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Northampton County Court | Search Results | Parents Rights Blog

Last updated on Thursday 25th February 2016

Two magistrates’ courts in Northamptonshire set to close by the end of 2016

Two magistrates’ courts in Northamptonshire will close by the end of the year.

Kettering Magistrates’ Court, Corby Magistrates’ Court and Kettering County Court are among 80 courts nationally to shut.

The courts have been earmarked for closure since July 2015 and will all shut by the end of the year.

Delivery director for HM Courts & Tribunals Service Midlands Lucy Garrod said the decision to close the courts in Kettering and Corby meant that court users would need to travel further to attend court.
Northampton and Wellingborough Magistrates’ Courts are now the only ones left open in Northamptonshire.

She said: “We have modified some of our plans using the local knowledge provided in responses to the consultation, to reduce the travel time impact to court users.

“We will continue to investigate and develop alternative ways for users to access our services to improve access to justice.

“Staff and judiciary who work hard to deliver our justice system will obviously be affected by these changes.
“I am committed to working closely with the judiciary on the implementation of these changes.

“I will also be supporting our staff through these changes and ensuring the transition to the new arrangements takes place in a fair and transparent manner in line with the Managing Organisation Change Framework (MOCF) and in consultation with the Departmental Trade Union.”

The magistrates’ courts will close between now and June, with Kettering County Court to close between July and December.


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