Word Of The Day: Equanimity

Word Of The Day: Equanimity

  1. calmness and composure, especially in a difficult situation.
    “she accepted both the good and the bad with equanimity
    synonyms: composure, calmness, calm, level-headedness, self-possession, self-control, even-temperedness, coolness, cool-headedness, presence of mind;More

    serenity, placidity, tranquillity, phlegm, impassivity, imperturbability,unexcitability, equilibrium;
    poise, self-assurance, assurance, self-confidence, aplomb, sangfroid, nerve;
    informal cool, unflappability;
    rare ataraxy
    “she was able to confront the daily crises with equanimity”
    antonyms: anxiety

Source: Word Of The Day: Conversion.

How does one dwell pervading one direction with a mind filled with equanimity?  Just as one would feel equanimity for a person neither pleasant nor unpleasant, like this one pervades all beings with equanimity.  And concerning this, what is equanimity?  That which in beings is equanimity, the act of equanimity, the state of equanimity, equanimity that is free from distress.

– Vibhanga,272



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One Response to Word Of The Day: Equanimity

  1. Walter says:

    A beautiful word not to be confused with indifference. That’s the real challenge.

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