Fostered And Adopted

Fostered And Adopted


Kentucky’s Republican governor-elect Matt Bevin is the father of nine children, four of them adopted from Ethiopia. This is Joel Pett’s cartoon for today’s edition of the Lexington Herald Leader.

Bevan’s tweets (, in response:

“Shame on the Lexington @HeraldLeader for publishing a deplorable, overtly racist attack on my children.”

“The tone of racial intolerance being struck by the @HeraldLeader has no place in Kentucky and won’t be tolerated by our administration.”

The Only Native In A White Community

The wise Cherokee proverb, “Never criticize a person until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins,” encapsulates the idea that it’s impossible to internalize another person’s point of view without climbing into their skin and walking around in their world. Too often, non-Aboriginals lack even the basic knowledge of the lives of indigenous people.

For example, how many of us could comprehend why a four-year-old child would attempt to scrub colour from their skin, scouring and bleeding profusely? Carol Daniels’ just-published first novel, Bearskin Diary (Nightwood), offers much insight and I winced at the unprecedented glimpses into the raw, painful reality of Canada’s First Nations. Continue reading

For women talking about race would make you a ‘militant black woman’ and white foster care parents do not like that.

“The first step of solving any problem is not to hide from it. The first step to any form of action is #awareness.”



Source: Adoption Questions Asked by Lord Sheikh

Girl’s hands holding globe — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis




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