Care Proceedings Bundles: Translating Documents


Care Proceedings Bundles: Translating Documents


The issue is who should bear the costs of translating documents which are produced during court proceedings when one or more of the parents cannot understand English.

These proceedings concern one child and commenced by way of an EPO on 21.5.2015 and then as care proceedings on 26.5.2015. The mother and the father in this case are both Polish. They are both respondents to the application for a care order and are entitled to non means, non merits tested legal representation. Their English is such that they are unable to read the documentation unless it is translated into their own language, in this case Polish. The “application” documents which the Local Authority (Local Body) produced when starting proceedings have been translated by the Local Body and there is no dispute that the Local Authority should bear that cost: it is agreed that the parents at the very start of proceedings may not have representation arranged and that time may not allow for the parents’ lawyers to arrange translation of documents.

Source: Care proceedings bundles: a duty to pay?


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