Why the Child Protective Services Social Worker Isn’t Helping You

Child Protective Services social workers may act friendly but often turn rude, some even lie in court to take children from their parents.

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The caseworker’s job is to prepare a legal case against the parents, while placing the children in a different home. They believe they are helping children. They do not want to help parents because parents are the adversary. When they go to court, the parents are on the other side of the courtroom.


You’re in a legal battle. That social worker is not there to help you. She’s there to destroy the bond you have with your children by having them placed in state custody.


The social worker might be nice while she’s trying to get something from you, such as your signature on papers, or your child’s birth certificate. But when she’s done with that, it is back to the business of destroying your family because that is her job. It is what her


supervisor requires of her. She wants to keep her job and so she does as she’s told.

As the front-line person, your Child Protective Services social worker may put on a good show of being friendly. You may be tricked into thinking she’s just there to try to help your family. If you trust her you play into her hands.

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