Child protection consultant Joanna Nicolas says recording meetings would distract focus from the child and leave professionals too scared to speak openly and honestly about concerns.

The #simple solution to the above problem quoted above is this, just do not inform the social worker/s they are being recorded.

The problem

Now everyone has a mobile phone, the technology to covertly record is far more readily available and social media means the ability to publish or share it has increased exponentially.

We see that as a great thing!

RECORD EXPOSE and teach these Cretins that there ARE Consequences for their actions.. You cannot bring charges as the police don’t act.. Even if you have clear evidence you are all too often told ” It is a Civil Matter” or “See your solicitor” But Family LAW Practitioners are not interested in exposing such criminal activities as it will adversely effect their living they often tell you that it is not a family Law matter.

If you have the Money to bring a Private prosecution you would be met with delays until you ran out of Money.. So to all that think that Family LAW follows the same rules of BURDEN OF PROOF as Criminal.



Cultural Competence

This refers to the ability of an individual or an organisation to acquire sufficient knowledge of the culture of diverse groups to increase tolerance,
understanding and acceptance and to reduce stereotypes, misunderstandings.

Concepts and prejudice (Pope-Davis et al., 2003). In a health and social care context, where the aim is not just to accept people but also to help and support them, such knowledge can have the additional function of ensuring that support is provided in a culturally sensitive and respectful way. via @NgoziGodwell

This photo offers a glimpse into how CPS manages to break family bonds.


Child Protection Services

Imagine for a moment that you are outside playing with your children and one of them disturbs one of your neighbours. A shouting match ensued even though you have tried several times to apologize and had your child apologize. Now a couple of days later a CPS worker shows up with a report of “suspected” abuse by an anonymous tip.

Child Protective Services Has ‘Outlived Its Usefulness,’ Pediatrician Says

Much attention has been focused on the inadequacy of child protective services agencies in the United States. That attention includes a Los Angeles Times’ 2009 series on flaws in local CPS operations titled “Innocents Betrayed.” A new study confirms the difficulty of child protective services agencies nationwide in altering the fate of abused or neglected children.

Researchers used a national database to examine the outcomes of 595 children ages 4 to 8 who were considered at high risk for abuse or neglect. About one-quarter of the children had been the subject of a child protective services investigation for suspected child maltreatment. But when researchers examined the children at age 8, they found that children who were subjects of investigations fared no better than noninvestigated children in the study on such measures as social support, family functioning, poverty, maternal education and child behavior problems. In other words, being the subject of a CPS investigation did nothing to improve the lives of the children. Click Here To Continue Reading >>

Children are better off when left in troubled homes, and not detained in state custody foster homes.

Source: Study Concludes That Kids Are Better Off In Troubled Homes Than In Foster Care | Child Protective Services-CPS-False Accusations.

“Never stop wanting what is true, right, fair and decent … Happy Holidays!”

Source: Season’s Greetings And Best Wishes For The New Year 2014.

Latvian, Lithuanian And Russian Mothers In The United Kingdom.

Names And Addresses Of Some Judges.




I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it. 

About towardchange

Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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