System-Suckology: Thoughts on Pizzagate Connection to CPS Vs. The Real Child Welfare Pedophiles

System-Suckology: Thoughts on Pizzagate Connection to CPS Vs. The Real Child Welfare Pedophiles


Article by Legally Kidnapped

Monday, December 05, 2016

I’m sure that many of you are by now aware of and jumping on the Pizzagate train.

I’ve recently seen many links popping up on this Pizzagate issue.  These links include Reddit banning the #Pizzagate hashtag.  Some blogs trying to link CPS as human traffickers to this group of high society pedophiles.  I’ve even seen blogs trying to link our beloved Senator Nancy Schaefer and her fight against CPS to this nasty scandal which is really sad since her death has been reduced to a conspiracy theory that has never been proven or debunked by anybody with the power to do so leaving us to speculation.

Over the years there have been many rumors of high profile sexual abuse rings, for example the Day-care sex-abuse hysteria that took place in the 80’s or 90’s, or the American Indian Boarding School’s and some of the things that went on in there, as well as many others but it seems to be one of those places where nobody who could stop or expose or fix it or prove it is ever willing to go. I am unaware of any serious investigations into any such scandals in the USA at this time and I am unable to support or debunk the Pizzagate Conspiracy Theory.

Although, and I’m only saying this because it’s provable, there is a major inquiry going on in England right now, they’re busting Government Officials, Lords, BBC stars and you name it, it is fraught with scandal, changing leadership, failures and criticism.  Plus the accused are being acquitted and filing lawsuits.  Because there are so many high profile targets, the whole country is engulfed in an emotional sexual abuse scandal that has yet to do anything about the problem.

Just Google “Sexual Abuse Inquiry UK“)

It would be interesting if the powers that be actually opened such an investigation over here that targeted government officials, corporate leaders, or Hollywood pedophiles, but I have yet to see anything, I will therefore not jump to any conclusions.

So let me explain what really happens which should be scarier than any of the conspiracy theories.

I could make the serious argument that the most common crime against foster children is probably sexual abuse.  What we don’t know the extent of this because it’s not tracked by the government, and only a fraction of these stories ever hit the media and that is just of those who got caught.  I could also make the serious argument that many prostitutes or rather “Human Trafficking Victims” came out of the child welfare system.  That’s a fact, but if CPS can sweep it under the rug, they will and they usually do.  It’s how they protect their image.  What we can’t have is the people knowing that Pedophiles target jobs working with children because that will cause a panic.  Pedophiles who haven’t been caught yet are also great at passing background checks which are supposed to protect these kids.  That’s how they get in the door.

Here is nearly 10 years worth of links on the topic of sexual abuse in child welfare.  Mostly to “reliable” news sources.   Just go to the bottom and click on “older posts” and you will get more and more and more.

CPS will remove a child, eventually they will terminate the parents rights to that child which leaves the child available for adoption into a “loving family” or lingering in the system, all cut off without a word to anybody who knew the kid from their previous life.  The system guards it’s secrets well. Some of these kids are thrown into group homes, some are bounced through foster care, others are locked up.  Some even run away never to be heard from again.  Most of the time we never find out.

Confidentiality laws are enforced and parents are often gagged by the judges.  So the kid who isn’t adopted into a loving family just disappears into the system and is left to the mercy of the state.  When they turn 18 (or 21 in some states) the services stop and they are put out on the street, end up on the streets or in jail with everything in between.

If #Pizzagate shines light on these issues over here in the USA, so be it.  I totally support protecting these kids.  I haven’t seen anything from any reliable sources to suggest that it is.  That doesn’t mean anything though because the “reliable sources” often look the other way when it benefits them to do so.  Therefore it is entirely possible.  However, I can back up everything that I’ve just said.  That’s the difference.

And even if Pizzagate is true, I’m sure they’ve moved on from the pizza shop by now anyway.  So let’s please get back to reality so we can start solving the real problems with CPS and the Child Welfare System.

Peace Love and Flowers

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Source: Grandparents Blog: Exposing Child UN-Protective Services.

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