The Child Protection System In England 2016

The Child Protection System In England 2016


There you have it last!
Social work is NOT a profession ..

Social work is junk science!
Social work is pseudoscience!

They intend to leave out children with those people, so they can do as they please, an institution.

The Tories just dropped a privatisation bombshell, while the media harps on about Labour

A proposed law would see child social care and protection services opened up for private companies to run. It would also allow over 80 years of child protection law to be swept aside, in what critics are calling a “bonfire” of children’s rights. And the bill could threaten to put already vulnerable and abused children at even greater risk.

Councils to be allowed to opt out of child protection laws

Friday, 30 September 2016 10:53 AM
By Sara Ogilvie

The Children and Social Work Bill has been working its way through the House of Lords with little fanfare. But among its proposals is a deeply worrying measure that not only shows a breath-taking contempt for democracy and the rule of law, but which could put vulnerable children across the country at serious risk of neglect and abuse.

Under the proposals, councils will be able to opt out of vital duties under almost every single law covering children’s social care since 1933. This will affect more than eight decades of legislation, some of which was created in response to the most tragic cases of state failure like that of Victoria Climbié and Baby P.

Already each council has their own set of standards and procedures concerning social services departments. Is this really our Government, putting their hands up to say they are unable to keep up with the level of corruption within those departments and you can all do what you want?
Individual local authorities would be able to ask the education minister to exempt them from having to comply with any aspect of children social care law “to test different ways of working with a view to achieving better outcomes… or achieving the same outcomes more efficiently”. An exemption would be granted for up to three years – and could then be extended for another three.

This means protection could soon vary wildly across the country, creating a postcode lottery in which a child could find themselves with a very different entitlement to care and support to their friend in a neighbouring town.

The laws concerning adoption without parental consent in European jurisdictions may very well be affected also.

There are several studies that discuss the laws concerning adoption without parental consent in European jurisdictions:

Source: The Child Protection System in England (11th June 2012)

UN committee calls on ministers to act as it says benefit cap and tax credit cuts are undermining children’s rights to adequate standard of living.

It calls on the UK, which is a voluntary signatory to the UN convention on the rights of the child (CRC), to do more to ensure children’s rights to adequate health, living standards, housing and education are met.

Other UN recommendations ask the UK government to:

Strictly implement its ban on councils placing families in temporary accommodation, including B&Bs, for longer than the six-week legal limit.

Provide children with disabilities a comprehensive package of services and to help them with transition to adulthood.

Systematically collect data on food and nutrition for children, in order to identify the causes of food insecurity and malnutrition.

Sourced from: 2016/jun/09

CAFCASS; Child and Family Court Advisory and ….


DAVID COHEN Monday 23 June 2014

Children brought up by drug addicts repeatedly begging social workers to remove them to a safe place, but ignored;

A system that treats care needs according to the workload their budget can support rather than the needs of the child;

Lawyers aghast at the machinery of child protection more designed to prevent children getting the help they need rather than providing it.

Reporting and acting on child abuse and neglect –

Northamptonshire social services are no longer classified as special measures. How did that pan out, you may ask?

Simple, all they do is stop what they are doing and just do it differently. All to do with the paperwork. They are corrupt as hell. They are hell, only way to describe them. Unnessary to white-wash a donut.

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Do your own research

I believe that keeping silent when an injustice is taking place is condoning it.


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