Social Services Introduction


Social Services Introduction

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There are several areas to be aware of, when dealing with the Social Services: -SSD (Social Service Department)
At this point, should a crime be involved, I would make this observation. If you know you are guilty of whatever crime is facing you, admitting it to yourself and your family, would be less traumatic in the short term, however some of the issues covered here may ease the future path of your recovery. Trivialising the degree of criminality can never be seen as reason to defend it, should it have, of course, occurred in the first place.
1) From the very beginning, one has to understand the fear Social Services have of getting it wrong, of not preventing any or further harm to come to the children or person(s) they perceive, to be in harms way.
2) When Social Services obtain a referral to check up a family or individual, it is with a preconceived statistical mindset, that they approach the job.
3) Once Social Services have the necessary information, they will devise a plan, route and objective, how they progress along this route and at what speed, is the only control you will have, however, the destination they plan can be changed by your own input or lack of it.
4) Do Not be mislead by the various half-truths and lies Social Services will use to get your co-operation. Never loose sight of the fact that they require you to fill the blank spaces of their reports and investigations. Never give in to threats like “we will take the children away”; I will deal with this nastiness later, within the dos and don’t section.
5)Social Services will say this is an assessment, what they mean is an investigation, whereby all you tell them will be verified. I.e. if you say you lived at an address in September 1987; they will not only check the council records, school records and police records, for that address, they will trawl through all police suspect notes and SSD (Social Service Department) reports, for any mention of your name or identity, as they may even suspect you had a past alias.
6) Their only aim is to get the family to “integrate”, in this way they insidiously form a controlling power over the family and the direction it takes, they do not care about the distress they cause, as long as they achieve their final goal.

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