Judges’ And Psychologists’ Assessments Of Legal And Clinical Factors In Competence For The Family Court

Judges’ And Psychologists’ Assessments Of Legal And Clinical Factors In Competence For The Family Court


Children, Ethics, and the Law: Professional Issues and Cases

By Gerald P. Koocher and Patricia C. Keith-Spiegel

Although unfortunate, it is perhaps no wonder that many mental health professionals attempt to avoid working with children altogether, often citing concern about potential legal and ethical dilemmas. It is not that such professionals dislike or are unsympathetic towards children. Rather, they are concerned about what people who are legally defined as minors bring along, and not usually by their own choice, into a professional relationship.

Those who work with children cannot always count on dealing with loving and cooperative parents who will make appropriate sacrifices for their children or give mental health professionals appropriate latitude to do their work according to their own best judgment. Professionals cannot rely on local, state, or federal laws and policies related to children to say what they mean in easily interpretable language or to never contradict or preempt each other. Nor can we assume that community agencies and the courts will provide prompt, highly competent, compassionate and well-orchestrated services. We cannot even rely on our own professional associations to have ethics codes or other information that deliver clear guidance as to how a member of the profession should proceed in a given circumstance related to children. All of these factors combine with continuing disagreements about the meaning and desirability of increasing children’s rights to self-determination. To read in full, click here 

Dr George Hibbert Tadpole Cottage

Dr George Hibbert is a psychiatrist who has been contracted to undertake parenting assessments of families involved with social services. Usually this arrangement would have been agreed between all four parties involved in the legal proceedings – CAFCASS, the local authority, the family and the court, and the resulting cost split between these parties. 

CAFCASS does not pay the fees, Legal Aid do.

Even so the expert will produce a finacila statement and a copy is sent to all parties. This includes Cafcass.

NO EVIDENCE of wrongdoing was found against physchiatrist Dr George Hibbert, following a hearing into allegations of malpractice this month.

Dr George Hibbert, who cared for hundreds of parents and their children at the Tadpole Cottage assessment centre in Blunsdon, faced accusations he failed to provide good clinical care to a patient between June and September 2007.

A GMC investigation was launched after a woman in her 30s alleged Dr Hibbert wrongfully urged her three-year-old toddler be removed from her care by social workers. Click Here To Read Full Story>>

Ever wondered Why So many Parents are subjected to Psychological assessments then Diagnosed with a condition!

Unless we have total transparency people will be “Human” and do anything to avoid blame, many times even, at the expense of another.

This is they infer paranoid delusion in your Clients ! It is also true for other government departments.

This is a prime example of why secrecy in Family Courts should be Abolished !

Adoption Questions Asked by Lord Sheikh

As evaluators in child protection cases, psychologists are frequently asked to address such questions as:

1. How seriously has the child’s psychological well-being been affected?

2. What therapeutic interventions would be recommended to assist the child?

3. Can the parent(s) be successfully treated to prevent harm to the child in the future? If so, how? If not, why not?

4. What would be the psychological effect upon the child if returned to the parent(s)?

5. What would be the psychological effect upon the child if separated from the parents or if parental rights are terminated?

Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption.


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Should Judges who preside over care proceedings have a mandatory psychology assessment?


The 30 Articles of Human Rights – YouTube.Race

Do your own research

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