Parents Rights and Responsibilities – Relationship Between The State And Parents

Parents Rights and Responsibilities – Relationship Between The State And Parents

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“Parental Responsibility affords the legal right to take decisions about such things as your children’s education, medical matters and religion.

Source: Parental Responsibility

Cameron’s reassertion of state support for parenting class provision predictably drew some sceptical responses. The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson questioned whether parenting classes could “be effectively delivered by the state”, and accused such provision as representing “Big Brother’s parenting classes”. In a more measured piece in The Observer, Daniel Boffey, referenced the government’s previous foray into parenting – the CANparent pilot – which, Boffey argued “ended in meltdown and embarrassment”.

The trial was a small-scale, but high-profile initiative launched by Cameron in May 2012 that ran until March 2014. It was aimed at parents and carers of children aged 0-5 years living in three English districts: Camden, High Peak in Derbyshire and Middlesbrough. It offered all parents – not just those at risk of anti-social behaviour – the opportunity to access a choice of parenting courses in their area.

The evaluation also highlighted challenges in how to provide this type of early intervention using a quasi-market model

Cameron’s re-commitment to parenting education represents a continuing theme in recent family policy. There will be challenges in any implementation of state-backed parenting support, but it is clearly a policy that looks to be here to stay. Click here to read full article

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