Note From The Author – February 2016

Note From The Author – February 2016


Good day to you all!
I am informed some people are concerned that they are not seeing as many posts from me, as they usually do, which is to do with Facebook. The simple solution is to switch on my notifications, then you will see my posts,first thing. That is what many people do.

I could understand the removal of many of the Tottenham photos due to privilege and copyright issues, but NOT my own prison photo, because I am the only person in it!

I do understand another reason for removing my photo maybe my prison identification number being displayed. Well, the number was my own in the first instance and by rights I can share that number with whoever I do choose.


The person as named in the photo is not a living a person (by the way the (e) is left out of the name. No one who went to school with me, as far back as infants is aware of the name in the photo. They have never known me to be of that name. Why?

My father did change his name to Okoro. Even my own mother refused to give social services the name on my birth certificate, when social services came knocking, over a year later after Northamptonshire Police Force kidnapped my only child. My mother is not a stupid woman, she called Sir Jimmy Savile a pervert when we as children did beg her to go on Jim’ll Fix it! Whilst the rest of the nation did hero worship him.

I only disclosed the full name on my birth certificate, to Dective Consutable 505 Adrian Otis Goldsmith of Northamptonshire police force when it became apparent that foster carer Eve Ward and social worker Kerry Wortley did LIE to the Home Office in order  to obtain a passport for my only child. Question what did the Home Office or the police do about that?


The photo in the child is my own. My child was not adopted by the state. The woman in the photo is Eve Ward. Who the hell are the other men?

When discussing particular issues, people need to see the evidence, for one to be believed. I have been disclosing documents for over seven years and have initiated a number of court cases.So a bit late to be doubting my story. If unfortunately you do doubt my story and the other stories presented within this blog, tough. Please refrain from visiting this blog ever again. There is a clear distinction between constructive and negative.

Furthermore, to my followers please remember to create PDF files, screenshot or print-off my documents when you see any documents from the Crown or likewise (Public Servants). Some have been doing so for years, now I do ask for people to do so as a form of habit and then store those items.

Lastly, these people really do take the piss. In my life time I have not so many stupid people clumped together, then refer to themselves as Public Servants. The evil they do bestow on those they do refer to as vulnerable is remarkable, goes way beyond belief. bail1[1]

The above photo is self explanatory. Northamptonshire police force have created their own identity of me and apart from one Lawyer, all solicitors just sat there and did nothing. My case is to do with corruption. There is no happy ending.

Northamptonshire local establishment took a happy and well-adjusted child.  My child is surely damaged through this experience. This is what Northamptonshire police did attend to do in the first instance as per the instructions of Northampton Borough Council. There is no reason to white-wash this Race-Hate issue. Commonly referred to as Racial Harassment. Legal defined as LYNCHING.


The community is correct, my child looks like me and all the racists did see when they stole my child is me, so pretended my child is me, as they caused damage. Further proof is observe what they did to me.

Wishing you all a glorious and productive week.

From, Ngozi Angeline Godwell!

Are you aware that sometime later Northamptonshire police force and security did assault me in the premises?

I did not retaliate, they even broke my bag. As a direct result I did end up in A & E.

Banning Orders and and an injunction, key documents relied upon prior and during my  assault. Yet, I have never had sighting of those orders. Why?

Because, they do not exist.

Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption.


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Should Judges who preside over care proceedings have a mandatory psychology assessment?


The 30 Articles of Human Rights – YouTube.Race

Do your own research

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Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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