Martin Luther King, Jr


Martin Luther King, Jr

History will judge us harshly if we refuse to use our knowledge, our resources and our will to ensure your development.



Martin Luther King, Jr.  was born January 15, 1929  and his murder happened in April 4, 1968.   Martin Luther King, Jr was an American Baptist minister, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement.

When you read his speeches months before he died you’ll see he realised his ‘dream’ was a nightmare.

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    "YES. I find the painting of Dr King as "gentle" and "humble and "peaceful" to be a white-washing of history. It's taking his story, removing any traces of anger & radical action, and selling it as part inspiration, part warning. Malcolm X is the reverse, where his story has been painted as so dark and angry that he's "bad". It feels like a coded message to the African American population: if you are gentle & quiet you will be rewarded, but if you are in any way angry about your forced-lesser status you will be punished.

    "Our nation’s Eurocentric historical narratives continue to do their work to a man who was, in his time, one of the foremost threats to structural racism and inequality. "

    As a consequence that threat was precisely why he was assassinated. The empire understands that it's existence depends on imposition of control by force and violence, and a threat to that control becomes a threat to empire, regardless of the moral power of that threat.

    Dr King as promoted anger & radical action.  Malcolm X was the reverse, yet he is the man whose story has been painted as so dark and angry that he's "bad". IDr King was a brave and brilliant radical revolutionary, and it frustrates some people that his story has been repackaged into such a clean narrative for the sake of not challenging the white status quo.

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