Banks Have Become A Global Empire Unto Themselves

Banks Have Become A Global Empire Unto Themselves

Source: AGreenRoad Project – A Science Of Sustainable Health/Success: Bankers, CIA, Drug Dealing, HSBC, Vatican Money Laundering For Drug Cartels And Dirty Politics – No Banker Goes To Jail And Nobody Is E…

Updated Jan. 2016

Banks have become a global empire unto themselves, and are now ‘too big to fail’. Because they are so large, they have also become corrupted to the point where even the Vatican bank has been caught dealing with shady underworld characters and worse. The CIA uses shady banks such as HSBC to conduct deals that they otherwise couldn’t in a legal way. Huge banks are also the money changers for drug dealers and arms dealers who bring in suitcases full of cash.  Of course, all of these enterprises are based on a foundation of death, suffering and moral decay, so there is no good outcome to any of it.

Watch “Elizabeth Warren : Prosecution of Banks For Laundering Money For Drug Cartels.” on YouTube.


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