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The Sleuth Journal | Adopted children in American families sometimes become “guinea pigs” for pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs. Such children are prescribed five pote

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Adopted children in American families sometimes become “guinea pigs” for pharmaceutical companies to test new drugs. Such children are prescribed five potent psychotropic medications at a time. This is beneficial both for the adoptive parents and health care professionals.

Russian diplomats found that the adoptive mother of Maxim Kuzmin who died in late January in the U.S. gave him a drug called Risperdal. It is a powerful anti-psychotic and anti-hallucination drug prescribed for acute manic attacks in patients with schizophrenia. Why a three-year-old boy not diagnosed with mental illness at the time of adoption would take such a strong drug? American TV journalists of KMID channel while preparing a story about the death of the Russian child talked to a child psychologist and found that Risperdal is also often prescribed for common disorders of psychological development and ASD.

Adepts of the so-called Attachment Therapy recommend wrapping children in a carpet, and then sitting on them. Children are also kept under a cold shower for a long time, locked in a toilet and left without food for several days. Many “advanced” parents on the advice of psychologists come up with even more sophisticated methods, making, for example, children dig their own graves. All these savage practices are implemented by proponents of the attachment therapy as the best way to get children to be obedient and break their will.
Sometimes this is not enough. For example, when the goal is to get the desired result, absolute submission, as quickly as possible, powerful psychotropic drugs can help. Last year, the U.S. General Accountability Office issued a report stating that adopted children are given strong psychotropic drugs in doses exceeding those recommended by the Department of Food and Drug Administration.

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