Attorney General Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP

Attorney General Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP

MPs, their profession can affect the lives of children, who are not their own children.

Jeremy Paul Wright QC PC (born 24 October 1972) is a British Conservative Party.

From 2005 to 2010 he served as MP for Rugby and Kenilworth, which constituency was abolished in boundary changes before the 2010 general election. He was appointed Attorney General on 15 July 2014, replacing Dominic Grieve. For the purposes of this role, he was appointed a Queens Counsel under the Royal Prerogative (Wikipedia).

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR; French: Cour européenne des droits de l’homme) is a supranational or international court established by the European Convention on Human Rights. It hears applications alleging that a contracting state has breached one or more of the human rights provisions concerning civil and political rights set out in the Convention and its protocols. An application can be lodged by an individual, a group of individuals or one or more of the other contracting states, and, besides judgments, the Court can also issue advisory opinions. The Convention was adopted within the context of the Council of Europe, and all of its 47 member states are contracting parties to the Convention. The Court is based in Strasbourg, France.

Jeremy Wright is a Conservative MP, and so on the vast majority of issues votes the same way as other Conservative MPs. (TheyWorkForYou)

See on – Xpose Corrupt Courts

Source: The Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP – GOV.UK

I asked Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP (Attorney General) about the Governments position on the UK’s membership of the European Convention on Human Rights:

Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP Labour Member of Parliament for Camberwell & Peckham

Reply From Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP – Attorney General

I will start at the end of what the right hon. and learned Lady has said. She is quite right to say that the example that we set to other countries is something that should occupy our minds. Again, I make the point that the example we set comes from our actions—from what we do—and I do not think that there is any prospect of this Government or any other likely British Government moving away from a clear wish to protect human rights in this country and abroad. I have set out some of the ways in which the Government have done that.

I think that the right hon. and learned Lady attaches too much significance to the convention and the Human Rights Act. I understand why those who were in office in the Labour Government that introduced that Act feel very attached to it. She must also recognise that that Act and what it attempted to do—no doubt from the best of motives—have been tarnished by a number of cases that followed, which have led many of our constituents to believe that “human rights” is a term to be deprecated, not a term to be supported and celebrated. I am sure that she and I agree that we need to get back to a place where all our citizens are keen to support human rights and their protection.

My final point is this. In terms of restraint and what we are prevented from doing, as the right hon. and learned Lady would put it, by our membership of the convention on human rights, I am surprised that a former Law Officer overlooks the role of our own courts, which are robust in the way in which they hold Government to account and restrict the freedom of manoeuvre of Ministers—quite rightly so. I do not believe that we need to rely solely on the exercises of foreign jurisdictions to restrict our Government appropriately.

Watch video on House of Commons – EXTRACT Tuesday 26 April 2016 Meeting started at 11.34am, ended 7.52pm

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