Ending Rapists Parental Rights When A Child Is Conceived During Rape


Ending Rapists Parental Rights When A Child Is Conceived During Rape

Parental Rights Abuses People are always dumbfounded to learn this fact: under Maryland state law, men who impregnate women in the course of sexually assaulting them actually have full paternity ri…

Source: Parental Rights Abuses

If, heroically, a raped woman decides for whatever reason (sometimes it is religious or moral in nature) to bear a child conceived through sexual violence, her assailant will have the power to harass her with motions in court for visitation, custody and other forms of legalized family involvement.  This happens in our state, where 1 out of every 8 women has been raped (that is in the neighborhood of 260,000 women), 5% of rape victims become pregnant (contrary to what you might have heard on the 2012 campaign trail), and a lot of women impregnated by a rapist decide to continue the pregnancy and bear the child.

Jamie Raskin (born Jamin B. Raskin, on December 13, 1962, in Washington, D.C.) is an American law professor and politician. He teaches constitutional law and legislation at American University, Washington College of Law, in Washington, D.C. He serves as the Director of the college’s LL.M. program on Law and Government.

Where rapists can gain parental rights

If a child is conceived through sexual assault, the rules vary widely on the parental rights of the attacker.

Editor’s Note: (To learn more about parental rights laws for rapists throughout the United States, watch “This is Life with Lisa Ling” Sunday, November 20 at 10 p.m. ET.)

(CNN)It’s an almost unimaginable scenario: a victim of rape being forced to face her attacker over custody rights for a child conceived during an assault.

“Almost” is the key word, because it’s a situation that can easily happen in states across the United States. The shorthand for this occurrence is often referred to as “parental rights for rapists,” a phrase that’s mind-boggling but accurate in its representation of the issue. Click here to read the full article 

Hawaii law aims to deprive rapists of parental rights


Don’t Just Get Kids Off the Sex Offender Registry. Abolish It

The story, by staff writer Sarah Stillman, is far ranging, moving and important. Stillman writes about many young people who were caught doing anything from playing doctor to sexually coercing another person (usually another child). Convicted for sex crimes, some of these youth are incarcerated and subject to lifelong sex offender registration—a kind of social death sentence.

The New Yorker article follows a year in which the juvenile sex offender (JSO) was frequently in the news.  Josh Gravens, a Texas father of four convicted at age 12 of sexual contact with his younger sister, was profiled by Reuters and the Dallas Observer,which celebrated him as one of “the metro area’s most interesting characters.” Zachary Anderson’s case, and a photo of his parents, appeared on the cover of the New York Times. At 19 Zach, an Indiana computer studies student, had sex with a woman who presented herself as 17, but was 14. He too faced sex offender registration.


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