The Beauty In Freedom

The Beauty In Freedom

The Family Court System Exposed – Beauty In Freedom Matthew Shell (MTS Music) Beauty In Freedom

Source: The Family Court System Exposed – Beauty In Freedom.

The Family Court system was never about the children and never will be. For example, here within the United Kingdom, the Baby P case highlights that fact. Matters have got worse.

All one has to do is Google ‘Children Protection Services’ and see the results. Alternative media  exposes the child protection industry and what is simply a profit to earn scheme and some people hate that.

The child protection service is quite simply a fallacy. ÀLL foster carers want to believe they are heroes. When in-fact they feed themselves from the money they earn from taking in children, based on paperwork. A transaction between an agent and corporation, with many parts.

The sheepie believe the service is saving children’s lives! REALLY all a sham. Baby P cases happen every week in this country. Social workers are futile.

Social services and it’s various departments are a system created for profiting from vulnerable children only, All about the jobs, where institutions are simply this,  a system created to self-protect.

Child Protective Service is far from being on the interest of children and is a global conern.

All about the money. Run by those who do profess to be Public Servants and along the way they have forgotten, Public Servants are supposed to be Charity Workers and Charity has one clear meaning.

Since Sir Martin Narey came along (I must point out, his expertise does lay in running prisons) the man has tightened the care system into a secure prison, a fortress wanting to make it clear, all over for the children. The man has a clear disregard for the law and what is deemed legal. Sir Martin is all standards and procedure.

Standards From Governing Bodies

The problem with standards, is one begs to ask the question, what standards?

Each social services department,  carries their own set of standards and procedure. Procedure is neither law or legal, it is EXACTLY that, just procedure. Hence, the system is corrupt. The care system is broken.

Care is an operative word, a label.


Do your own research

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Your ‘Family Rights’ believing in the best interest of children. The issues which are important to me are, children and their families, the injustices to parents, which may occur, because of inadequate information, mistakes or corruption. This is happening every day. every minute and every second.
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